It can even be said that Real Madrid has played the best five minutes so far.

The only regret may be that they didn’t score in these five minutes and equalized the score.
Because they won’t have another five-minute chance like this.
Five minutes later, Ba Laha appeared on the sidelines, and Ferreira made an awkward tackle, shoveling Roberto Carlos’ football out of the sideline.
Foul ball!
"Valencia during this time is really embarrassing! Real Madrid’s momentum is like a rainbow, and they are almost unable to hold on! "
The commentator on radio Marca gloated.
Then he noticed that there was a substitution on the sidelines.
"Ah … Valencia is going to be replaced, with No.8 Ba Laha and No.21 aimar?" Radio Marca’s commentator had some surprises.
Equally unexpected are other commentators.
"Ba Laha, it is understandable, because albelda is obviously struggling to prevent Zidane, so he added a lower back to help, but what is aimar doing? Aimar has become a very important part of Valencia’s attack this season. He scored four goals and eight assists in the league, and one goal and two assists in the UEFA Cup. His breakthrough and shooting can be an important member to solve the problem finally … Replacing aimar will increase the distance between Guardiola and Ibrahimovic, which is not conducive to the team’s attack … Is this often intended to give up the attack and concentrate on defense? But the problem is that it’s only 60 minutes, and there are still 30 minutes to play. Do you often think that his Valencia can last that long in the face of Real Madrid, which is determined to win? "
"It’s only five minutes, which makes Valencia’s goal in danger. Now it’s six five minutes. It’s only a matter of time before Real Madrid breaks Valencia’s goal! Now put on Ba Laha and replace aimar, it seems that they have strengthened their defense, which is actually a waste of martial arts … When Valencia concedes another goal and wants to fight back, they will find that their team has no’ creator’ to connect the midfield and the striker. Aimar can always do this job before, and do a good job … "
"There is nothing to discuss. Obviously, he was often frightened by the momentum of the Bernabeu Stadium, and then made a wrong judgment. He thought he could hold on. Obviously, he was too confident in himself and Valencia …"
"This substitution of coach Chang may become a turning point in this game. Valencia has turned from an advantage to a disadvantage, while Real Madrid has regained the initiative and completed the reversal at one go!"
Valencia fans watched the game on TV. They were worried about the game a few minutes ago, and now they are upset by the commentator.
Some people scold the commentator for talking nonsense, while others are really worried that the constant substitution will be the failure of the game …
Neither Ba Laha nor Chang Sheng knows how others see them.
After high-fiving aimar on the sidelines, Ba Laha hurried to the court and ran all the way to albelda’s position, and then smiled at albelda: "The coach said that Zidane couldn’t get up on the court, so let me help you."
Albelda eyes a stare: "I’m not afraid of Zidane!"
Guardiola, next to him, saw Ba Laha playing or playing in the lower back, which meant that Changsheng had any latest instructions for him. He asked Ba Laha, "What about me?"
Ba Laha shook his head: "The coach said you were in the position of the lower back."
Guardiola was taken aback: "Three waists?"
"Yes." Ba Laha nodded.
"Then the distance between us and Geratan is too far …" Guardiola frowned, which does not meet the requirements of mad dog tactics. "Haven’t you often been asked to give a message to Geratan?"
"No, I think he will talk to the Swede himself … here." Ba Laha just then, toward the sidelines’s make signal with the lips.
Guardiola, look over.
Sure enough, Ibrahimovic just turned and ran back to the stadium from the sidelines, while Changsheng turned and walked back. Obviously, the two had just had some communication.
The players in Valencia are more concerned about how their head coach will adjust to this terrible situation.
So they didn’t see anything more.
The news media, on the other hand, saw something that interested them more, which was more interesting than the constant adjustment.
That is, aimar, who was replaced after 60 minutes, is not very happy. He thinks that the team needs to contribute itself in this situation, and he is confident to lead the team to victory.
But Chang Sheng replaced him directly!
It cost him the chance to be a hero.
So he gave Ba Laha a perfunctory high-five, and went straight to the bench, without shaking hands with Chang Sheng.
What about winning? Is pulling ibrahimovic in the face-to-face lecture, naturally there is no luxury to appease aimar who was replaced in advance. At this time, all he could think about was how to turn things around in the last 30 minutes or less and let Valencia regain the initiative.
As for aimar, who hung his head, his face was a little unprepared and passed by himself, he didn’t enter his vision and heart at all …
Chapter one hundred and twenty-seven Doubt, or doubt
When the reporters on the media stand and the commentators on the commentary stand saw this scene, they were all excited.
This picture is so meaningful!
They can read a lot from it.
The reporters began to memorize the manuscript they wanted to write in their minds, while the commentator said it directly.
"aimar seems very dissatisfied with being replaced in advance. Just now, when the fourth official raised the substitution sign on the sidelines, he was very surprised to see his number, which was unbelievable … "
"aimar has reason to think so, because he is an indispensable role when Valencia needs to attack. But he was replaced, and any player who is eager to contribute to the team will not be satisfied with being replaced in advance … "
"Chang is too timid. His actions may not only cost Valencia a King’s Cup title, but also offend an excellent player. This more than half a season, aimar’s performance is obvious to all … "
"I think of one thing. In the first half of the season, aimar was said to have been sent to Team B for three weeks because he broke the rules and disclosed the news inside the team to reporters. Maybe an issue between two people has been forged since then … Will this be a frequent retaliation? If he loses in the final of the King’s Cup, he can pass the buck to aimar … "
These commentators are all extremely excited about the picture of aimar passing by Chang Sheng and ignoring each other, but they ignore the scene of Chang Sheng pulling Ibrahimovic to give lectures.
Guardiola is still asking Ba Laha that he wants to know as much as possible about the intention of winning the game, which will also help him to help winning the game.
"What else did he say besides the three waists?"
"He said you don’t have to defend, Pepe, you can concentrate on organizing the attack. Connect the team’s midfield, backcourt and frontcourt in series … Oh, he also said that we should score a goal as soon as possible and completely beat the arrogance of Real Madrid! "
Guardiola fell silent. He chewed all the words that Changsheng gave to Ba Laha.
Goal as soon as possible …
This is the focus of this adjustment.
But if you want to score goals as soon as possible, why did he replace aimar?
Because I often discuss tactics with Chang Sheng and learn from each other, Guardiola knows several important roles of midfield in this tactic.
Changsheng classified them into three categories and named them.
They are "destroyer", "transmitter" and "creator" respectively.
"Destroyer" knows what it means by its name, that is, defensive midfielder, who is mainly in charge of defense. This job is currently in the charge of albelda in Valencia.
The "passer" is responsible for passing the ball. He is a transit station. All the balls from the back to the front pass through him. Of course, if you encounter obstacles in the attack, you have to pass it back and the football will fall to his feet. This man must be the player who passes the ball the most times in the whole game. At present, the "passer" of Valencia is Guardiola.
The "creator" may be responsible for the last pass. His passing is more subtle and imaginative. At the same time, he must have excellent personal breakthrough ability and be able to break the deadlock by himself. Such a person is aimar at present. So why did 442 actually play very well? The team won again and again, and in the end, it would still use 4231. Because these three people are indispensable in midfield.
The saboteur is responsible for the defense. After breaking the football, he will never play any fancy and pass it directly to the passer. The passer controls the offensive rhythm and direction of the team. He passes the football to the creator. Create here and use your talent and talent to send the last pass to help the team score goals.
But now that the creator is down, how do you score?