"no!" Phoenix ink Rao refused very smoothly.

"Your majesty, did you see me?"
Bei Xuanyu stopped and stared at him gloomily. Isn’t it annoying for this man to follow him like this every day? No matter where you go, you have to follow, go out late and stay in the general’s office.
If it weren’t for him, he would have chased him out of the general’s house with a broom.
Phoenix ink Rao was asked by him so bluntly, but he was a little embarrassed. He raised his hand and touched the delicate eyes and looked at him with a shy smile.
"In fact, you all know that if you ask, wouldn’t you let the king know what to answer? King Bei Xuanyu did see you and liked you very much. Before you, you often missed your engagement, and the king couldn’t snatch it. But now that you are divorced, the king has lost this layer of scruples. Bei Xuanyu, you can consider seeing that the king will always be good to you! "
He is still very principled, and he liked Bei Xuanyu’s appearance at first. However, since he was a child, he often missed his marriage. Although he was a fool, he didn’t think of destroying others. Now that the opportunity is in front of him, how can he let it go?
Confessed by a man …
Bei Xuanyu fought back the evil cold in his heart. If so, he might as well make do with being married and still be crazy and often lovesick!
"Then I’m going to live up to the report and like me. Bei Xuanyu is a normal man. I like being a woman. You have the wrong person!"
Feng Mo Rao smiled. "What’s wrong with this? It’s always like this at first. When you get used to Wang, you will gradually like Wang!"
He still has this confidence. At first, most men in his backyard wriggled and shouted that normal men would never compromise with him. But now there is no man in the backyard who doesn’t love him to death!
What? I haven’t seen you for a day. I’ve said everything across Sanqiu.
"Phoenix ink Rao don’t let me to you! Roll-"
Bei Xuanyu gave him a cold look and turned to go.
I’m really angry!
Phoenix ink Rao looked at the north XuanYu nature is indomitable and chase to the "north XuanYu where are you? Hey, wait for Wang! "
At the sight of Feng Mo Rao, Bei Xuanyu followed him again, but his heart was short of breath, but he secretly decided that if Bei Xuanyu dared to have any physical contact with him, he would definitely beat him black and blue, just as he was beaten black and blue when he was caught in the street by lovesickness!
Acacia often …
End to think of that beautiful and holy face like a lotus flower blooming elegant fragrance.
In fact, these days, he has already begun to regret seeing the transformation of lovesickness.
If she doesn’t break off her engagement, she will be sixteen years old in another month, which is when she will be married back to the general office of Beixuan.
But now … He she again!
I used to love him dearly, but now I should be happy to treat him coldly, but he has never been happy since the original painting was often lovesick and rescued.
I began to feel that I was already regretting it!
How did he treat lovesickness in those ten years?
He insulted her when he broke off his marriage!
Even when she was pus into that pond, from ruin!
At the moment when she was submerged in the pool, I felt that I was finally getting rid of her, and there was a faint excitement in my heart!
Everything, how can he meet her? Even she has no courage to speak again.
Realizing that she was mean to her, Bei Xuanyu felt that her heart was more depressing. Many people went to the busy streets but didn’t know what to do.
Feng Mo Rao silently followed him to see Bei Xuanyu in a bad mood and wouldn’t make any noise, so he kept a few steps away and walked in tandem.
It was some distance before he realized that this was not the way to Xiangfu. General Bei Xuan runs counter to it.
After some time, when Bei Xuanyu realized where this was, he found himself walking to the gate of Xiangfu.
Feng Mo Rao immediately became happy. "Are you here to find Chang Xiang or Acacia?"
At this time, the two heavy dark black doors were slowly pushed open, and Chang Acacia came out in a simple but elegant and beautiful way, and her side followed the clouds through the snow.
Bei Xuanyu stared at Chang Acacia so helplessly. He always felt that Chang Acacia had changed too much, and both her appearance and her body exuded no charm.
If it’s not the sound, the figure or the original appearance, he really suspects that this person is not often lovesick!
"Acacia!" Feng mo Rao Chu
Often miss a step out of the house also saw the North Xuanyu Feng Mo Rao, and they were also surprised at how they came here, especially North Xuanyu, a person who could never appear here.
Often acacia reveals a smile and asks, "What are you …"
"I want to talk to you about something!" Bei Xuanyu took the lead in opening his mouth.
Often miss wondering "North Xuan small general find me something? That’s really strange. I, we have lost everything. This marriage has been retired. At the beginning, the pledge was returned. Is there anything else that has not been cut off? "
Aside phoenix ink Rao immediately nodded "is the north xuan small general often lovesickness broken neatly, what else? This time is not as good as going to the fairy mansion. "
To Bei Xuanyu, the words of longing for love are just like in the middle of the year. "I want to talk to you about something, no matter what happened in the past. I hope you can give me some."
At the beginning, he kept calling his brother Bei Xuan, but now he is so unfamiliar.
Acacia always recognizes himself. He can say how he hurt Acacia at the beginning. She knows better than anyone.
"General North Xuan, you and I have something to say. I don’t think you have anything to say at this time. If there is nothing else, I will leave now! Let’s go through the snow. "
"Acacia, where are you going?" Phoenix ink Rao asked
At the sight of Bei Xuanyu’s look, although he didn’t want to leave Bei Xuanyu alone, he valued North more at this time.
Xuanyu’s emotion
Bei Xuanyu chased and stopped in front of Chang Xiangsi. "Chang Xiangsi, come with me!"
"Go where?" Looking at Xuanyu, who stands in the way, he often lovesickness and reveals a smile coldly.