Ye Qing’s layout tactics still need to avoid Jiang Yuhan, otherwise they will have a great chance to defeat their opponents and leave Jiang Yuhan at the end to deal with the number advantage and win.

Facing Jiang Yuhan alone, Ye Qing is not sure, but he can be shot in the head. Jiang Yuhan’s sniper rifle is fast and accurate. It is difficult for the world-famous long-distance one-on-one shooter to win. In the first round, Ye Qing was able to shoot Jiang Yuhan in the head because Yanyue was present. Jiang Yuhan never thought that Ye Qing would suddenly turn his gun to deal with him, which was somewhat careless.
In the second round, Ye Qing came directly from the middle door. He thought that he would go out of the middle door first and then attack a point B. If Jiang Yuhan was at the point B, they immediately retreated to the point A and set an ambush along the way to wait for the other side to pursue.
This tactic is actually quite good. Once they attack at point B, they retreat and ambush each other along the way. People at point B are bound to chase them out. When they come, they will be ambushed and lose their troops. Then they will kill their comeback. Point B can be easily brought here.
But they didn’t expect Jiang Yuhan to be in the running all the time, rushing back and forth at ab two o’clock. As soon as they left the middle gate, they met Jiang Yuhan, who was running from point A to point B and was appearing on the platform of Defender Base.
Jiang Yuhan reacted quite quickly, and immediately retreated after being shot. This shot didn’t fall. Pearl Krabs was directly killed by being shot. Everyone in the I club was startled and quickly dispersed, and then found a good bunker and didn’t dare to rush to point B.
Ye Qing’s original plan has been disrupted. Jiang Yuhan appeared and asked them to attack point B again. After flashing back, Jiang Yuhan immediately mobilized ab two people to attack. At point A, people jumped directly from the platform and attacked from the direction of the defender base. At point B, two machine gunners also rushed out directly from the door B.
I club activities were compressed to a very small range, and Ye Qing decided to lead the team back to the nb team in the middle gate. When Jiang Yuhan ordered the four gunners to hunt down and go in peak sexually.
Now club I has to attack a blasting point, and the other party has been mobilized. The blasting points are all followed by pursuers. They can’t occupy the blasting point package from the ground, but they have to kill the pursuers.
After Jiang Yuhan sent four machine gunners to kill him, he entered the B-point frame very leisurely, aiming at the warehouse. After Ye Qing took people back into the middle door, he went directly to the gangplank car near the B-point side corridor. There is no way to do this. If they run to the path, it is estimated that several people will be killed by the other side at the middle door.
Springboard car running to point B is the fastest way to escape and the safest. Jiang Yuhan is obviously estimated to have entered point B without hesitation because of these factors.
Ye Qing jumped directly from Bridge B with his men, and there was a fierce battle with the chasing machine gunner on the bridge. After the two sides hung up one person, the remaining three people in Club I successfully retreated into Warehouse B, but as soon as they entered the warehouse, they heard a desperate sniper shot, one of them fell down and the other two squatted down hastily.
Jiang Yuhan waited for a long time at point B, and the other person really entered warehouse B as he expected. Now the pursuers behind him are also blocked, and the other person is already in a turtle in a jar.
Ye Qing also realized that he was in danger. He saw a teammate left by Zhao Xiayang. Although this guy’s strength has increased, he is still a waste in this series of confrontation. K Their gun-level opponents can not help him much.
"Zhao Xiayang throws a smoke bomb at the door!" Ye Qing shouted to Zhao Xiayang eagerly. Zhao Xiayang hurriedly threw a smoke bomb at the door of the warehouse according to the words. When the smoke rose, B Bridge suddenly threw in a flash bomb. Obviously, the other party was ready to attack.
At that moment, Ye Qing jumped directly from the window to point B, and Zhao Xiayang’s reaction was a little slow, so he was all white with a flash bomb and couldn’t see anything.
