"Fighting … is actually quite miserable." Ling Xuzi tried his best to improve everyone’s impression of him and showed off the image of a benevolent master. Others are either reserved or afraid to say anything, and they are laughing in succession, but they don’t pick up this conversation.

"It’s miserable that Tang Ye has seen it. It won’t scare you to death." The sigh lasted for a second, and Tang Qingma showed his true colors. Pointing to the picture that made him feel peaceful, he was ready to kill.
"I mean, this is our home. Who dares to move his mind? Tang Ye will destroy him with her door. "
After that, Tang Qingang held out his chest and looked around, looking like a hero in the world. According to his imagination, Tang Ye could not be awed by such a roar, and the world returned home, and the birds rejoiced and the fish sang, welcoming the birth of a generation of powerful men together.
The expected scene did not appear, but it was greeted with a cold hum.
"Arrogant, what a big breath."
In shock and confusion, Tang Qing became angry from embarrassment to almost the ceiling, and looked back with ferocious murder, only to see a group of more than ten people striding in. At first, a big fellow and an old woman snorted. It was the old woman who seemed to be the extinct teacher.
No matter who wants to meet Yungu, they will show their respect by walking, and they will not casually check out their thoughts. These people came from the former mountain and walked all the way around, just bumping into Tang Qing. First, the old woman heard a burst of disgusting flattery, and then she heard Tang Qing’s declaration of vigorous mountains and rivers. Although she knew that he was defending, she couldn’t help but teach a lesson.
At this time, seeing this group of people clearly, the old woman, although slightly remorseful, did not take it to heart. In her opinion, it is rare for this young man to cultivate, and it seems that he is still a guest of Tiandao Sect. But he, a Godsworn Dan, was so arrogant that he taught a few words as a senior, which was nothing at all.
Accompanied by the old woman’s reprimand, there was an exclamation.
"Brother Tang"
Among the monks behind the old woman, a young girl could not restrain her agitation and almost rushed forward. But the old woman looked back and woke up, and quickly told the master softly that he was Tang Qing, Tang Dage. "
The old woman looked a little slow, nodded slightly, and then prepared to say a few words with Tang Qing. It’s just that young people should not be too proud. It should be noted that there are people outside the world, and even if they win the title of a sacred biography, they should not be arrogant and so on. I think this Tang Qing will be ashamed and grateful if she is smart enough.
She died, and she died too far. When Tang Qing saw the old woman and heard Xiao Ye again, Ma guessed her identity, and there was no way to stop it.
"Old deathlessly stupid, you say?"
Because of Jing Xuan’s experience, Tang Qing was furious. In his view, Jing Yan is a completely extinct replica, with a proud temper and hard bones, but he doesn’t know how to be flexible at all, completely taking others seriously, a typical type of menopausal syndrome.
She did the battle of Kyoto? I did nothing but let my family die generously. Forget it if you have no strength at all, and confiscate the space of Jing Xuan. Jing Xuan doesn’t care, which doesn’t mean that Tang Qing doesn’t care. If he doesn’t get a chance to spit it out, he doesn’t feel like eating.
Now, when he is triumphant, he is being taught a dog by this old woman. As the saying goes, old hatred has not disappeared and new hatred has been added, where can he still hold himself back? Once Mao, Tang Qing is not afraid of emptiness, let alone static Yan.
She counts as a ball.
This binge drinking, the vast majority of people in the field are not listening, the expression is that wonderful. Dream nature was about to open his mouth to introduce the two sides to each other. When Tang Qing drank it, he smashed his breath together with his heart into the cecum at the same time, and his mouth was wide open and he couldn’t breathe a syllable.
On Tang Qing’s side, other people’s performance is basically normal, and they are used to the boss’s bullying and tough. I thought the old lady was really lucky and was hitting the gun. Yu shook his head with a wry smile, thinking that Dan can be so arrogant now. If he is pregnant or even deified in the future, I’m afraid God will stand in front of him and only drop a face of saliva.
When Ling Xuzi saw Jing Yan, he was going to shrink his head back. Hearing this drink from Tang Qing, he straightened his chest again. I thought maybe I did the right thing. If I hadn’t followed Tang Qing, I wouldn’t be so proud if I was like a rat running across the street all day.
Ou Yezi, the newest member, is quite special. He was very angry at first, and thought Jing Yan, an old product, had gone too far. At least Tang Qing was also a nominal apprentice. Although he doesn’t admit it, Jing Yan doesn’t do it at all, but the title of the master of refining device shines out, and anyone has to give some face.
The old man is indignant to think that Tang Qing has been one step ahead of him, and far beyond the degree of Ou Yezi’s preparation. The sharpness of the counterattack, the viciousness of the words and the disdain of the tone made Ou Yezi stay there directly, and he didn’t know what to say.
"So … isn’t it too much? But quite Japanese, the old disciple, is a little domineering. "The old man thought for a moment and thought it was no big deal. My heart is dark and cool, and I stand tall and straight, even my figure is high.
Jing Yan has been silly, so has the big fellow around her, and most of the people behind her are also silly. They simply can’t imagine that Tang Qing can be so crazy, and he dares to be so arrogant.
After the war in Kyoto, Tang Qing’s identity was known to them, but it was just a hollow reputation after all. Maybe he was really a saint? Even a saint can’t be so unreasonable and scold a group of leaders without any self-cultivation?
To be sure, Jing Yan is not a good character. It’s really a clank of iron. Even vernon didn’t want to deal with her at the beginning, but it was Yungu who opened her mouth.
