Shi Lei didn’t force Ye Qing to send them back to the hotel at this time. He is in a hurry to go back to a game called F and then practice it well before he can really make friends with Jiang Yuhan. His brain is much more active than Chen Han.

Chen Han and others didn’t talk to Jiang Yuhan today, but at least they got around to sending their business cards out with Ye Qing, which is also a big gain. They said goodbye to Shi Lei and drove away from Gu. The main reason for coming to the sea this time is to protect Jiang Yuhan. Others have been secretly guarding Jiang Yuhan. He doesn’t follow Jiang Yuhan at all. He just needs to sit in the hotel. Someone will report Jiang Yuhan’s movements at any time. He even knows when Jiang Yuhan enters to wash his hands and take a shower.
Chu Yunmeng told him to do things, but he didn’t dare to bother at all. Although Chu Yunmeng always respected him, he knew the weight of Jiang Yuhan in Chu Yunmeng’s heart, and Chu Yunmeng was really biting, which was quite frightening. When he was involved in the struggle of Chu’s Ministry, Chu Yunmeng cut the gordian knot with the help of Gu Gu, and directly expelled her stepmother, a half-sister from the company and the Chu family mansion, and didn’t care about her family at all, except that one who was still studying and always better than Chu Yunmeng. Chu Yunting was still studying normally at school.
If something happens to Jiang Yuhan, it is estimated that Chu Yunmeng will launch all the forces of the Chu clique to deal with the enemy. That force is very terrible. Gu has naturally understood how powerful the Chu clique is in Chu for many years.
When Chu’s family took root in the sea, the black and white of the sea should be given to Chu’s face, especially the mafia. In Chu’s hands, Gu Gu is the master of soil fertility, and he directly takes orders from Chu Nanzheng, who was definitely a hero when he was in Germany. Now, less than a month after his headquarters moved to Chengdu, the forces in Chengdu were still controlled by Gu. It is conceivable how awesome the Chu clique is. All this is planned by Chu Nanzheng behind his back. That is the really powerful old fox.
Shi Lei originally wanted to invite Gu to his home, but Gu refused. He wanted to go to Shi Lei to talk to Shi Lei’s father about something, so the two of them parted ways. Teddy boy naturally left with Gu. Although he was the leader of the Eagle Club, Gu returned to the sea and he became a pawn of Gu without any complaints.
Shi Lei drove home alone and then played the game F. He was eager to learn how to play F. His home network speed was 2m fiber-optic dedicated line, and he found that he could really ensure that the speed with 2m bandwidth could easily reach 4 to 5m per second. It won’t take long for an F client.
It didn’t take long for Shi Lei to successfully enter the game after the good F was installed. It was very convenient for him to develop this game and log in directly on qq number. After entering the game, he needed to take a nickname, so he randomly took a stone and three stones, which actually means Shi Lei.
When a new account enters the game, it will be trained as a novice first. Shi Lei successfully completed the training, which is still a little talent. But when he quickly matched the game and entered the game, he found that he was shaking badly after the gun was finished, and even a bullet could not hit the enemy.
The most serious thing is that he found that he had a strong feeling of vomiting after only playing for a few minutes, and at the same time he was accompanied by a burst of dizziness. He ate something bad at noon today and rushed to pour a glass of water and felt much better for a moment.
When he sat back to his brain and played for a few minutes, the feeling came again. He ran to drink water again, and so on and so on. He finally found that he wanted to play F, and in a few minutes he would feel dizzy and want to vomit. He couldn’t help but feel very annoyed. Isn’t he suitable for playing F?
If you don’t learn to play F, you can’t get close to Jiang Yuhan, and you can’t pull that floor. He is a little unwilling because he wants to help his father. His father has always said that he is very angry when he succeeds. If he takes Jiang Yuhan this time, it will be very helpful for their family business and the promotion of the pro in the central government. His father will definitely think highly of him then.
Chapter 42 Wonderful Interview
“fireinhehole!” Shi Lei’s room throws grenades out of F from time to time. Although he has overcome the symptoms of dizziness and vomiting, he can’t kill anyone. He is very nai and angry at his level, and he is afraid that Jiang Yu’s cold roots can’t see.
He lost his mouse in annoyance and then picked up the desk phone to call the company. The first thing he said was to call his assistant. Generally speaking, the secret is female assistant or male office. After Shi Lei called his assistant first, his assistant respectfully asked, "Does manager Shi have any orders?"
"Do you know the game Crossing the Line of Fire?" Shi Lei asked his assistant directly, and he was very surprised. He didn’t expect Shi Lei to ask him such a question. He is too busy wiping Shi Lei’s ass all day, and sometimes he plays games.
Shi Lei, the assistant, is very puzzled. "I don’t know if I haven’t heard of it, and I don’t have time to play."
Shi Lei smell speech immediately cold tone tunnel "don’t even know that you don’t come to class! Go to the finance department today to settle the salary! "
With that, Shi Lei hung up without giving his assistant a chance to defend himself. The assistant was crying with a mobile phone, and your sister was directly fired because she didn’t know how to cross the line of fire? Such a ridiculous thing has never happened to him!
Shi Lei hung up and immediately called his deputy manager to ask the same question. As a result, the deputy manager was fired without knowing what to do. In just one minute, two employees were fired, and one of them was Shi Lei, an executive. This practice is indeed a bit child’s play.
