His brain is a little dizzy, and the communication equipment "There is something wrong with the coagulation of the Yushan calling Nanzhou lava lake."

"What’s wrong?"
"It seems that the lake is not magma …"
"What is not magma?"
"It seems that metal melts metal!"
"What joke?"
"No kidding, it’s strange, but I can see it clearly." Speaking of this, Ye Han sent a video to Nanzhou.
This video caused the whole fleet to shake. The main force of the first fleet of Nanzhou immediately accelerated and followed … The main force of the real fleet is only three warships. This is all the armed forces near human io.
The shock after seeing the condensed lake was as great as that after Ling Yuma got this information from the earth’s rescue in Beidu.
Although one of the main components of Phobos is that hematite can be hit, can steel be made?
After careful analysis, it is found that Ye Han made a big oolong. In the video, the metal reflection is not solidified lava, but an arched metal floating on the lava surface. This thing is at least 30 meters long, and a small part of the hidden rock surface is exposed. I don’t know how big it is.
It’s not surprising that metal appears in the lava lake. After all, the impact on Io’s boulder is driven by a super engine, but this metal is obviously artificial and not a super engine!
Beidu immediately thought of the cities all over Io, and thought that it was probably the boulder that broke through the surface and smashed the alien city. This metal floated from the bottom of the lava lake.
Nothing unusual was found before, and it was also very simple. The temperature of the lava lake was too high, and the metal lake was burned into a red-hot state by high temperature. The color was similar to that of magma, and the surface of the lava lake fluctuated and few people kept staring. It was not surprising that no floating metal was found.
Moreover, the metal in the lake must be a light metal alloy or a metal component, otherwise it is impossible to float on the lake.
This thing is not only light in weight and high in strength, but also very resistant to high temperature, otherwise it will not be protected by the impact of small celestial bodies.
It is concluded that Beidu has released a basis for the Fourth Fleet to carefully count the amount of metal in lava lakes and judge the number of dungeons.
I don’t know if I checked, but I was shocked. There are more large metal components in the lava than I thought. The smallest lava lake has found more than a thousand pieces.
This number is really outrageous. Ling Yu feels that the observation is wrong. After re-checking, the result is still that the number head fluctuates a little, but the total number has not changed much.
Ling Yu, this is not calm. Make sure the data is accurate. He ordered the warship to launch a missile into the lava lake.
The missile hit the lava lake accurately, and the warhead detonated, causing high waves and waves to roll over and a few dozen metal components to float and sink.
This scene confirmed that the previous observation also stunned a bunch of people on the bridge.
According to the news report, Beidu Beidu immediately organized human analysis and found that the density of metal components obtained from observation should be a super-large city, otherwise there should not be so many metal components.
But it’s a coincidence that the city head of a lava lake is also the city head of each place. Io is not a super dungeon, is it?
The more the situation was analyzed, the weirder it became. All the analysts were a little puzzled. At this moment, someone suddenly thought of Io’s theory, and an idea came to mind. Are these metal components Io’s shells?
If Io is covered with a thick metal crust, and the part is really as low as the guess, the gravity, the area of lava lake and the unreasonable density will all be reasonably explained!
The analyst suddenly found that all the incomprehensible parts of Europa made sense, but the answer was so unbelievable!
Chapter 3 Incredible speculation (1)
There is power, a shell and a large number of parts. This is not a planet. It is simply a spaceship with a diameter of more than a thousand kilometers!
The analyst’s mouth trembled with excitement. Only a few minutes after his horse reported this discovery, my brother received a report from Qiu Tianning. "According to the information currently available, Io is probably not a planet but an alien to cross the interstellar super ship!"
A brother was dumbfounded and his voice changed. "You said that thing was a spaceship?"
Qiu Tianning nodded solemnly. "I feel strange, too, but all aspects of information have been confirmed. This conclusion should be credible."
"my god!" A brother sank into his chair and stared absently at the corner of his desk, then slowly raised his straight eyes. "If I mean, if it is really a spaceship, how many resources will it take to build it?"
Qiu Tianning was scared by the eyes of a brother. "I don’t know, but I know that if all the resources of the earth are put together, such a super spaceship can’t be built, let alone alien construction technology."
A brother rubbed his temples hard. "Even a spaceship as big as a planet can be made. What are aliens doing here? Where can’t I go by building two spaceships? "
Qiu Tianning’s heart moved, "Can the alien order be the earth’s resources?"
A brother’s pupil shrinks sharply "resource war?" You mean they want to make new spacecraft from the earth’s resources? "
"I think it is very possible," Qiu Tianning said.
Brother Yi slowly tightened his brow. "So Venus and Mercury are also their goals!"
Qiu Tianning thought for a moment and said, "Venus is hard to say that Mercury is 99%."
Brother Yi waved his hand. "They can even build the atmosphere of Venus on a star ship. It’s definitely not difficult for them to think that Io can explain their goal without flying to Earth. It’s probably Venus. If they dig up Venus resources to build a new spaceship, it shouldn’t be difficult. Then we’ll be in big trouble!"
"and mercury!" Qiu Tianning said, "The closer to the sun, the higher the metal content of the planet. The diameter of Mercury is less than 5,000 kilometers, but I think the mercury resources alone are enough for aliens to rebuild a star ship."
"Hissing-"Brother Yi rubbed his face hard and felt that the whole person was trembling from the inside out.
As a head of state, he has seen a lot of scenes to cope with big events. I don’t know how many psychological qualities have been exercised as hard as stone, but he is not frightened at the thought of such a huge alien ship-building plan
What the hell is this, mining resources? This is a fucking eating planet!
Brother Yi was in a bad mood. He was silent for a long time before he asked, "Can you stop them?"
"It’s hard," Qiu Tianning shook his head. "And I’m afraid it’s too late now."
"What do you mean?"
Qiu Tianning said, "According to reliable information, most aliens leave Jupiter’s satellite Galileo, which is more than 3,000 kilometers and more than 5,000 kilometers. I think those satellites alone are enough for aliens to build two or three star ships."
"Is there any information about this?" Brother Yi’s tone is urgent.
"Not yet," Qiu Tianning said, "but we have reason to believe that aliens are doing so."
"Does Jupiter still have our detector?"
Qiu Tianning shook his head. "No, we haven’t got exact information about Jupiter for a long time."
Brother Yi looks dignified. "You can arrange for the Tiangong telescope to observe for a while and see if there is any other notice … Don’t inform anyone until the Tiangong news."
"Yes!" Qiu Tianning nodded.
Brother I scratched his head without any image. "I really can’t imagine how the star ship was built. Could it be that the planet was dug up and directly built by the Star Department?"
"It’s possible," Qiu Tianning agreed with Brother Yi’s brain hole. "Maybe Titan and other moons also have aliens, including Pluto, Sedna, Venus and other dwarf planets, but it’s definitely not so easy to build a star ship outside the sun."
This brain hole also won the approval of a brother. "It’s possible, but the sun is too far away. Let’s go on an expedition to Jupiter so hard that Jupiter can take root outside."
Two people sighed at the same time, there is a feeling that flying daggers are about to be swallowed by aliens.
Brother suddenly raised his eyes and fell on Qiu Tianning’s face. "Laoqiu, if I remember correctly, aliens have been to Jupiter for many years, right?"
"It is a year old, and the earliest record can be traced back to seventeen years ago!"