Lin Tian-xie rushed past with a knife and ended the life of this wizard player. Both of these shows show the prefix of professional killer, one is called professional killer Xiaomo and the other is called professional killer Xiaofeng.
"Nima has the guts to fight against the old!"
Seeing that their companions were killed in less than twenty seconds, three people finally got angry. This person immediately rushed to Lin Tianxiao just in the middle and shouted again, "Brutal collision!"
It’s not over yet. The three remaining players have actually displayed their barbaric collision skills in different directions. Lin Tianxiao was surprised, not to mention that this professional killer guild player is really strong.
First, display the savage collision warrior. Let’s not say that the other three players display the savage collision. Although they didn’t hit Lin Tianxie, they blocked Lin Tianxie’s retreat. Lin Tianxie could retreat in one direction, but this direction shot a dozen spells and arrows in an instant!
"Ma De, you are so cruel that you let the old man use his unique skill to move Gankun!" Lin Tian-xie is really avoidable, and he can display the skill of moving Gankun.
More than a dozen spells and arrows attack one or two thousand lives at a time, and then you will die in a brutal collision. Of course, you dare not try. If you really get dizzy, it is no different from death. Lin Tianxie can exert his skill and move greatly. After all, the pace of Dragon and Youlong needs ten minutes to cool down.
"Made let him get away!" One of them scold a way
"Hum, it’s no wonder that the employer will pay a reward of one billion yuan. It’s really not easy to be the first person!"
"So what do we do now? Should we keep looking for him or go back first!"
"Why don’t you look for him? He has killed three people. Killing him will also drop three levels, and his strength will also be reduced. He can wait until once!"
So a line of thirty-five people chased in the same direction, and Lin Tianxiao appeared at a corner and took a look at where they left!
Employer? Are they hired to kill me? Who could it be?
But Lin Tianxiao didn’t think much about chasing the thirty men at this time, so he rushed over, regardless of whether they came to assassinate himself or not, and he had to report this revenge to Wang Youliang!
At this time, invisibility is the most suitable. Following all the way, I finally came to the player at the back, followed by reaching out my right hand and covering this person’s mouth. The dragon sword in this person’s neck brushed three times in a row and directly killed this player!
Very quickly, Lin Tianxiao rushed to kill a player again, and then everyone reacted and shouted, "Damn you, bunny!" "
Chapter 1 Mystery Killer Team ()
Everyone reacted, and the professional players immediately rushed forward to break away from Lin Tianxiao, and those soldiers and players once again rushed to Lin Tianxiao, one by one, waving weapons and cutting at Lin Tianxiao’s key!
That’s what Lin Tianxiao wants. When he saw those wizards gathered together, he immediately shouted "God punish!"
A big hand directly appeared on their heads and gave them a hard grip. Immediately, the thin blood wizard was directly killed by Lin Tian’s Baal punishment skill.
At this time, they didn’t react. Lin Tianxie is not a warrior profession but a fairy profession!
"Bastard, I will kill you!"
"Hum people come out to pay back one day, and now it’s time for you to pay off your debts!" Lin Tian evil roar loud a dragon sword in one hand towards the roar loud people a finger three soul fire operator immediately MAO.
Suddenly, the root of the man didn’t react, so he was directly blown to the top of his head by three soul fire operators.
There is no doubt that this warrior player was killed by seconds, and Lin Tianxiao also heard the unified indication.
"There are five words floating in the player’s sky to maliciously kill the player’s professional killer Black Dragon. The evil value is increased by 1 point!"
It turned out that his name was Black Dragon, Lin Tianxiao, and he remembered the names of these people with a smile. At the same time, Lin Tianxiao had rushed to the remaining three soldiers, and the archers behind him didn’t worry because he had called the little skeleton brother out, and the little skeleton brother could definitely destroy them!
Lin Tianxiao quickly rushed to the three soldiers in the blink of an eye. The dragon sword in his hand rushed to the three men’s chest, but it was blocked by their weapons.
If it is this effect, Lin Tianxiao immediately shoots three soul fire characters and shoots at a player. There is no doubt that this player will die.
The remaining two players were shocked and immediately pulled back and shouted, "Get out of the battle and return to the city!" "