The assistant manager is at least an executive and a VIP, and he can’t figure out that he didn’t do anything wrong, so he was fired because he didn’t know the game of crossing the line of fire. He was dreaming himself. He immediately called the chairman, that is, called Shi Lei’s father
Shi Lei’s father was furious when he heard the news, and immediately called Shi Lei. In the past, who knew that Shi Lei’s mobile phone was on the phone, his father finally got through after several consecutive calls. At this time, four people in the company had been fired.
"Lei, are you crazy? Do you dare to fire Manager Wei? You are away from the company all day. Manager Wei helped you with your work and your assistant helped you a lot. You fired them without credit or hard work. Who will help you with your work? " Shi Lei father is very angry tunnel
Shi Lei is so-called tunnel "there are many people who can do things now, so just recruit again. Besides, I fired them on purpose. They don’t even know how to cross the line of fire, so they are ignorant." Dad, don’t worry about me. I’m going to do a big thing this time. It will not only help the company, but also help my uncle’s career! "
"Ridiculous! What great things can you do? Don’t I know how important you are? If you mess around like this, you will bring down the company sooner or later! " Shi Lei’s father is simply speechless.
"Absolutely not! You have to believe that since I was a child, you have said that I have achieved everything. This is the first time I have done something seriously. I hope you will support me and you will know that I have not messed around. "Shi Lei is very determined and tunnel.
After that, he hung up without waiting for his father to speak. Then he called the personnel department and asked the personnel department to release the recruitment information. The first condition for recruiting assistant managers and assistants is to be able to play F, but not F, and pass directly.
This wonderful prerequisite puzzled Zhang Er, a personnel officer, and was even more shocked that the company had to re-recruit the deputy manager and assistant general manager, that is to say, manager Wei and assistant general manager had been fired, which was a huge event and shocked the top management of the company. They didn’t even know what had happened.
Shi Lei’s father had to call a high-level meeting of the company to stabilize the morale, and at the same time, he called back Manager Wei to continue his post as assistant manager Shi Lei, which was a tragedy. After all, Shi Lei’s father still had to give Shi Lei a little face and could not reject all his decisions, otherwise it would affect Shi Lei’s prestige in the company.
After Shi Lei finished his speech, he lost his mind in frustration, and then drove from home to the company. Only after he arrived at the company did he know that his father had called a high-level meeting to recruit Vice President Wei. He returned to his office in frustration and called the personnel department to find someone to interview as soon as possible. Whoever plays F well can double his salary as an assistant!
This decision made the whole personnel department stunned. If you can play F, you can be an assistant to the general manager and your salary will double. Where can you find them? Call those unemployed young people in your family or relatives who are in a normal unit class immediately to ask if they can play F.
Nowadays, many young people can play F, and some primary school students can play as masters. The general rate of F is still very high. It is still very reasonable for them to call young people at home. Immediately, someone asked their relatives who can play F, so they asked the other party to come to Malay for an interview and asked for a mouse and keyboard headset.
Shi Lei was sitting in his office worrying when the personnel department suddenly called and said that a dozen people would come for an interview later. Shi Lei immediately smiled and praised the personnel department for its efficiency. He didn’t know that the personnel department recommended his family to come for an interview.
Shi Lei’s company is a big company in the sea. It is very famous and rich. There are many people who want to enter, but they all sharpen their heads and want to get in. Shi Lei hangs up happily, and then they have an F in the office.
This guy is a real dude who rarely comes to the company to play games. He is capable of such absurd things. Even if he comes to the company, the beautiful female secretary doesn’t know how many passionate dramas have been played in his office. It is normal for absurd things to happen to him.
After he finished F, he was beating the transport ship and was so sad that someone knocked at his office door. He immediately cheered up and said, "Come in!"
His beautiful female secretary walked in with graceful steps, wearing a pair of ultra-short miniskirts and slender legs, swaying and hooking people. Shi Lei couldn’t help but swallow saliva. The female secretary walked to the desk very gently, and the voice was very tunnel. "Brother Lei, the personnel department brought some interviewers to ask you to go to the conference room!"
Shi Lei couldn’t help but feel crisp all over. She immediately left the seat and hugged the female secret directly on her delicate and charming lips. She took a sip of the female secret and shyly pushed Shi Lei’s eyes. "Brother Lei didn’t pull the curtains. It’s not good to be seen!"
"Ha ha ha ….. see see who dare to blather I will fire him! Come on, kiss Brother Lei. Brother Lei is going to do business! " Shi Lei is very wretched and will be the female secret delicate waist around, and then pull her into his arms violently kissed a few mouth and hand to hand addiction that * * * * laughed and left the office to make the female secret flooding in Chun Qing, looked at his back and cursed the bad guys.
When I got to the meeting room, Shi Lei saw that it was full. Two managers of the personnel department were sitting at the table and saw Shi Lei come in. Both of them respectfully got up and shouted a stone. General Shi Lei nodded and said, "Sit down. Let me ask you some questions!"
The people who came to interview immediately sat down. They didn’t expect that the general manager would come to interview in person. Aren’t these things supposed to be the affairs of the personnel department? The two managers of the personnel department actually went through the motions. They didn’t speak at all, waiting for Shi Lei to speak.
"Do you all play F for the first question?" Shi Lei asked very seriously. It seems that this question is very important, much more important than the ability to work. It is like recruiting people for professional teams.
"Yes!" That a dozen people have different mouths and tunnels.
"Very well! The second question is what guns do you play with? "
"I play m4! But I also played well in qbz95 and an94. "
"I play ak47, but I’m also good at sniper rifle, which is awm. Of course, cannons are also very sharp."