Seeing all the different artists rushing here in a hurry, Li Chang couldn’t help but feel relieved. It’s good not to make trouble.

But …
What always feels something is wrong?
Are they too keen on "Limit" OL…… …?
As everyone knows, Su Wei is also somewhat confused at this time.
Have I been promoted too fast these days?
How come you’re 51 again after you’ve just been promoted to level 5?
Chapter 196 Public execution
"Oh, oh, oh, victory."
"Ha, ha, ha, ha. You didn’t see the eyes of those idiots before they died. I guess they still can’t figure out whether we are players or NPCs."
"That’s it. Hey … these shit magicians are just like flies. They go where there is delicious food. They are greedy. Now, seeing that the martial arts in Limiting OL is so brilliant and stealing is not enough, they have to come in the game and learn it aboveboard. How can we let them succeed easily?"
"That’s it. I’ve been procrastinating with them all the time, but I’ve heard that their injuries will get heavier and heavier with time. We need to try our best to delay them so that they can’t learn the skills they want to learn. If more than 1,000 different surgeons lose their parts, it will definitely be fatal to the side of the surgery. Then it’s time for our side to rise."
In reality
The Triumph Colonization Club has been decorated with feasts, like the most bustling red light district.
Triumphal Club is the most powerful club in the colonization club.
In fact, Li Qiang can rank in the top seven even in many colonization clubs.
The most important thing is that it is said that one of the four clans is quite powerful behind it, so it can be said that it is quite famous on the breeding side.
And this attack on the sorcerer was also launched by the triumph cloaking club.
But ginseng is more than just a triumph club.
There are disputes between the three sides, but the foreign Ministry is quite United
Nowadays, it is very accurate to look askance at others.
Stall …
It’s best to delay the rate at which the magicians get the contribution value and their promotion, which will cause irreparable injuries to these magicians.
Wait until the vision side loses this batch of combat power and strength …
The colonization side can be replaced by the Gu Wu side, the colonization side and the heterotopic side.
This is a golden opportunity.
How could they give up?
But in reality, if it is easy to cause chaos, it will block their resource acquisition if it leads to imperial interference.
When the time comes, they will lose more than they gain …
It’s just a game, everyone. You kill me, I kill you. It’s not that serious to play with each other, is it?
How perfect …
And they attack and kill in the game of making plans in reality
You know, when these colonialists joined the game, their grades were generally much higher than those of different artists …
Coupled with mental arithmetic, the results were really remarkable.
At the very least, this wave of attacks and killings has made those different artists work hard for several days.
The elite members of these big clubs gathered together to celebrate their first victory with a lot of champagne and wine.
"It’s easy to find clues about our large-scale attack and killing. I guess they already know who is plotting against them."
The wine has gone round three times
The male and female procreators have danced in the huge lobby, and the pre-dance reception has instantly developed into a dance.
But those who really planned all this kept calm, and they just tasted it …
Bei Feng, the minister of Triumph Club, slowly took a sip of his wine and charged, "This time it’s really a great victory, which has further confirmed our advantages with those different artists, but I guess they already know who did it. After all, there are so many people in the game, and one more thing needs to be careful not to cause riots among those Gu Wu people. In reality, we are not afraid of them, but" Limit "OL is a Gu Wu game, and they are outnumbered."
Those procreators are all unprepared.
Yun Che, the first breeder, laughed. "Minister, you are too oversensitive. Say something that is not afraid of your jokes. I can barely follow the big army at level 22 now, but I am a NO1 player in Hengshan Sect and the level in Limit OL is not all strength. I have gained the attention of Mo Leader, learned the town-level achievement method of 749-style return air and wild goose sword, and thoroughly understood the proficiency of this swordsmanship through practice in reality, but I have reached the proficiency level. Even the leader praised my swordsmanship for its extremely high qualification."
"It is our Taishan Sect that has a style of Dai Zongru. It is said that the sword is used to calculate the other party’s position and posture. How do you say it? Oh, this swordsmanship is powerful, but there are too many things to be calculated. It has been learned by people in Taishan for hundreds of years. However, I learned this swordsmanship directly in reality. The power is really amazing. I am a comet-level breeder, but I feel that if I can match my swordsmanship in reality, this sword can threaten the star breeder! "
"What are you thinking about fart to eat? You’re a breeder, Guwu, and your external things are still good. You want to practice? I don’t know how to write the dead word. Don’t forget how those different artists have problems … They are because no one gives advice, but you just have someone to give you advice. Do you dare to practice martial arts in reality? "