Hidden spirit saw his one eye. "You made her keep precepts for more than 30 years and taught her to raise Bai Mudan, slowly softening her heart.

To enlighten it before you can.
Otherwise, she’s afraid she won’t have the slightest regret if she really goes to ten levels of hell. "
Lingqing smiled and laughed. "You can change yourself and have yourself."
Just like ShiShu, if you don’t want to change it, I can do it again. "
Hidden spirit glanced at him and didn’t want to say more. Do you really admit that you were educated by a teenager?
"Chunying is relieved now," he said. "If she doesn’t repeat it, she will have a good game in the future."
If you can do something in this disaster, you can’t be full of merits as you said.
But what should the rest of us do? "
Chapter one hundred and thirty-nine Give my way
Lingqing smell speech sighed, "Everyone else except Toona sinensis doesn’t show bad marks, pangolin’s fortunes are unpredictable in the future."
But Sun Hu and others are doomed. "
Hidden spirit nodded. "Although it is true that Chun Ying is guilty, she knows that she is in debt and has her heart set on staring at Lv Dongbin, but she didn’t do anything bad.
I have repented this time, and I may be able to abandon evil and do good deeds in the future.
However, Sun Hu has done a lot of evil things over time.
They didn’t know how to act before you came.
Let them offset the previous bad karma only by the lack of merits for more than 20 years. "
Lingqing thought for a moment and said, "Let’s just let Martial Uncle take all the doom collected to them and let them suffer for the three worlds."
Take this magic bullet to die and eliminate the disaster, so they can be regarded as having this merit of saving the world.
I have never had the possibility of the world again. "
Zang Ling agreed, "It’s better to do that."
Lingqing hesitated to take a look at the hidden spirit state and said, "Did Martial Uncle ever think about his own business?"
Hidden spirit glanced at him and said, "Say what you have in mind."
"The younger brother said," Lingqing considered a talent. "I don’t know what kind of crime ShiShu did ten thousand years ago.
But in this world, I heard that when you got out of trouble, the sky fell apart and several people suffered.
Some time ago, the immortal sword was refined, the long house was abolished, and many crimes were done.
Even ShiShu and Sun Hu will be reincarnated and rebuilt once before they can completely get rid of this sin. "
Zangling said with a straight face, "You mean I will die again in the end?"
"Yes!" Ling Qing ying Dao
"Have you ever thought that if I die, I will still be better than the old gentleman, and I will be in the Three Realms?"
Lingqing explained, "ShiShu didn’t win until he was alive.
On our struggle for luck in this world, nothing can change our duty of luck.
It’s hard to show good and evil if you don’t punish the first evil
Is it too high for the old gentleman and the jade emperor?
If Martial Uncle can sacrifice his life to defend Taoism, it will be a great achievement in heaven and earth.
You can also take this opportunity to take the initiative to reincarnate and cleanse your sin.
In terms of heaven and earth, this doom has been eliminated. You not only made it, but also made it.
It can be described as a great achievement.
I have no possibility of landing on the Three Realms with the merits of this life. "
Hidden spirit cold hum a "you say to listen to my transgressions who in addition to my nature is who merits.
Where can I give my life to defend morality and merit?
Don’t you think I’ve put up with you too much and you can lie to me at will? "
"Ha ha brother where dare?" Lingqing laughed. "ShiShu don’t worry, then I will punish XianJian for ShiShu relief.
I am one step away from practicing this sword, but I can kill people without touching cause and effect.
Not only will I not suffer the consequences, but my uncle doesn’t have to worry about my brother cheating on you.
Besides, I’m ready for the back road.
You will not be bound by the netherworld and will be reincarnated directly.
I have already made my son and sperm set up a Sect in the cave of returning to Tibet, and you can worship it and practice it again when you return from reincarnation.
Moreover, not only that, but they can also re-enter your door after Sun Hu has been cleansed of his sin and reincarnated.