The four wonders of the South China Sea are all touched by the "extreme power" fighter Mangshan Six Ghosts. Although their looks are not satisfactory, they are all masters of "absolute power" and cooperate closely. In a short time, they fought a tie with the four wonders of the South China Sea.

"Mangshan six ghosts and six people are sworn brothers. Mangshan nearby relies on collecting debts for others, and bodyguards are ugly but rarely notorious."
Three people came out of the crowd, led by a tall man, followed by a man and a woman. They looked three points similar, obviously three brothers and sisters.
The leader is older, and the man behind is blue-eyed.
A green woman looks delicate, but she is carrying a unique gun.
"Sun 10,000, this is my younger brother and sister Sun 100,000 and Sun Million."
"We are three brothers and sisters who are willing to be loyal to the adults of seven grass Qihua Pill."
Sun ten thousand said a bow to the end.
When the female swordsman heard the introduction of the three men, her eyes flashed.
"Jiangdong Sanyi?"
The medicine bottle in his hand was thrown in the past.
Qin Huan-erh looked at this scene and worried in his eyes.
Not worried about Jiangdong Sanyi
But worried about Goethe and Li Yuan.
Obviously, the so-called seven-worm seven grass seven-flower pill should be that the female swordsmen are now weaving something, and it is impossible to have the so-called’ control’ effect, although Goethe has a high probability that it will be fine
But what if?
Female swordsmen couldn’t help laughing when they saw Qin Huan-erh.
The former Qin Huan-erh was willing to stand up and let the female swordsmen have more affection for Qin Huan-erh.
Behavior also became intimate.
Female swordsman raised her hand and touched Qin Huan’s head.
"Don’t worry."
"Seven Insects seven grass Seven Flowers Pill is true"
"I found the formula in the legacy of Lord Wu Sheng."
Qin Huan-erh looked at the female swordsman in a silly way.
It turned out to be true?
Shouldn’t it be temporary to find something and make up a name to fool others?
Why is it different from what is written in the words?
Why not play cards according to the routine?
Miss Qin’s family couldn’t accept it at the moment.
The people around you are all exposed when they hear the words’ guanyu’ adult’s legacy formula.
Only Goethe is different.
It’s normal for’ Crazy King’ to leave a little Liu Bei.
Can I keep the formula?
The chances are not high.
And he also searched the’ Yuantu Boxing Hall’ before. There is absolutely no such thing in it.
Are all female swordsmen cheating?
Goethe looked at the female swordsman.
The female swordsmen kept a cold face but quietly winked at him.
Goethe a flicker appeared female swordsman side to female swordsman side light said-
"I recently learned a new set of cudgels …"
The female swordsman’s face turned red as soon as she saw it.
The cold face is full of blush, and the appearance can’t be said to be charming.
"it’s over! It’s over! "
"Xie wan and Xie ling’s sister are going to lose!"
Qin Huan-erh murmured in a low voice
Goethe has been pulling the female swordsman towards the boxing hall at this time.
But when he entered the boxing hall, he glanced back without trace.
Breathing there is stagnant.
Chapter 55 Once the wind and rain and listen to chess!
It’s like a sharp knife passing over the neck.