"I also play ak47 headshots, but I am a stream of consciousness!" A dozen people scrambling tunnel

Shi Lei with the wave, "come on! The third question is who knows Jiang Yuhan? "
This question immediately made most people dumbfounded. They didn’t know what Shi Lei meant by asking this question, and they didn’t know who Jiang Yuhan was and what he was doing. They thought this interview question was so weird that it was not normal. Where could ordinary people answer it?
"Know don’t say first! I don’t know if I can leave now. Thank you! " There is no doubt that Shi Lei’s tone is humane to the interview
As soon as he said this sentence, he left a dozen people one after another, and finally there were three people left. Shi Lei was relieved, but it was a good thing that there were three people left. If all the departments left, it would be in vain.
"Well, there is a note in front of each of you. Now you write Jiang Yuhan’s identity on paper and wait for me to see it!" Shi Lei again to the remaining three humanitarian.
These three people can’t help but feel that things are getting weirder and weirder. When recruiting for such a big company, they have to be able to play F and know who Jiang Yuhan is. Although these three people are surprised, they still didn’t hesitate to enter the company class and immediately wrote it on paper.
Chapter 421st s war IG
After the three interviewers finished writing, they handed the notes to Shi Lei and Shi Lei, and took one look at them in turn. The most unified words written by these three people are the words of being a sniper and a professional player. After reading them, Shi Lei realized that Jiang Yuhan was so famous and had such a high status in the F world!
"Yes, you all know that Jiang Yuhan said that you are still very passionate about F. Have you ever played professional games?" Shi Lei looked at three interviewers and asked.
"Never played …" Three people are almost different from each other. Shi Lei couldn’t help secretly laughing at himself. This question is a little retarded. Where is the professional player so good? And if these three people are professional players, how could they run to their company for an interview!
"Let’s tell you what. The one who is the best in a game will stay as my assistant. The salary for assisting is 20,000 yuan a month. If one of you becomes my assistant, the salary will double to 40,000 yuan a month. Come on!" Shi Lei smiled at three people.
Two personnel managers simply said what a fucking wonderful interview this is. When they have never seen an interview in the company for many years, they directly asked the interviewer to play games to decide the outcome. Isn’t this too ridiculous? Assistant to the general manager, what an important position this is. Is it for two people who can play games?
The most important thing is that the relatives introduced by these two managers have been eliminated, so both of them are very unhappy. Shi Lei doesn’t know how to take care of others’ emotions. He immediately arranged for three people to play F, adjusted three computers in the network technology department and installed F on the spot to compete.
These three men took the position of assistant general manager and tried their best to compete. The map of the game is that Shi Lei played the first map. Two people in front of the transport ship played first. One of them, m4, played well and abused the other badly, which quickly solved the battle.
The man who lost left the game dejectedly, and the remaining two people continued to play the game. Shi Lei looked on with a boiling passion. He couldn’t wait to play two games by himself. He finally realized that people with backgrounds like Jiang Yuhan had to play F. It turned out that this game was so fun, and the charm of this game was also very strong, which was fatal to militant men.
The remaining two people quickly decided the outcome. In the end, the man who played m4 well won the final victory. Shi Lei was very happy to appoint his own assistant at once. The salary standard was 40,000, and the man almost jumped up with excitement. He didn’t expect that he could get a well-paid job even if he played games every day for two years at home.
Who says playing games has no future? Didn’t I fucking become an assistant to the general manager? The average white-collar worker with a monthly income of 40 thousand is not as high as my salary, even the most popular professional player is not as high as my salary. The annual salary is 400 thousand, plus bonuses and year-end awards, and it is steadily over 500 thousand a year
The new assistant was so happy that he wanted to make a phone call back and taunt his parents. He wanted to tell them that it took you more than ten years to earn money every year, and you always earned this salary by playing games. Do you dare to say that I have no future in playing games?
Shi Lei ignored the excitement of the new assistant and immediately said to the humanitarian, "Congratulations, I don’t know your name yet!"
