The surging sound waves spread from the mouth of the laughing world of mortals, and most of them hit the skyhawk demon.

After being hit by the sound wave, all the insides of Tianying Magic had a tearing pain.
Therefore, his words were interrupted by this pain, and a sharp scream came out of the mouth of Tianying Magic.
Heard his own screams Peng magic bodhi old zu immediately put PangXia toward the world of mortals.
However, at this moment, Pang Xia, who was still dripping with blood, classified Qinglei dagger into a sword box with words.
Then a pinch of Yi Long in his hands came out from Pang Xia’s mouth, and he suddenly waved his hands at Peng Mo’s bodhi old zu and roared, "Take this trick of mine!"
The true qi was extracted in an instant, but I saw more than a hundred dragons rushing out of Pang Xia’s hand and surrounding Peng Mo’s bodhi old zu.
Looking at the oncoming hundreds of dragons, even the bodhi old zu Peng felt scalp pins and needles.
However, even the magic people are extremely important to their heirs.
Regardless of emotional reasons, it’s just that it’s extremely difficult for the magic people to have children, which is enough for Peng Mo’s bodhi old zu to rescue him.
More than a hundred dragons have the strength to say that Peng Mo’s bodhi old zu can still resist.
However, even the bodhi old zu Peng changed his face when that huge Buron roared down.
Want to escape, but he suddenly found that just hundreds of dragon-shaped gas strength actually blocked all his retreat.
At this time, the bodhi old zu found out that it seemed too scattered just now, and its main purpose was to close its activities!
And in the end, this road is almost no different from the real dragon. The great dragon-shaped strength is the real killing trick of this secret!
The dragon’s strength opened its mouth toward Peng Mo’s bodhi old zu and bit it.
Peng magic bodhi old zu a magic gas broke out from behind and formed two huge magic gas wings, which wrapped Peng magic bodhi old zu directly to defend!
At the same time, while the dragon was biting Peng Mo’s bodhi old zu in his mouth, he laughed at the world of mortals and angered Wang Fa. He directly reached out and caught Pang Xia and put it by his side.
At this time, Pang Xia was not only seriously injured, but also exhausted his true qi.
So as soon as he landed, he took out a lot of Dan medicine from his backpack and stuffed it directly into the innermost part.
Looking at the hands of Shaolin Dahuan Dan Pang Xia, he hesitated a little and put this only recovery Dan medicine back in his backpack.
He still has the card house of Sanyangtai in Aoyi. It is not the time to make Shaolin return to Dan.
What’s more, there is another one in the hand of Kuang Pangxia who is not a Dan medicine but has the effect of instantly restoring the true qi.
Sitting cross-legged on the ground, the man’s "Left and Right Beating" can run "Small Phase Skill" and "Famous Catalogue" with one heart and two minds to quickly restore the true qi.
At this time, the dragon’s strength has exploded, and the bodhi old zu’s hair is messy and his clothes are broken from half to half.
Look at the blood in his mouth. It’s obvious that he’s hurt.
The world of mortals looked at a face of frost and murderous look in his eyes. Peng Mo’s bodhi old zu glanced at his side and was pinched by his neck. Tianying Mo smiled without a word.
"I’ll give you a chance to let my son go, so I’ll let you both go."
"Old devil, do you promise that we don’t believe it? Why don’t you quit Ouye family now?
What do you think? I’ll let Brother Tianying go when Lord Ou Ye and his elder while the iron is hot come out. "
"You mean you’re not going to let Skyhawk go, are you?"
Pang Xia frowned slightly when he heard this. He felt that he might have guessed wrong about Peng Mo’s attitude towards Tianying Mo.
Just want to say what Pang Xia suddenly saw Peng Mo’s bodhi old zu suddenly waving his hand not far away, and suddenly a metal feather broke and directly penetrated Skyhawk’s chest and nailed it to the rear ground.
Tianyingmo can’t believe that looking at Pengmo’s bodhi old zu, he was dying for nothing. He always loved his father and would take the initiative to kill himself! ‘
Chapter 371 The second picture catalogue
Laugh at the red dust and let go: щw
Skyhawk demon body slowly soft fell to the ground.
At this time, his corpse stared at Peng Mo’s bodhi old zu as if asking each other what to kill himself.
Peng magic bodhi old zu looked at skyhawk magic body with a wave in his eyes, but then disappeared into shape.
"My magic people will not be allowed to fail when they rejoin the WTO!
Now that my son has blocked my plan, there is no need.
You guys who grabbed my son and tried to threaten me will go with me together! "
Said BiPeng magic bodhi old zu instantaneous single claw toward PangXia then caught in the past.
However, at this time, the world of mortals manipulated the flame with both hands, and the angry king blocked the bodhi old zu.
However, Peng Mo’s bodhi old zu is a master after all. He is angry and his strength is even more terrible.
Soon, the angry king Faxiang of the flame was gradually broken to stop the attack of the bodhi old zu in front of Peng Magic.
At this time, Pang Xia sighed and took out the picture from the backpack and got another name page from Liancheng treasure!
Without hesitation, I chose to study, and immediately this famous page 2 taxiing disappeared into the hands of Pang Xia.
At the same time, great changes have taken place in the column of name catalogue of Pang Xia’s attribute interface.
Not only has the formula become longer, but a new picture has reappeared on the original picture plane lying on the left side.
In this picture, the right leg is bent on the ground like sitting on a stool, while the left leg is cross-legged on the right leg. One hand is pressed on the abdomen and the other is pressed on the forehead.
Without hesitation, Pang Xia made this move according to this picture.
In the moment when Pang Xia finished moving, the vitality poured into the other body.
Blink of an eye Pang Xia’s true qi has increased by 6,100 points again, which is almost the same as the previous 6,200 points!
And the key is that Pang Xia’s true qi is still restored to the maximum of fifteen thousand points at this time. The true qi in Pang Xia’s body almost burst his abdomen.
This swelling sensation from Pang Xia Dantian and body meridians makes Pang Xia not vomit!
A palm toward the bodhi old zu Peng magic, but I saw a dragon that was two or three times bigger than usual roaring out and directly hitting the bodhi old zu Xiang Peng magic with amazing power!
Peng magic bodhi old zu see these claws together toward the dragon gas strength boom.
However, this move is obviously much stronger than before, and it is hard to regret this move. Peng Mo’s bodhi old zu suddenly stepped back for a few steps and obviously suffered some trauma.
Pang Xia’s body is full of true qi.
Even his hair kept flying after itself.
Step by step, Pang Xia looked at Peng Mo’s bodhi old zu and said, "I’ve been thinking about what your speed increased significantly after the outbreak."
But there is no big change in other aspects-I have never been able to figure it out.
However, just now, when my body qi rose wildly, it suddenly made me white.
I’ve heard before that a strong person who is born at the peak wants to be promoted to the master level, and he needs to reach the peak (100,000 points) and master one less rule.