So I got ready early.

Except for them, this event is almost a powerful one from the Lich War.
After hundreds of years of fighting and witchcraft, the body is good at fighting.
When several wizards appeared, they were almost rivals.
But those saints who have already repaired the Great God of the Great State of Luo came to the scene in person because of their identity and the fact that the Queen Mother of the West did not tear her face.
Of course, fear Lingqing’s sword array is also one of them.
Although Lingqing is still closed at this time.
Chapter one thousand one hundred and seventeen The Law of War
As the battles ended, the banquet slowly came to an end.
The Queen Mother of the West presented an elixir to the ultimate winner, the Terran Warriors.
This medicine can not only live and die, but also make people immortal.
Others don’t know that this medicine is refined by Zhu Guang, and many people are jealous because of its magic.
But you can’t beat it, can you?
I can watch you guys hold it in your hands and show off.
With this victory, Dong Wanggong, the Queen Mother of the West, secretly supported the Terran to step back to the pre-war situation.
After the Yaochi Festival, not only the big embarrassing gradually recovered, but also the big nest woke up.
With the revival of the two men, the Terran’s position became more and more stable.
And that tianjiao born by various tribes are gradually emer.
Many tianjiao have been promoted to the rank of wizard in just a few hundred years.
And strong combat experience, not lost to those wizards who were killed in the Lich War.
It is with the Terran’s recovery that the cloud of destiny has almost turned blue, but there is still a trace of red that has not faded.
Seeing this, the two ancestors summoned all the tribal leaders of Dawu to discuss why?
The leaders of various ministries have expounded their ideas one after another, but none of them can be affirmed by everyone.
Zhu Guang and others looked at each other and said, "Maybe we should focus on the whole world."
"What do you mean?" Big nest big embarrassing asked.
"that Di Jun need let’s minister its purpose is to get a glimpse of the yuan door of heaven and earth.