This is why Lilina kept asking passers-by for gold coins from Yang Ye.

She needs to melt the gold coins to transport them
The golden vortex twisted as if it could swallow the object with a magical attraction. Yang Ye brought the gold coin close to the vortex, and it seemed that the vortex twisted more violently. I no longer thought about Yang Ye putting the gold coin directly in-
Without hindrance, the gold coins are directly melted in the whirlpool and the snowflakes are thrown into the fire. Generally, after the gold coins are melted, a golden silk thread is scattered along the whirlpool device and flows deeper into Lilina’s body …
But Lilina didn’t respond.
Yang Ye grabbed a handful of gold coins this time and about a dozen or twenty departments threw them in.
The whirlpool seems to be an endless hole, and a dozen gold coins are gone in an instant, but the whirlpool seems to be brighter.
At this time, Lilina is finally moving.
"Well …" Lilina light call 1.
This let Yang Ye beaming Lilina turned around safely!
"Lilina …" Yang Ye light call way.
"Brother …" Lilina looked at Yang Ye with his eyes open at the first glance, and his eyes were full of happiness. "Brother … Lilina wanted to … want gold coins …"
This is Lilina who didn’t finish speaking before answering the phone. It turned out that she just wanted the gold coins at that time. I wish she had said it earlier. Yang Ye must have given a lot of money, that is, moved the money for Hill.
"My brother will give it to you." Yang Ye couldn’t help Lilina Rou taking out a big bag of gold coins and putting it in Lilina’s hand. There seems to be more than 10,000 gold, which has just been stuffed in. More than a dozen Yang Ye are not enough, and dozens of them are stuffed into a small whirlpool like sand.
Yang Ye’s movement also made Lilina move his eyes to see that his clothes were faded and his brother just stared at his chest. She also blushed.
Ah, she did it herself before. This time … she let her brother … take off his clothes! ! ! It’s so embarrassing
Although I was shy in my heart, Lilina didn’t stop me. It was only after Yang Ye stuffed the gold coins in his hand that he got up and sat up straight.
Then she turned slightly and left her back to Yang Ye and whispered, "Brother … help Lilina get up …"
Yang Ye didn’t think much about zipping Princess Lilina’s skirt.
Hill returned to his laboratory. Although he didn’t know what the two young men had done in his shack, he was too lazy to care so much. First, he picked up the corner tool and cleaned up the broken medicine bottle that had fallen before. Then he picked up the dagger again and climbed his old face again.
"Come and have a look at my latest achievements, which will definitely surprise you! !” Hill shouted that things didn’t seem to affect his mood at all and didn’t seem to interrupt him.
Yang Ye said a few words to Lilina, and then he turned his eyes to Hill’s face. After he kept urging him, he picked up the weapon and studied it.
Hydralisk Feather (dagger bronze level)
Equipment level 4
Physical attacks 399~45
Magic attack 255~261
+7 Power
+72 physical strength
The fangs erode the enemy’s soul! When attacking, there is a 2% chance that additional toxic damage lasts for 1 second, causing 2% damage to the basic attack power every second.
+22 Abyss Abnormal State Resistance
Other attributes are rubbish, but this last attribute makes Yang Ye’s eyes shine.
Chapter 15 Conspiracy
Abyss abnormal state resistance. Isn’t this the unique attribute that Huiyao Workshop showed off everywhere at that time? They also said that the game has their own monopoly. Recently, the high-priced equipment market has become even more brutal than that in Yang Ye.
Now Yang Ye actually saw it here in Hill. Is this Hill to buy?
Consider a Yang Ye asked, "where did the old man get this equipment? You buy it? "
Yang Ye words just export hill face a show not happy he grunted "what to buy! This is what I did! "
When his eyes lit up, Yang Ye said happily, "Did you add the Abyss Abnormal State Resistance?"
Hill was satisfied when he saw the small expression in front of him. He held his hands on his chest and looked proud. "Of course I did it. Can others do it?"
I’m afraid others can do it! !
Yang is ambitious. If this "abyss abnormal state resistance" Hill can really do it, there is no doubt that Yang Ye can definitely get a slice of this novel equipment market and break the monopoly of Huiyao Workshop, not to mention that he can also make a lot of money.
At present, the market, such as the equipment in Yang Ye’s hand, is so rubbish that it explodes into a class 4 bronze dagger. However, due to the addition of this unique "Abyss Abnormal State Resistance", the price of this broken equipment may go up by dozens or hundreds of gold coins.
It is conceivable that if Yang Ye can cut a knife in this cake, it is no problem to raise a Lilina and ten Lilina.
"Mr. Hill, can you equip this’ Abyss Abnormal State Resistance’ with additional equipment?" Yang Ye asked again that even the appellation has changed these days. He and Hill Lian are not broken, but they only remit gold coins, but they are still very good, otherwise Hill would have been angry just now.
Once again, I was questioned. Hill’s eyebrows shook. "Do you want to make one for you on the spot?"
"Hey hey ….." Yang Ye smile surface without much mood change.
In fact, he was already laughing wildly in his heart-Hill can really do it!
"Tell me about it carefully" Yang Ye said.
Hill was calm at this time, pulled a chair and took a sip of the water glass at the table.
"There’s nothing to say. It’s just that your gold coins have made something."