"General manager, my name is Li Jie!" The man is very excited tunnel
"Good li jie, now you work is to teach me to play f must turn me into a master! And can you do it in a month? If you can’t, I’ll ask for another job! " Shi Lei very seriously tunnel
Li Jie was shocked. It turns out that the assistant general manager is to teach the general manager to play F. Isn’t this company engaged in real estate and energy? Why do you recruit an assistant to teach F? He was puzzled to see Shi Lei looking at himself and patting his chest and saying, "I’m sure it can be done!"
Li Jie won’t say that he can’t do it even if he is not sure. In fact, he is not a master strictly. It can be said that he can barely rank in the top three to the master camp every game, and he will be abused!
"Very well, I like people who have confidence, so now! I have a few questions to ask you! " Shi Lei forced not to wait for the tunnel.
"Shi Zong, you ask!"
"Why do I feel the screen jumping when I shoot? When I miss, people are flying around."
"That’s because you didn’t hold down the trajectory. You may be shooting and your aim is higher. You just learned that you should shoot!"
"What is some shooting?"
"Just shoot every other time, don’t always press the advanced game rhythmically. Let me show you again!"
After two people entered the game, Li Jie showed Shi Lei a Shi Lei suddenly realized that there was still this skill. He asked curiously, "What can those people throw grenades and I can’t throw them?" Which key do you want to press? "
Li Jie suddenly said that this stone manager is really a new novice who can’t even switch grenades.
"The keyboard is not a row of numeric keys? Key 4 is to switch between the flash of grenades and smoke bombs. I will show you again. "Li Jie then explained all keys 1 to 5 and told Shi Lei the rules of human beings by the way.
Shi Lei is actually a very clever person, and Li Jie is not so energetic to speak. Shi Lei asked a lot of questions that drove the old bird crazy, but Li Jie patiently explained it to him. Shi Lei was roughly familiar with the game and Li Jie led him to play.
Just as Shi Lei was studying hard to play F, the S team competition was also won. Their opponent was a powerful ig team. This game was widely noted as the century war. Both teams had several fans, and most of the audience at the scene were also their fans.
Loli and her partner also explained the game, but neither of them has warmed up very excitedly. Both of them called Jiang Yuhan their idol network to watch the game, and the audience also had a heated discussion. The support rate of the two sides was almost the same. The support rate of the S team was 51%, and the support rate of the ig team was 49%
Ye Qing, after they returned to the hotel, was going to take their luggage and return to Chengdu, but Ye Qing suddenly changed his mind, because he felt that Jiang Yuhan had helped him too much. He always felt embarrassed to go back like this, so he decided to go to the scene to watch the game in the afternoon and support Jiang Yuhan to invite Jiang Yuhan to dinner later, so that he could deepen his feelings.
Anyway, Ye Qing is determined to make friends with Jiang Yuhan and have a heart-to-heart relationship, because he thinks Jiang Yuhan is a very good friend, and he is very kind to his friends, so it is difficult for people to be brothers and friends.
Meteor and others have always listened to Ye Qing. Since Ye Qing and the big boss both said that they would stay in the sea for one more afternoon, what else do they have to say? Anyway, they are all in charge of food and accommodation, and they don’t worry about it. A group of people took a taxi to the competition venue. They are owned by the participating teams and have admission documents. They don’t need to buy tickets.
Before the seats in Club I were revoked, honey, they immediately sat in their team position. The game between Team S and Team ig has been going on at half-time. In the fourth round, Team S temporarily leads by one point, and the score is two to one.
At half time, when The Infiltrator led them to attack under the sniper’s command, it was quite sharp, but the ig club actually won a point. It can be seen that they are powerful. Jiang Yuhan could not help but sigh that times have changed. In his time, he could defeat a team by himself, but now the strength of the ig team has made him feel the pressure. The overall strength of the other side is very even, there is no loophole, and the defense line is very solid.
