Jiu Jianxian restrained his emotions and said, "I know where the Confucian base killed them. If we don’t burn down their home, what kind of magic should we be? If we leave Tiancheng, we will go to the Confucian lair."

With the action goal.
I feel right, too, so I’m going to say goodbye.
But I didn’t expect Zhang Song and the intelligence officer Zhao Yan to come over and say, "I feel that it’s time for you to deal with things. We’ll send you."
Zhao Yan also said, "After you leave, the city will be closed for a long time, but with him here, you can always contact us. I have agreed that his news will be directly conveyed to me."
It means that Zhang Song will come with us, which means that we are connected with Tiancheng.
This made us shine at the moment and immediately said, "Zhang Song is very grateful to all of you in Tiancheng, especially you two, even if we didn’t say it."
The intelligence agent hasn’t given his name yet, but he has been a great help.
He laughed. "Just call me Pocket. Let me know if there’s anything. I’ll tell Sister Zhao Yan to remember that you still have some friends in Tiancheng."
Extremely enthusiastic people hug and say goodbye one by one.
Zhang Song said, "I’m now in the devil’s religion. Don’t blame me if there is anything I’m sorry about."
Zhao Yan smiled and said, "Just do it. Although it’s not easy to meet a few people, they let me express their wishes. Thank you very much for coming forward and meeting organically."
"line after line"
And hugged one by one.
Zhang Song’s second brother also gave me a big hug. "You didn’t let me down. Remember? Come on, let’s go. It’s time for this feast to end. We should go."
Zhao Yan opened the door
As soon as we went in, we left and waited for Monte Carlo to recover slowly and refresh slowly. Now it has been refreshed.
The iceberg melts and everything is recovering.
We left Tiancheng, "Have a nice trip and have a chance to meet again", nodded and said goodbye one by one, and was sent to the top of a mountain. Looking at Tiantian, the city gradually flew high away from us, evacuated and slowly disappeared into the clouds, forming an invisible form, but it seemed that Zhao Yan and her pocket could be seen waving goodbye to us at the edge.
We also shouted, "We will definitely visit you again."
Tiancheng is a sacred place for the awakened one, and there are rules for it to stand, especially when they know that doing something for the awakened one makes us admire.
Also really some don’t give up waving.
And everything here is slowly recovering and slowly generating. Although the damage is very serious, it should be refreshed in two or three hours, and then we can fly away.
You can sit there and watch all this while waiting at this moment, and you can’t help but feel a little tragic. "If only the grimace and the witch were not dead, you can enjoy this feeling of victory with everyone."
Others also have this feeling that after the victory, everything returned to normal, which made everyone feel a little sad.
In fact, it didn’t take long for all this to happen from the beginning of the morning to the end. It was just evening, and it was just sunset. In less than a day, we sat there with our backs to the sunset and looked at Monte Carlo with more sighs.
But it’s good to be alive after so many things and so many games. Jiu Jianxian took out the hip flask and sprinkled it in the tunnel. "May the grimace and the witch go all the way."
I poured a mouthful and threw away my hip flask. "Ah!" "ah!" Shout to vent
Brother Se also asked, "You stopped drinking after throwing away all the flagons."
"No, not at all."
All this seems to be the biggest blow to the wine sword fairy. Others, such as us, mostly lament that it is not easy and there are points to be happy.
Meow meow, Weiyuan and Chen Feng have no feeling, but they despise Jiu Jianxian very much.
Anyway, at this time, everyone has an idea, and sitting there has their own feelings, but in any case, we are all grasshoppers, and we can’t divide the points.
I shouted, "No matter whether the sky or the fire or the water, our magic religion will be established today, which is bound to flourish and be stopped by heaven and man."
Chapter 145 The third deputy
Time passed quickly, and as time passed, Monte Carlo recovered and refreshed almost at the same time, when it suddenly became certain, and then after a crashing operation, Monte Carlo recovered to its original appearance under the irradiation of the moon.
Moreover, Tong has arranged everything to go home, go home, go fishing boats, go back to Hong Kong, and people talk and chat.
As usual, no one knows what happened, because it was not the chaos of the awakened one, but people just don’t know it
At this time, it was already more than seven o’clock late.
We’ve been impatient for a long time and said, "Let’s go and fly directly."
I don’t know how many people wake up after this death, but it has already hindered. Just now, Jiu Jianxian also said that Confucianism has a territory on an island near Shandong.
I don’t know if there’s any news about their army, but we have to go and find the white tiger anyway
Good step to continue to destroy the Shinto plan, because it is still in a parallel state. They have Kirin, we have Xuanwu, they are in the dark, and we still have a chance.
The main thing is to let them receive the white tiger, so we won’t be fun.
Directly got up and a group of people were ready to go on the 20 th. It was also agreed that Yi Xue and Lin Xinheng were less capable, but they would also help with some scientific and technological things
Because if you leave, you may be divided by the Shinto religion, but it will bring trouble. If you don’t enter the vice, you can do anything without restrictions. This is also a novice of the Demon religion
But at this moment.
As soon as I got up, I suddenly received a message saying, "The guild’s Ghost Brotherhood has been selected to enter the 36 main line of the Zombie Imperial City-the mausoleum of many emperors. Please arrive in Xi ‘an in 72 hours."
In an instant, everyone in our guild received it and froze there.
Meow meow elder sister also urged it, "What are you doing? Why don’t you go? Don’t give them a break. You have to go directly early."
Debauchery and wealth also asked, "Yes, let’s go."
Hongli spoke first. "Our guild has been away from the second deputy for almost a month. We have come to the main line of the 36 imperial cities-the Qin Mausoleum and rushed to Xi ‘an in 72 hours."
Shrugged his shoulders and looked nai.
Second brother Se patted his thigh straight. "What a coincidence! Is it right for me to give it to you just after playing?"
I don’t know if it’s right for me to do it or not, but I think it’s interesting
Qin Mausoleum This is not simple. It is enough to clear the Dongling Mausoleum. This time, I asked Qin Mausoleum, "How often does Qin Mausoleum work?"
As a result, a group of people looked at it and shook their heads "no"
Hongli said, "It was extremely difficult for Qin Huangling to start in the fifteenth year. I was very responsible for telling you that you died in it and I died in a strong state."
And a wry smile.
This is everyone’s confusion. "You did it once in fifteen years, and we didn’t do anything wrong. You died, brother. Are you bragging?"
It makes people angry and says, "Yeah, joke, brother, you are a strong glutton, but this is not right. There are too many loopholes."
Hongli didn’t make it clear. It’s not time to say it yet.
Meow meow cong guessed something and said, "We have work and it’s so difficult. Then give it up. Didn’t your guild just set up?" Give up the opportunity to give up once a year, this time. "
As soon as she remembered
"Yeah, give up, then give up."
The fire pendant also said, "It is better to give up at such a difficult and critical moment. Anyway, once a year, Shinto is a big event and can’t give them a break."
All this underground palace of many dissenting Confucian is quite messy.
Most of them also mean this: "Now that we have agreed to stop Shintoism, give up. Anyway, giving up once a year will save trouble."