There are more calculations.

Both of them saw the opportunity.
But soon the two men withdrew their thoughts.
Because there are things in front of me, face things.
Two people and the remaining method bohr noble qi qi looked at the grace to grams.
Now you can always bid, right?
Do you have any reason to let anyone into the VIP seat?
There are still seven VIP seats, which represent the Faber nobles just right.
The Faber people think like this.
Well, Rick looked at Taifa Bohr’s men and smiled, and then he raised his hand again-
"The northern border is desolate"
"The northern border is cold."
"When the cold wind rages, even wild bears in the north will go to sleep, but we were born here, married here, bred here, and made this our home!"
"This is not the credit of our family alone, but everyone!"
"So we invited the respected old people in the north to be special guests to visit this fight!"
"Everyone welcomes them!"
Many faces appeared in the box.
It’s different before. There are many people this time.
Everyone is an old face. They have no prominent status and no outstanding power. They are ordinary. They are blacksmiths, winemakers, hunters and simply farmers.
But it is precisely because of these ordinary talents that the whole northern territory has been built.
It also made the northern territory prosperous.
This time the palm is much more than once.
Because most people in the north are ordinary people.
The box represents ordinary people, and the old people are so excited that their palms are shaking.
They can’t say anything beautiful to express their feelings at the moment.
They think …
Worth it!
And the Faber nobles feel finished!
Six seats!
Green vines, lilies, thorns, violets and dark lotus are bound to be squeezed out!
At once, the five families looked full of laughter, and Enmlek’s eyes were full of anger.
"You are so bad!"
Margarita gave Goethe a pat on the back.