Barrog turned a blind eye to this. He took out the wand tip and drew a circle in the middle. There was nothing at first, but then he kept turning the wand tip. Black silk thread dragged along the rotating wand and formed a black semi-circle. It seems that it will soon become a complete black circle.

At this time, Yang Ye saw what was going on through the miner’s hat-
[Mage [Isbel? Barrog is releasing the skill [short jump]
Short-distance jump means that Barrog is releasing skills now, just like short-distance jump of skill name and peach movement, the distance is slightly longer and …
Barrog circle scratched for a while, and a black circle was finally formed. After that, his hands were slightly empty, and then he gently threw a circle back to accurately trap Lilina’s body around Lilina’s waist.
"Uh-huh?" Lilina looked puzzled at the black circle full of interest.
After Lilina set one, Barrog continued to paddle the second one-one for each person.
Barog, this is to send short-distance jumping skills directly to somewhere in Lingyou Canyon. No wonder he didn’t care about following so many players behind him before. Yang Ye is also relieved to think of this. If the players follow too much, he will feel very uncomfortable!
"What’s the matter with the lying trough? What’s up ahead? What skills is the mage putting on? Promise to fight, right? "
"It’s a promise war. Yes, I saw him in the video a few days ago. The knife in his hand is very powerful. Is it really an artifact?"
"Look at it and look at it today, even if you don’t upgrade the old woman, you have to follow them to the end!"
"hmm? Taoist priest? "
"The old woman is a monk!"
"Monks also play games? !”
"What to say? No solo! "
"so I’m so afraid of you!"
Listen to the people around you talking about Yang’s ambition and laughing internally. Don’t you want an artifact? I give it to you!
"Hey hey ….." Yang Ye turned to look around and laughed.
Barog seems to make two rings faster and more smoothly than the first one? I don’t know if it is. Anyway, Barrog is ready for the three-ring horse to jump, and then look at the players around him.
"Well, I’m ready, so don’t be surprised." Barog put the last black ring on himself and said slowly
"Little White" Yang Ye respectfully replied that Barrog didn’t throw him away anyway and made three "short-distance jumping" rings.
Then Yang Ye immediately whispered a few words to Lilina next to her, and Lilina nodded at her doubts
"Hey, Lilina is so good." Yang Ye smiled and then hit the auction house to directly search for a weapon "Silver White Teeth". This is a level 3 silver weapon. The price is more than 60 gold coins and Yang Ye’s Xia Ge? There are seven points of similarity when Ai Di’s sword is detached to show its "original form"
Ask Yang Ye what he wants to do …
That is …
"Small delivery!" Barrog light way 1 is awake.
Yang Ye nodded slightly and then turned to look at Lilina Lilina and immediately responded. "Brother, give me your weapon to play with!" The crisp sound is also quite loud for a large group of people around to see.
Yang Ye pretended to shake his head "no"
"Woo-hoo … my brother bullied me …" Lilina immediately released the ultimate skill "Cry"!
Yang Ye "helpless" have to take out a silvery white "Xia Ge? Aidijian solemnly handed it to Lilina and said, "Be careful."
Lilina took the silvery white weapon and waved it excitedly, while Yang Ye’s expression was a face of concern …
"Hum! !”
At this time, the black halo suddenly shone for a while and then it was sent to both sides. The black screen gradually surrounded the three people …
In less than three seconds, a cylindrical light screen was formed and surrounded by three people.
At this time, the surrounding players also reacted-what is the ritual of summoning artifacts? Divide is send! !
"By sending array! They want to run! "
"Paralysis this, how to let them run? !”
And even at this time, Lilina is still excited to wave the silvery white "Xia Ge? Aidijian "players know that now she has the only fairy weapon known!
"Be careful!" Yang Ye shouted "impatiently" at Lilina, drinking a little too much.
And Lilina also seems to be scared by this sentence. A shaking silvery white sword flies out …
That’s a beautiful curve!
The players’ hearts are beating violently-the immortal sword is flying towards them! ! What is this? Is it pie? How does the sword master feel?
They looked at the promise and saw the latter’s pale face and twisted expression. They looked at the pain and danced in the mouth of the Bank of China white elf and cried "Old fairy! ! !”
"Ah, my brother dropped his weapon!" Lilina’s playing with his heart is another sentence.
Just then—
"go! !” Barrog shouted one
Three screens instantly exploded and melted into drizzle-like dust, but the people among them were gone …
Although people are gone, the half-silver-white weapon is still spinning.
"Buzz …" The rapid rotation makes this sword stand out in the air.
"David tang! !” After two rotations, the blade is heavily inserted obliquely into the ground, reflecting bright brilliance.
The players are quiet at this time, and no one moves, but their minds are full of ideas, and they are analyzing the present situation-
First of all, he promised to give his immortal weapons to his beloved followers to play with. Second, his beloved followers accidentally left their immortal weapons behind. Then they were sent away and they couldn’t pick them up. Finally …
In front of them is the promise to fight fairy weapons?
"Ha ha, what a joke! How is it possible!" A player gave a smile
"That is to say, it’s so strange to suddenly drop the fairy weapon." Another one did the same, haha
"Yeah, yeah, let’s break up."
After a burst of frozen laughter, everyone was silent again.
Almost at the same time, all the weapons were pulled out, and the players were trying to prevent others from cheating on themselves. At the same time, they were also preparing to cheat others. Now the situation remains to be seen. Everyone present can’t escape a battle-the fairy weapons are just waiting to be picked up over there.
So who will do it first?
The scenery of Lingyou Canyon is charming, green and fascinating, and the wind is also very strong, which is cool on the face. But this cool wind is dwarfed by the cold atmosphere in this place.
"Li Yan!" A buried feather seems to realize what a bow shoots an arrow into the sky, and the arrow explodes pale light in high school. Although it is covered by day, its effect "shines out of hiding in dark units" but shines out the cat around the weapon for more than a dozen assassin professions …
Can this be tolerated?
"Grass rob old fairy! Kill! !”
"Put out this group of stay b assassin fairy is old! !”