When Jiang Yuhan saw the smoke rising, he kept aiming at the door of the warehouse. Ye Qing would rush out from there. Who knows that Ye Qing actually jumped out of a window and he had to move the alignment on a large scale. This is the so-called sniping.
The long moving process of this gun directly led to the drop in the speed of Jiang Yuhan’s gun, and Ye Qing dropped the gun as soon as he landed. The gun was extremely fast. This time, he failed to shoot Jiang Yuhan in the head. Jiang Yuhan was sniped at the package point and leaned against the box to cover half of his body, so it was difficult to shoot him in the head.
Ye Qing failed to seize the opportunity, Jiang Yuhan wouldn’t wave this opportunity, shot it and killed it. At this time, the B bridge machine gunners had rushed to the B warehouse, and Zhao Xiayang was directly killed by random guns.
Club I failed to continue to work miracles and lost this round, and the two sides drew 1-1.
Then Jiang Yuhan didn’t give club I too many opportunities. When he reinforced, his tactics were flexible and changeable, and his adaptability was super strong. Even in the wind, he could regain his disadvantage by adjusting his tactics and then reverse the game.
Ye Qing, of course, is not willing to be defeated by the other side in this way. Similarly, he constantly adjusts his tactics. He has learned a lot in Jiang Yu’s cold body, and his adaptability is also high. In the first map, Club I did not lose too badly because of Ye Qing’s efforts. In the end, the score was only three points lower than five, which was a great progress compared with the previous meeting. This score was enough to make the big dipper imperial secretary ashamed.
Nb team has definitely done its best, but it also won three points, which shows how much Ye Qing can do. If he is not shaved in the I club, it is a matter of suspense.
The second map shows a fierce battle with the other machine gunners, but the other four machine gunners are not easy to mess with. In addition, the nb team is always in the leading position in the number of people killed by Jiang Yuhan.
In the end, the nb team won the second map, with a total score of two points ahead. Club I has lost hope of winning the championship. Although there are three maps left to play, Club I has no chance of winning. Everyone knows that the third map competition will end. Team nb will definitely beat Club I by three points to win the championship.
Even losing two maps made Ye Qing much easier, and his mentality changed because he knew that it was impossible to win. Winning or losing the third map was also called. In fact, before the game, Ye Qing told the players that there should be no pressure to relax in this game today. Just play. Anyway, the result must be losing.
The players are really relaxed, especially Thomas, who simply flashed out and was killed by Jiang Yuhan. He was not annoyed at all and would not feel embarrassed. Anyway, few snipers were able to escape in Jiang Yuhan.
The most important thing is that even if you can’t beat Jiang Yuhan, you won’t be blamed by your teammates. Anyway, everyone has decided to lose, and no one will blame anyone.
The third map After the game, Club I lost the first two maps, and the momentum and fighting capacity also dropped a lot. Obviously, the morale was low, and he was resigned to the result of the game. He was not going to struggle. Ye Qing was still full of fighting spirit, although he knew it was impossible to win, but he still enjoyed the game and shot his head to improve his marksmanship.
No matter the result, such as the game is absolutely wonderful, all three maps I have played their own style, especially Ye Qing, who still has many eye-catching performances, which makes the audience feel that it is not for nothing.
In the end, Club I failed to fulfill its pre-game wish and won a map, but it doesn’t matter. They also won the second place in the world, which is quite good.
Looking back on the rise of the I club, from the Qilele Cup, they were out of control and won the Qilele Cup, and then they easily won the championship in fdl and qualified for fpl.
In fpl, they also performed eye-catching and beat many opponents to win the third place in one fell swoop, which made everyone pay attention to this team. They have not been a flash in the pan, but have maintained a strong rising momentum until today, when they won the second place in the world and attracted the attention of the competition circles of various countries.
Chapter 1317 Zhao Xiayang retired
Club I won the runner-up in wem, which attracted worldwide attention, and Ye Qing became the world’s recognized number one ak machine gunner. After the game, Ye Qing returned with his players that afternoon, and did not stay to play in Hangzhou or celebrate with Jiang Yuhan and them.
