But then suddenly "boom!" A sudden earthquake shook the ground, making people look back involuntarily.

It was only when those Qin terracotta warriors and horses were resurrected that I remembered that Tong Shi still had this.
And just now the earth shook because they all stamped their feet. "Touch!" All the terracotta warriors and horses stamped again, which made people’s feet tremble because there were too many, which was too scary.
Even the players are stunned.
But when they were ready, they shouted, "Hold on, hold on. Those indigenous lambs will hold on at the first line."
Now our formation is between Scylla and Charybdis. It’s not fun, so we’re going to rush because those Qin terracotta warriors and horses seem to be ready to attack.
But at this moment, four carriages suddenly ran out of the camp, all of which were horses, with archers and throwers, and a tall and powerful general in charge of driving.
The front of each regiment was divided into four regiments, each of which looked like 10 thousand terracotta warriors and horses. They shouted "Break!"
It’s chilling
At this time, the four men also spoke. The first one was that Zhong Wei was unusually holding a waist sword and shouted, "Daqin Wu ‘an Jun Leitian is here. How can you endure your stepping into the tomb of Emperor Daqin?"
When I die, the wind blows and the yellow sand blows over my eyes all over the sky.
And the other one also said, "Wang Jian, a famous Daqin star, is here to punish the children quickly" and also held his sword.
And the other two don’t say it.
Also directly a left a right mouth "I’m daqin ji surname montessori Meng Tian was ordered to guard my tomb of emperor qin dare intruders die".
"I’m Zhang Han, a great Qin star, and I’ve been ordered to guard the mausoleum of Emperor Qin. Come and die quickly."
The sound is so frightening.
Wearing armor in a carriage, eyes are as bright as fire.
We were stunned to see them there. They were very strong, and the terracotta warriors and horses in the back were also very strong, so we knew what it would take more than 20 hours.
Shout "withdraw"
I didn’t expect that the four famous players of the Qin Dynasty would suddenly come out and stop, and there were players in front, so there was only one word left to run away.
Chapter 16 Find another way
Fortunately, I haven’t rushed forward and Lin Weiwei, Zhu Yeqing and Ning Xi are still very close to each other. I immediately leaned together while our car was still there and shouted "Car, car, car, run".
People are running at full speed. Attack from front to back.
I immediately made the special effect of Lingbao boots "swish!" Jumped over and said, "Get on the bus."
They are all confused, even though they have experienced many big scenes, they are still at a loss in the face of the appearance of the four famous Qin dynasties.
I had to wave "run and run" again and again
They didn’t react until those players who were close to the car wanted to come in. I immediately took out the Xuanwu shield and blocked "I’m sorry for my destiny."
Ning Xi stealth first took control of a car and Zhu Yeqing quickly caught fire.
I’m going to shout to make people angry and have no money, but I’m still coming.
Suddenly, all the Qin terracotta warriors and horses stamped their feet again and shook the mountains and rivers, causing several crossbowmen in the team to pull their bows "Om!" A bowstring sounded.
Shoot out
Along with the players and awakens in the attack range, all the players shouted "Withdraw first, evacuate first, it’s not as easy as it was supposed to be."
Players step back.
The awakened people ran to the left and right, but the bolt was made of iron. "Whoosh!" "whoosh!" Straight shot. I had to take out the Xuanwu shield to stop it
Fire falling, Lin Weiwei also hurriedly ran to come over and was lucky to be blocked behind me.
Pang Bo was a big man and was shot in the calf. "Ah!" One call fell to the ground and shouted, "Brother Xiaofan, give me a hand."
I looked for a roll and shouted, "You cart."
Lin Weiwei, fire falling hurried to the car, but no one went to shoot the car, and the car target, the big crossbow, was also powerful, and many places were shot through.
I shouted there, "Brother Cai and Brother Qi come back, come back."
Two people have run this way, but they belong to the middle position, and too many arrows are blocked, so I can drag Pang Bo to the side of the car with a Xuanwu shield and say, "Pull to pull."
This is not a counterattack that can solve the problem, but you have to run for your life. The other side is too strong, and it is not enough to see the four famous players before they can fight with thousands of troops.
At this time, the fire fell on the bamboo leaves and Ye Qing hurriedly dragged Pang Bo, but it didn’t last long.
A wave of arrows just after the second wave and then said
"Hum!" As soon as the attack comes again, there is not enough to attack them, and people will shoot at all points, and that is to escape.
Are also running away.
Zuo Zhanzhihong is taking people to run, and there is a fierce right-door strategist who evaluates the "I fuck you to death".
Zhou Jiayu raised his hand even more fiercely, that is, he shot a gun, and other wooden cows and horses also shot and became the only counterattack.
The British also ran away and stayed there.
I shouted, "Don’t be silly and run. You people are fierce, and so are you."
The result is "broken!" "break!" Another round of our car was about to break, and I immediately shouted, "Hurry up and I’ll stop it."
The more you get to the back of the car, you pick up the seven stars and tangdao waves to block it.
The arrows were all knocked off, but at this time, in the ten generals, Leitian suddenly waved his long sword and said, "Go!"
One, he controlled the regiment and directly rushed out. At least twenty or thirty cars and cavalry rushed in my direction.
"I have to run."
I immediately ran to the driveway for a walk.
I don’t care about Zhou Jiayu’s fierce goods anymore
Zhu Yeqing was already ready to step on the gas pedal and immediately rushed out, followed by Ning Xi. We were lucky not to die.
But Zhu Yeqing still asked, "What about Brother Cai and Brother Qi? They didn’t follow."
It’s too messy. Waiting may lead to problems.
I shouted, "Three elder brothers and four elder brothers, the old place will be the same as the old place" and played hard and shouted in their direction.
In their direction, other legions also rushed to kill each other, which was very chaotic. The two of them didn’t die and hid back and said, "I know, I know."
It was a mess, and I didn’t listen well. I was short of breath and urged "hurry up"
The situation is very chaotic. It is the last word to run out first. The speed of the car is still faster than that of us ordinary awakened people. Many awakened people are out of the most chaotic area.
However, the terracotta warriors and horses of the Qin Dynasty still came with a lot of "Ah!" "ah!" It’s killing a lot, so let’s sigh. "How can we play this? We haven’t entered the underground palace yet, so we can go in and get it."