Wang Chonggu, the "Wang family", looks the same.

"Wang has never been involved in the Wang family since he was a child. If so, it would be a big mistake to shake Wang."
"It’s not just the Wangs". Mrs. Hua is dumb.
"I know that you don’t bring trouble to your wife and children. It’s a pity that you deliberately expel them from the house and think about their maiden identity …"
She shook her head gently.
"Don’t you wonder who betrayed you when your escape road was repeatedly discovered?"
Wang Chonggu looks up and looks cold.
"Wang Daxia" Kong Yi handed over a face of regret
"Ge Renyi protects the righteous brother and abandons his family, but your wife and family don’t want to get into trouble. Wang Daxia’s wife and children …"
"It has been killed!"
Wang Chonggu’s body shook, his feet cracked and his breath was unstable.
The bat king Kouxu’s eyes lit up, and his body instantly disappeared in situ, and he reappeared several feet in front of Wang Chonggu.
These lightness skills are appalling!
The three of them seem to feel sorry for each other, but it is actually a blow to the opponent’s mind.
Wang Chonggu has always been famous for his chivalry, and his wife is deeply in love. This time, the spirit of hearing that his wife and children were killed will surely fluctuate violently.
This is their chance!
Far and sharp attack is called the king of white soldiers
In melee, it is hard to be inferior to the sudden outbreak of bat king Kouxu, and the black cloak behind Wang Chonggu suddenly appeared.
Two dark machetes covering the eyes and ears also came out from the surface and staggered.
Machetes, such as scissors, strike alternately, seemingly ordinary, but in fact, there are hidden numbers, and the latter moves can be improvised.
At the same time
Mrs. Hua has suddenly opened her mouth slightly recently.
Amityville horror sounds like a number of sharp cones stabbing in the eardrum, and then first exploding in Wang Chonggu’s position.
Sonic work!
Zhou Yi raises eyebrows.
The alto technique of Wushu has always been rare, and there are even fewer people who practice sonic skills. It is almost impossible to learn anything.
This flower lady turned out to be a master of Chinese medicine.
The sound waves hit the shape and swayed layer by layer. This simple hut was teetering after the aftermath.
"When …"
Two spears appeared in Wang Chonggu’s hand to stop the machete.
The pike in his hand can be divided into two spears. No wonder the nickname is meteor double gun. So that’s it.
Kou Xu, the king of bats, opened his eyes and shook his cloak behind his back. The whole person was like flapping his wings and beating a bat machete to cut off the road.
The knife light is dark and ups and downs like a swirling vortex that wraps all the figures in it.
Behind Kong Yi, the face of the escort changed greatly. Even though they were separated by tens of feet, they still felt like a knife, which was even worse. Wang Chonggu?
"The bat king Kou Xuguo’s real name is true."
The girl whispered that her hands were even more worried.
Compared with killing the number of bat kings, she naturally prefers to be chivalrous Wang Chonggu, and even worse, she knows the Wu family.
"Don’t worry"
Eagle Eye God catches Wei Zhong and gently shakes his head.
"Kou Xu is strong, but he is no match for Wang Chonggu."
Facing the incoming knife light, Wang Chonggu stepped slightly and came out with two guns in his hand, like a dragon and snake hovering and holding on to himself.
No matter whether the incoming sound wave or the falling knife light is stopped by it.
"Jingle …"
The dragon and snake rose from the ground and turned upside down.
Double guns in Wang Chonggu’s hands, curious about the dragon’s breath, soaring and crashing, smashing and attacking the knife light, but also expanding crazily against the trend.
Half a piece of grass roof crashed and three figures suddenly separated.
The bat king Kouxu, the flower lady’s face flushed suddenly and violently, and Wang Chonggu also stumbled, his face became more and more brown, and his breath was even more chaotic.
"Do it!"