It’s her stupidity that has been trying and still can’t feel it!

Looking at Chang Xiang’s white face, since it has come to this, I am not afraid to say it from the bottom of my heart
"Don’t have a burden on your heart, because one day you will be my wife and my queen. Stay by my side and you will never escape from my palm!"
Seeing that her life was locked by Nangong Sui, she often got together again. In her lips, she kissed her hand and gently caressed her little face. Love could no longer be hidden and revealed.
"You are very beautiful temperament also let me appreciate lovesickness. I have long wanted to take you for myself. No matter who you are, you can’t take you away from me! Bei Xuanyu, Xiao Mu, or the royal family are all out of the question! "
"Take it!"
Nangong nodded "Yes!"
Chang Xiangsi felt that she had goose bumps all over her body at this time, and she was kissed by her father twice in a row!
But also want her to be his wife and his queen!
Her eyes were full of anger. When Chang Xiang let go of her hand, I didn’t know where I got the strength to suddenly raise my hand and violently fan Chang Xiang’s face.
It’s a loud slap, and I often miss her because she is under the control of Nangong, and she has such sudden strength, so I often didn’t expect to be beaten by a woman!
Nangong Sushi Petrochemical always admired the Lord in situ and was beaten by such a small woman in his own hands!
Chang Xiang looked at Chang Xiang and slowly raised his hand and touched her face. When he touched his left face near his ear, there were some small bumps and his look changed slightly.
And lovesickness also caught his look. His eyes fell on his fingertips and he saw that her nails actually scratched his face, but it was not a bloody mark, but a small corner.
Acacia was once again shocked to the point that …
Is that a human skin mask?
She asked in a trembling voice, "You … Who are you? You are not always the same! "
When she saw Chang Xiang’s hand, she had to slap her face to get a red mark, but his face didn’t change at all, just put on a human skin mask!
She suddenly felt a chill, and everything became complicated and confusing.
Chang Xiang sighed in his heart. I didn’t expect this slap to even scratch his face mask by her nails, so I glanced at her fingers and saw that she held her fist tightly.
"I have always been not your father, so you are white? Ah Su will stay with Huei-fang and keep an eye on her! "
Then, often, "Come!"
Immediately, a black shadow flashed in front of them, wearing a dark shirt and a mask, which was consistent with the assassination of Feng Jiang’s clothes just now.
I often miss this, and how much I often have is not clear to her!
I often look at a face of unyielding lovesickness, and my warm smile becomes cold as frost.
"Come and catch the clouds and tread the snow. If Huei-fang is restless, break the clouds and tread the snow with one finger. If Huei-fang walks out of Qingyun Pavilion privately, break the clouds and tread the snow with one leg!"
"Yes!" The man came in a hurry and left quickly.
Chang Xiangsi didn’t expect Chang Xiang to threaten her with clouds and snow. She stared at Chang Xiang straight.
"You mean shame! It turns out that you are not my father. If I had known you were not my father, I would have personally exposed all your crimes before the emperor. I don’t care who you are, one day I will often miss you and make you pay a heavy price! "
So where’s the real normal phase?
"Huei-fang has offended!" Nangong Suikaikou
Chang Xiangsi glared at him bitterly and straightened his back. "Let me go and I will go myself!"
"I don’t believe Huei-fang!"
The nangongshan Su indifference should be a simply point her acupuncture points hug her waist and leave quickly.
Chang Xiang sighed after seeing Chang Xiang leave. It seems that Chang Xiang’s father and daughter have been relieved, but they are facing more serious things.
If Feng Jiang’s clothes were not dead, it would be revealed that he was almost laid out now. However, it is not yet time for both sides to fight, and it is not clear who will win.
I often miss him today, and I can’t estimate how much I hate him. Those hurtful words when she left were enough to show her determination.
Be cautious for many years, and then an acacia will appear. If it is not done well, it will ruin his hard work for so many years.
If he goes there, he won’t always miss her, but now he doesn’t think so. If he always misses her and obediently stays by his side, he can make her prosperous all her life, otherwise …
Die or be imprisoned forever!
How can he bear to waste his efforts after all these years of planning?
I hope I don’t let him down in the end!
I often miss looking at the dark outside, and the sky is as heavy as the night.
It’s also strange that he is too conceited to let Acacia dig out so many secrets, but he is a little smarter than the average woman, but he didn’t expect that she could meet such a secret machine.
Everything in the secret room was arranged by him personally, and he knew clearly that he didn’t touch anything, so he found that list.
But I don’t know his secret. How much else does she know?
Raise my hand and caress that mask. I often miss it and tear it gently. It seems that it can be repaired again.
Candlelight color is very warm and falls on that young face. Seeing that the skin is white and jade-like, and the thin lips are like honey, it is very attractive to sip gently at this time.
Acacia is locked up. Outside the room, besides Nangong Su, there are two male guards wearing black masks. From the breath of those two people, she knows that their abilities are not much different from those of Nangong Su.
These men in black don’t know how many forces there are, such as Chang Xiang, and worry about whether the clouds are caught by people sent by Chang Xiang and the safety of Feng Jiang’s clothes.
That kind of worry haunted her heart and made her feel that her heart was so torn up.
I don’t know what I can do to help him.
She seldom regrets being banned here, but now she regrets it.
She shouldn’t have thought it was her father’s job to keep him alive and persuade him to leave. Now karma has finally come.
This normal image is obviously not as true as her father’s. Where is the normal image?
At this time, the Nangong Sui pushed the door and four maids brought the food, and then they left the Nangong Sui and immediately gave the door to him.
I often miss staring at that rich meal, but I have lost my appetite.
I can’t think of a way to escape, but I’m worried about the safety of Feng Jiang’s clothes. I often miss you and lie on the bed with my clothes.
This night may be because of peace of mind, irritability and anxiety, and it is extremely difficult to find a long night.
Chang Xiangsi didn’t hear the movement of the opposite door until after the night. At this time, he just returned to Qingyun Pavilion and often saw Nangong Tong outside the door. He asked, "What’s wrong with Miss A Si after she returned to her room?"
"Don’t cry, don’t make trouble, as usual. It’s dinner tonight. Huei-fang hasn’t moved and has been on the bed."
Chang Xiang nodded and turned back to his room without saying anything.