"You are a trap!"

"At that moment, I will make you regret saying what you just said-no, I will make you a pig! Adults suck’ blood bottles’! "
Donald Dot’s heart is full of filial piety.
But when the anger was over, the young rose family quickly calmed down
He took out that crystal that was use as a card.
Get out of here!
Return to Faber!
Donald Dot made a decision.
He has absolute confidence in Faber VII. The victory must belong to them, but what will happen to him when the news of victory comes?
Most likely, Dortmill Margo killed him to vent his anger.
Of course, a small probability is a bargaining chip.
But neither of them is acceptable to Donald Dot.
Being a winner, he needs more dignity.
Not the fate of death and prisoners.
Donald Dot was going to crush the crystal at the thought.
But at this time-
Winter, winter, winter!
His door was knocked at.
Dortmnier Margo just pushed through the door.
"Have you come to show off your victory again?"
"Hum, it’s not necessary."
"I have been humiliated by you!"
When the knock on the door rang, Donald Dot put away the crystal in a flash.
And when I saw Dortmill, I was just right to show my anger.
Dortmill pointed to the carpet cup.
"It broke itself."
The young rose family looks like a dead pig is not afraid of scalding water.
Dortmund Neil smiled and raised my hand to pick up the fragments of the carpet cup.
"Do you want to play …"
Donald looked at Dortmill and was about to make a sarcastic remark, but the words just came out. Dortmill turned around with two fingers holding a piece of glass across Donald’s throat.