Five hundred meters away from the office building, I just saw a short message, Wen Shao, jumping out of the window directly, jumping up and down in a virtual step, and then crossing a distance of tens of meters.

500 meters away from Wenshao, hurry quickly!
Chapter one hundred and sixty Let’s go on
Wen Shao, at the window of the office building 500 meters away, leaps like a big bird. After flying for 50 or 60 meters, he leaps again at a very fast speed.
The distance of 500 meters was less than seven seconds.
Several times faster than the average person’s 100-meter speed.
Xu back is calmly watching Wen Shao hurry to come, but in Wen Shao’s eyes, Xu back this smile is more like a sneer.
Wen Shao gently fell to the ground and stared coldly at Xu’s retreat, then turned to look at the situation of Xiang Baisi.
Look at the injury is not serious.
Yes, there is a penetrating wound in the thigh, and there is no injury to the artery.
Is a hundred four people fall on the ground at the same time looking at some shock.
In the absence of close physical contact, Wen Shao’s spirit, no matter how strong, can also judge the injuries of four students
But no fatal wound is for sure.
"Did you call the emergency center medical team?" Wen Shao asked at the teaching assistant
A teaching assistant replied, "It will be there in two minutes."
Compared with Wen Shao’s gloomy face, several teaching assistants are nothing.
It’s only normal for students to get hurt in actual combat.
Recently, the list of freshmen is just around the corner, and the number of students who enter the emergency center every day due to actual combat training has increased exponentially
It’s not a big deal if you don’t kill yourself or cause serious disability in actual combat.
This is normal and easy to cut!
The moment he saw the text message from the teaching assistant, he said that Xu tui was giving a one-on-four fight to the mysterious student and asked him if he wanted to come and see it.
A pair of four?
Wen Shao’s first reaction was that Xu might have to do something.
If the disability incident like Deng Wei is repeated again, even if it is very troublesome, he, the chief professor of the actual combat course, will also bear part of the responsibility.
It looks good, but the injury is not serious.
It doesn’t seem as serious as Wen Shao thought before.
"Xu tui, what are you doing here?" Wen Shao looked at Xu tui consciousness and asked 1
But as soon as the words were exported, Wen Shao knew that he had put his foot in his mouth.
Of course, this is not Wen Shao’s careless idea. In fact, in the cognition of all first-year teachers, it is not necessary to come to the first-year actual combat class of Mystery College to retire.
Including remoteness.
Everyone agrees that no one will go to Xu tui for lack of a class that doesn’t need actual combat.
But that’s how Wen Shao found it and became an attack point.
"Of course I’m here for a practical class!"
Xu back face hung faint smile "before I didn’t come to actual combat text teacher you directly gave me a warning.
If I don’t come again, who will I talk to if you expel me from school? "
There is a thorn in Xu tui’s words
Wen Shao’s face is even more gloomy. He has already heard Xu’s retreat. This is a complaint.