However, it is obvious that the third-grade Lin Yin is the second senior sister, so it is reasonable to guess that the strength and grade of the senior sister are definitely not in the second senior sister.

What is this concept?
Multi-level is probably a level 9 expert.
Don’t say sunny days and 1v3. Even Yan Yuhua and Qu Zhiyan feel that their breathing is almost stagnant. Although these two women are very polite with a smile, they are really high up and rich.
Han Xinyi said, "Cucumber, I know that your Eastern Dynasty may be going to fight in a few days, so I won’t bother you. Sister Lin will help you anyway. It’s up to you to make arrangements. Our two headquarters buildings are so close that at least they are neighbors. If I don’t help you, Brother Sao always complains that I’m not enough friends. I’ll accompany Brother Sao to visit Loulan these days. If you know his hobby, I won’t hinder your department from leaving first. Sister Lin will stay with you."
She has always been a power-driven personality, and she always comes and goes.
It’s inconvenient for her to stay for a long time because of her love crime. His mind is the most numerous. Han Xinyi is definitely not looking at the face of the Eastern Dynasty, but selling cucumber’s favor. This Lin Yin is definitely not able to direct how to cooperate or arrange cucumber’s own.
No mad dog, Long Anpai, has pulled this great beauty aside because of Yan Yuhua, Qu Zhiyan and sunny days. There are always many topics about beautiful women, and the beauty pile is easy to blend in.
Jiang Hua nai said, "Alas, there is going to be a war. Let’s get ready! You have too much junk to improve. "
"hmm!" Mad dog Longli nodded.
In fact, he is a little depressed, so he can’t wait to be online all the time.
But this is unrealistic, because now he has to report to the public welfare center every afternoon and then go to work.
He is a fierce volunteer. Others have to work hard for a day. He can finish it in less than one afternoon. After verifying the amount of work, he will call it a day and go home at noon, noon and evening.
Now the guild war is coming, buddy, I cann’t believe I can’t go online at noon. This is a damn sad reminder!
So the next day, he got up early and rushed to the lobby of the public welfare center to find his former hair-pressing comb sister who sympathized with him.
Now he knows his sister’s name, too. It’s Li Mei! Sounds like "your sister!"
It is because everyone has the same surname Li Meicai that he sympathizes with him and takes care of him.
Li Mei felt very surprised after listening to his request. "There is no rule saying that this is not possible. Can you do it if you finish three days’ work a day?"
Li Dalong said, "I’ll try my best, sir. If I finish three days’ work today, can I take all three days’ dry food?"
Li Mei sighed, "Tai Long, I’m sorry. Because of your special status, according to the regulations, you are not allowed to report on time every day."
"This …" Li Dalong is depressed again. Now he has money in the game, but he just can’t get it out. It’s very simple because he doesn’t have a personal information card.
The former forged card was confiscated by uncle Xiao Zhou. This is a typical case of looking at money but not spending it-there are stalls selling food in slums.
"What can I do for you? Working in such a hurry? " Li mei Hao qi Dao
Li Dalong can lie. "I want to rest for a few days. It’s hot and my leg wound is a little inflamed."
"so!" Li Mei nodded thoughtfully. "Then you go to work first. If there are more days, you can report for duty every afternoon and get the rations directly, so you can go back."
"Sir, thank you so much!" Li Dalong happily walked into the city, dragging a lot of tools.
Looking at his back, Li Mei also seemed a little worried, but she didn’t find that the local dog dragon was lying. This cargo slipped so fast that it didn’t look like an inflamed wound.
After one o’clock, the public welfare center gradually became lively. All kinds of volunteers came to report for duty and were assigned to work in various regions. Li Mei was also very busy.
Soon a strange young man came to the front desk. "Hello, miss. I want to inquire about a volunteer named Li Dalong."
Li Meidao "Sir, please show me your personal information card for verification."
The young horse handed the card to Li Mei, who put the card in the sensing area, and the identity information immediately appeared on the screen.
"Vicke Wang gender male age 25 is located at No.433, j2 District, Guanghui City, where the employees of Xianyin Media Group Company have a bad record. Federal second-class citizens have won the Media Creation Award …"
This is a very persuasive message, which proves that there is no impure motive for people to find someone.
Li Mei couldn’t help divining, "Mr. Wang used to be a member of Xianyin Group. Hehe, what can I do for you?"
"It’s very kind of you, Sir!" Vicke Wang said, "I just want to know where that Li Dalong is going to work today?"
Li mei is checking again "huh? He is going to Tulip Street in f13 today! "
"Well, thank you, sir!" Vicke Wang asked and left.
Li Mei is not surprised by this. On the contrary, she thinks it is a good thing.
Star volunteer criminals are usually class D, which is very low. Generally, they are sentenced to fighting and fighting. In the process of labor, normal citizen contact will gradually be influenced and eventually repent.
Li Mei is happier when she thinks that someone in her family is in contact with him.
But she didn’t notice that Vicke Wang walked out of the hall and turned several corners to an obscure and remote intersection on the street where a black crystal power luxury car was parked.
The window was shaken to reveal a woman’s face, which was covered by a pair of wide sunglasses for the most part.
This woman was in Oak Street that day. "Miss Qu!"