"Fortunately, it’s not too late to play the fourth round!" Ye Qing breathed a sigh of relief. Dong Laoer was a little surprised to see the score. "The ig team is really awesome. In the face of such a luxurious array as S, they can still get back a point, and it seems that they still have the wind in the fourth round."
Dong Laoer is right. In the fourth round, the ig team occupied Feng Yanyue and Yu Youhe, both of whom were killed by the other team. The situation of the S team left K and Jiang Yuhan is worse. If you can’t attack a point to cover them, there is no chance of winning. It is difficult to kill all the other team members. After all, the ig team members are first-class masters.
In the attack just now, Jiang Yuhan didn’t even hit the other person with two shots. This situation is very rare. Even Jiang Yuhan couldn’t help laughing at his opponent’s posture. It’s really very good. In the past two years, F has changed many times. After Jiang Yuhan’s comeback, he still can’t completely adapt to it. It’s not as bad as his peak. Before, he claimed that he made a false shot and someone died. Two shots in a row didn’t kill him. It happened two or three times at most in his career.
"The ig team really deserves its reputation. I have to try my best!" Jiang Yu cold take a deep breath of relief way k chuckle "as if you hide a lot of strength! So I’m going to try my best to blow my head off. I can do this with my eyes closed. I haven’t done much today, captain. Do it? "
"fuck!" Jiang Yuhan firmly tunnel, and then the two men rushed out again. They played the map. At this time, they were in the middle of the road, guarded by the other sniper and four machine gunners. In the first charge, they paid a painful price. What will happen to them this time?
Chapter 422 The strongest sniper
S Team ig Team Century War is a big competition * * * boiling point, but this is not the final but the semi-final. The four teams entering the semi-final are S Team, ig Team, Liaoning Qingcheng Competition and Han Gong lan.
In fact, these four teams have been recognized as four teams that are bound to enter the semi-finals before the first round of competition. After all, these four teams are too strong and unlikely to lose the game unexpectedly. The game between Liaoning Qingcheng and Han Palace is actually very popular. After all, there is also a sniper expert in Qingcheng competition, that is, 7kg.
Team s, Team ig, the fourth round of the half-court, has reached the end. Jiang Yuhan, the sniper god, and K, the ak gun god, rushed to the middle of the road. The lethality of the two of them is quite strong, but the ig team is not weak, and there are five people in the ig team who account for the absolute number advantage.
Jiang Yu’s cold mirror covered K and rushed to the ig team. People appeared in the middle again, but they didn’t completely expose themselves to the air. Half of their bodies were behind the wall. Others kept flashing before Jiang Yu’s cold. Now he really threw himself into the game and entered the ecstasy realm. His sniper rifle will not be played again.
"Tututu … tututu …" Ig team fire is very fierce. Although the posture of K is extremely flexible after the exhibition, it seems a little difficult to kill the enemy by self-protection in the dense barrage. If he wants to kill the enemy, he has to pay his own name. After all, the other five are experts!
"Bang!" No more than a second after two consecutive gunshots, K heard that the guns were coming from behind him. He didn’t dare to be distracted to look at the right corner of the screen, but the corner of his eyes was able to aim at the right corner and brush out the death message, and the opponent’s firepower suddenly dropped a lot. Naturally, his pressure was greatly reduced. He thought that Jiang Yuhan should have killed the other two people. He couldn’t help laughing excitedly. "That’s awesome!"
K has always given people the impression of being cold and silent, and seems to be not interested in anything. He is a little indifferent, but he is very active when he is with Jiang Yuhan, and he talks more. Maybe only when he is with real friends will he open his heart and be a more true self.
Jiang Yu’s cold face smiled with confidence. Just now, those two shots showed great strength, and their hands were sharp to the extreme. These two shots were perfect in timing and gun speed, and they were also quite rhythmic.
K’s morale is also a boost. He rushed at once. With Jiang Yuhan’s strong support, the other person dared not show up again, or he would surely die in the sniper’s rifle. No one wanted to take that risk.