He also refused to give him an exclusive interview with the game media. Although he is very popular now, it is time to strike while the iron is hot, but he chose to leave him in a low profile. It is not time to enjoy flowers and palms, because he failed to win the world championship, and he will go back to training and take the players to meet a challenge. There are not many bonuses in this competition, and of course there will be less money for everyone to share.
Ye Qing simply gave his share to the players because he felt that leaving the team would be a debt to these players. These people have been following him, especially those substitutes, and no one said anything about leaving even if they couldn’t play.
He wants to make money for these people as soon as possible, and then he can safely get away from reality. This competition has made Club I more famous, because it has attracted much attention from international competitions and won the second place in the world, and of course it has attracted more attention in China.
The rising popularity of the team means that the popularity of these professional players has also risen. Apart from Ye Qing, the most popular is naturally that two beautiful players can attract a large number of fans just by their face value. After wem, the number of fan groups of the two female players is quite large and their popularity has soared.
While Thomas’s performance in wem is not very eye-catching, he has also won a large number of fans because of his face value. Zhao Xiayang is a little bit worse, but some people like him. After Ye Qing found that Pearl Krabs and Nalan’s popularity soared, he immediately suggested that they sell mouse and keyboard brain peripherals in an online store and record videos at the same time to explain their popularity and create benefits. This is the so-called fan economy.
Pearl Krabs and Nalan also immediately adopted Ye Qing’s suggestion to set up their own peripheral stores on Taobao, JD.COM and other business platforms, and then recorded videos for explanation. Both of them are beautiful and sweet, and the click-through rate of the explanation video is so high that even loli, the goddess of the explanation circle, is ashamed of herself.
In the video, the two of them advertise on their own network. This is the usual routine of all explanations. Fans of course sell their books. Anyway, they sometimes need to buy mice. Where do they buy these things, not in their own goddess shop?
Moreover, the two recommended some mice and keyboards, which were relatively good in price and high in cost performance. Many players immediately abandoned their original equipment and bought another one in their store.
It is not a problem that the two-person store made a lot of money in a month, and the annual income exceeded one million. Thomas also followed this way of making money. Although his popularity was not as good as that of the two female players, he was still very high. Adding a foreigner’s appearance to explain F was even more attractive. Many people wanted to see how the foreigner explained it. After watching the video, they found that he was very surprised that he spoke fluent Chinese. His video became popular, and his Taobao shop naturally had a good business.
Seeing that all three people have made a lot of money, Zhao Xiayang is jealous, but his popularity is not enough. What should I do? He thinks it’s better not to shop first, but to start with the explanation. If his explanation video can catch on, it’s not too late to shop again.
I didn’t expect this guy to have a good eloquence. He usually looks quite chatty. He stays at home all day and watches TV dramas, and he doesn’t talk much. Who knows that the language is quite rich and humorous when explaining videos, which has attracted many fans? He is called the Degang Guo super-segment player in the commentary field.
When the popularity of the video rose to a terrible level, Zhao Xiayang naturally realized that his online store earned a lot of money and smiled from ear to ear. These things still happened before the ga competition. Ye Qing was relieved to see that the players were able to make money by themselves. Now he needs to wait until K retires and he can join the nb team immediately. I believe that the players will not blame him at that time.
Ye Qing is the most popular one in the I club. His ak marksmanship has attracted several fans, which caused an ak craze among F. Many people abandoned their original guns and chose to practice ak47 instead. They think this gun is amazing in Ye Qing’s hands. It’s much more awesome than m4 guns. Even snipers are afraid of ak machine gunners.
Ye Qing’s appearance changed the pattern of F, and the former sniper was the most deterrent in the game. At a long distance, it was a nightmare for machine gunners. But now it’s different. Ye Qing ak47 has become a sniper’s nightmare. After 7kg and Jiang Yuhan were shot in the head by him one after another, the rest of the snipers felt that there was no chance of winning against Ye Qing.