Yungu didn’t specifically mention her attitude towards Tang Qing, and sending Jing Xuan to Jinxiu Valley was also done in secret. Now, at first glance, Tang Qing’s gang, everyone thinks that it’s based on the dream of nature and Ou Yezi, but where would they think of anything else?
Until now, Tang Qing with shelf such a roar, they realized that this group of strange combination of strength and terror, like ZhongXingPengYue, around Tang Qing. Even the dream is natural, although walking side by side with him, it is still in the second half.
Simple actions mean too much content. To be sure, apart from the dream, this group of monks with four yuan babies actually took Tang Qing as the young man in his early twenties.
What they can’t understand, in particular, is that no one shows dissatisfaction and no one has any incongruities.
As long as that person stands there, it is the focus of attention, the core, that is, not to be the leader they think.
Just … Chief.
Chapter four hundred and eighty: I was born a male.
Chapter four hundred and eighty: I was born a male.
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Chapter four hundred and eighty-one: The situation is to blame it!
Chapter four hundred and eighty-one: The situation is to blame it!
Some people are not stupid, at least two people, and their reaction to Tang Qing was expected.
One is naturally a little late; Another person, impressively is Simon Lei who has dealt with Tang Qing.
However, at this time, after they really saw Chu Tangqing, they were shocked to the point where they could not speak and make any response.
"Just one year. Is that possible?" No mistakes, no skipping. Ximenlei wailed from the bottom of his heart.
He had to go back to Zongmen to retreat and practice penance in order to recover. I didn’t expect not only to survive the Kyoto disaster, but also to save my life, and even to get rid of demons in every cloud has a silver lining.
However, when I saw Tang Qing again at this time, Simon Lei’s original restored Taoist mind began to waver again, and his mind was almost lost. Now Tang Qing, not only the improvement of cultivation is unbelievable, but also the momentum is far from that of previous years. All gestures show great confidence and dignity. Being among a group of Yuanying monks, there is no discomfort at all.
Looking at it from another angle, Tang Qing-chao’s static Yan gave a crazy scolding. On the one hand, it was due to his personality, so he was not conceited about his strength. He was not a fool. Can’t you see the identity of these people? Words after the battle of the temple, Simon ray may treat Tang Qing as a fool?
Stare blankly is a bit dull, but it is a sinister stare blankly, which is chilling. Extreme frustration made Ximenlei feel black at the moment, his body was trembling, and he couldn’t say a word, let alone leave the bodhi old zu.
Because of the heavy Xuanzi, the giant sword gate was not planted to feed the baby, although it made friends with Wan Lingzong. All souls are also very cautious in choosing the target. After all, Chongxuanzi is a big monk. If he is detected by it, the consequences will be unimaginable.
Fortunately, the giant sword gate stood in the right direction in the battle of Kyoto, and now it has become a pillar of Yihua country. Apart from Buddhism and Tiandao Sect, they are the strongest, and even the clan of protecting the country after the merger of Confucianism and Hidden Sect is not as good as it is.
Walking in front of the big fellow, it is the great sword door bodhi old zu Chongxuanzi. Its height can be compared with that of sunspots, which is 2.23 meters. As a bodhi old zu, Chong Xuanzi was naked, with long shawls and skins around his waist, showing his magnificent muscles. Such a manner is completely out of proportion to his name, and it is simply the Chinese version of Scorpion King.
At this time, when I heard that Tang Qing was so rude, Jing Yan’s withered face became purple with anger, trembling all over, completely speechless.
In heavy Xuanzi’s great anger, he pointed to Tang Qingda and shouted, "Ignorant child, who are you with?". What your elders taught you was so crazy. "
Not to mention, Chong Xuanzi looks rough, but he speaks politely. Although it was a lesson, I still broke out a set of elegant rhetoric, which really surprised Tang Qing.
Chong Xuanzi was quite measured and angry, but he didn’t release the coercion of the big monk. That’s disrespectful to Yungu. I dare not lend him courage.
"The appearance is straightforward, the heart is delicate, and it is a slap in the face. Typical rape ghost "Tang Qing instantly judge.
However, in front of Yungu’s house, he wouldn’t care about Chong Xuanzi’s words. Even if he changed places, Tang Qing still regarded him as a fart. Can the Sect of Heaven come for nothing? Killing firm but gentle fills a gap, stronger than before. After Yungu’s cultivation, the way of killing is close to perfection. Now this firm but gentle way is a dead end if there is no spiritual treasure to resist.
If it weren’t for his unbearable body, if it weren’t for Aunt Yun’s love, Tang Qingzhen really wanted to turn it into a jar of firm but gentle, and save a lot of things, that would be cruel enough.
Indoctrination is not equal to display. It may not cost you to make a divine blow in Brother Jiedan’s body. Otherwise, those rich second generation and rich third generation with deified ancestors may not walk sideways. In order to place this firm but gentle solution for Tang Qing, Yungu’s efforts are terrible, and it will take a while to recover.
Just this, or Tang Qing’s physical condition is strange, and he can barely accommodate it. If someone else comes, even if he is a brother Yuan Ying, it is absolutely unbearable.
If you have enough confidence, your waist will be hard. If you listen to the word "elder" mentioned by Chong Xuanzi again, where can Tang Qing hold back? Like a fighting rooster, Tang Qing stared at Chong Xuanzi coldly, with a full face of disdain and ridicule on his face, which was really a scolding.