Before Ye Qing appeared, the guns that were popular in the game were generally m4 and sniper rifle, and some guns such as aug, Thomson, M and an94 were more popular than ak. The reason why ak was not popular was that it was difficult to master the recoil trajectory of this gun, and it took a lot of operational ability to play it well. It was rare to play ak in the passerby’s office where this gun was located until the bayonet ak and fire unicorn were released.
Now players suddenly find that ak can be so fierce that they don’t even care about snipers. They all have a new understanding of ak, and all this is due to leaf tilt.
Ye Qing certainly won’t wave his popularity. After returning to Chengdu, he was the first online shop owner, and he didn’t record a video to explain it. With his current popularity, the online shop business was also quite good. His hardcore supporters were very enthusiastic about buying things from his shop, and many people asked him what the mouse and keyboard were and how much the mouse sensitivity was set.
Those who bought things also left messages. Yuzryha gave advice on a dozen ak skills. Ye did not hesitate to give them advice very patiently. If they can make the actual skills of the ak47 gun simple, it depends on everyone’s talent.
There are not many people who can practice ak marksmanship to the peak. There are only a handful of people in the whole professional circle. Now this achievement is afraid that it will be difficult for future generations to surpass his marksmanship, and they are still rising. It is said that it is impossible to reach that realm. Being close to the gun and shooting the head is the ultimate realm pursued by all machine gunners, but it is impossible for anyone to do it. Ye Yeqing is the person closest to that realm in today’s professional circle.
Ye Qing’s current store has made far more money than his salary. He can’t live on his salary. It is considered that there are few successful people in the professional circle. After wem, more and more merchants are looking for him to endorse and negotiate sponsorship, and the prices have risen sharply. Those merchants can’t help laughing and take advantage of it.
Ye Qing’s fame increased greatly, which made those joint businesses sell a lot, and they sold quite well. At that time, they negotiated the price at the right time, which was quite cheap, but Ye Qing was also very clever. At that time, he promised to sign the contract for one year. Now, after the price rose for one year, the contract will be re-signed, and the price will definitely be different. If these people don’t renew their contracts, some people will talk to Ye.
Ye Qing is not short of money now, and he has become the most watched professional player in the professional circle, with the highest commercial value. Nevertheless, he is not complacent and has not stopped training, but trained harder because he knows that all this is based on his own strength. If his strength is not good, these scenery will disappear on the surface.
He must always be at the top of his game and continue to make progress. He wants to be the first person in history, not only the ancients but also the latecomers.
After wem, the team practiced hard, but Ye Qing obviously felt that Zhao xia yang and Thomas were lax in the training. Both of them made money in the online store, and Zhao Xiayang was more inclined to be a commentator because of his lack of strength. Because his commentary video was very popular, the online store was able to create income, thanks to the video announcement that he once didn’t want to play any more games, but he was afraid to tell Ye Qing that he had to stay in the team, but his mind was devoted to explaining the video.
In fact, many well-known commentators are not professional players. They have never played a professional game, but it does not prevent them from becoming popular at all. For example, loli has never played a professional game or been a professional player, but she still gained high popularity.
There are many precedents for changing from a professional player to a commentator. Zhao Xiayang has a talent for commentary and it is reasonable to want to be a commentator. When the ga competition is coming, Ye Qing can’t help it, so he talked to Thomas and Zhao Xiayang respectively.
After talking, Thomas said that he still wanted to be a professional player, and Zhao Xiayang decided to leave the team to give a full-time commentary after making it clear to Ye Qing, and Ye Qing did not force him, so Zhao Xiayang retired as a game media to sign a contract for commentary.
Zhao Xiayang’s position was topped by Tian Peng, and Tian Peng also proved his strength and kept the main position. However, Thomas unfortunately lost the substitute to replace him, and Thomas didn’t feel annoyed that he didn’t concentrate on being surpassed in training. It was only a matter of time before things turned south and he was very talented and worked hard. Now it is natural to replace him as the main force.