Kuching laughed. "It’s good to bring it here." Now, of course, the winner will declare to the loser that he will show his winner posture to satisfy his pleasure.

"You, you" Gu Kang obviously didn’t know what had happened, but he didn’t know when he saw Kuching wearing a dragon robe guard and calling him Huang?
Gu Weiran sighed that the second emperor was Zhang Tao Lamar, but he didn’t expect to become a big emperor, but it didn’t make sense even if the second emperor was still alive. The power behind the big emperor was too strong.
"Second brother, second brother, aren’t you glad that my brother is emperor now?" Kuching said with a smile
Gu Kang looked pale but didn’t speak. How many people died in this position? Gu Bin, the ancient king, the ghost emperor, and Tianshi Zun are just a position!
"Now I can generously tell you that Cologne Day was poisoned by me. That old deathlessly didn’t stand me too? I am long! He has repeatedly delayed that if he doesn’t die, I will become king. If he wants to live for ten years, won’t I have to wait for ten years? " Kuching’s face was ferocious. At this moment, he lost his humanity like a beast.
Gu Wei ran silently aside. He knew the reason long ago, but Gu Kang swore, "Kuching, how dare you poison your father? I must make this public and make you ruined!"
Isn’t it intimidating to say it in front of Gu Kang’s words that Gu Wei is contemptuous of you? I’ve never seen such an idiot.
"Ha ha? The public? OK! I see how you killed him in public! " Kuching said to the stone master that Kukang’s face changed. Did Kuching really dare to kill himself? Although he lost power and influence, he is still an emperor.
But it’s a pity that the stone master did not move. "Why don’t you start work? Don’t you want to resist? " Perhaps it was because of emotional Kuching that he lost his mind and yelled at the Stone Family.
"Kuching, you are alive and have an emperor addiction? If so, I can always let you a "stone elders at this time to open your eyes a face of cool.
Kuching suddenly woke up. "What shall I do?" The ultimate benefit of the throne is very easy to make people lose their minds. Kuching is the best example. "Elder Shi is not good for me. I am so excited. I am a little carried away. Your adult should not be knowledgeable with me." Kuching hurriedly explained regardless of the cold sweat on his forehead.
Tang Jiuwu Zun is so grovelling that he sneers at "Somebody!" After Kuching apologized, Elder Shi closed his eyes again. Kuching was relieved and immediately shouted to the outside.
Soon after, several guards carried out Kuching’s orders, and he was dragged to be beheaded. Although Kukang shouted all the way that Kuching was the murderer of Gu Longtian, everyone he heard turned a deaf ear and shouted that he was a psycho.
"Third brother, do you want to talk to me?" Kuching grinned.
"Will anyone believe it?" Guweiran light said
"Ha-ha, it’s good that you are really smart. No wonder you can move your second brother, but it’s a pity that you ended up missing a move. Don’t worry, you are my last brother. I won’t kill you easily. Just taste a prison first. This will show my kindness and love." Kuching laughed triumphantly.
Chapter 69 Seriously injured messenger
Chapter 69 Seriously injured messenger
Kuching proudly pretended not to see it, perhaps because he didn’t think it meant anything. Kuching waved his hand and let the guards take it with him. Then Kuching spoke respectfully to the stone elders and others 【
Listen to the cold Meng Hua, Zhong Kai, Zhao Daniu, and the killer got the first-hand information one day after another and immediately chose to take shelter! They knew that Kuching had ascended the throne, and they were the first people to be purged by Kuching.
Then Kuching will pull out the remnants of the Second Emperor Gukang and Guweiran from the two old generals and weaken them bit by bit.
Either buy it, or go up and down and deprive it, and slowly soften the wings of the two old generals. Finally, when they become army of one, they will be like toothless tigers without threat.
In Kuching, Zhang Tao, I’m not worried about the stone elders, Zhang Tao, who can’t afford to turn over the big waves, Meng Hua and others, and Kai Zhong arranged to hide in a private house. For the killer, concealment is the basic ability to avoid Kuching’s wanted arrest.
Unless a master comes to search in person, it is definitely a slightly gullible soldier. It is just a joke. "Our last hope now is Zhang Tao. Only with him can we make a comeback." This is Meng Hua’s dialect and Gu Weiran’s meaning. Although she is worried, she has never heard the news that Gu Weiran was executed. She is also relieved that Yu Gukang has already died.
In the palace, Kuching sat in the dragon chair, and Shi Changlao left. At this moment, he is the most adult. At this moment, he is the only country in the world. This hard-won pleasure has made him not fully awake. Now Kuching is not a qualified emperor, but a dreamer who is intoxicated.
When Kuching considered whether to enrich his harem, a shadow quietly appeared in the hall "believing in the emperor Kuching"
"Who are you?" Kuching was shocked. How did this man appear in front of himself? Are the guards outside eating porridge? Wouldn’t it be wrong to let an assassin sneak into himself and be killed just when he became emperor? Kuching was about to shout "I am a shadow" when Shadow knelt down on one knee.
See each other incredibly kneeling kuching slowly calm down to "shadow? What do you mean? "
"The shadow is the emperor who knows the secret. I am your shadow. I help you monitor people, assassinate people and do things you don’t want or are inconvenient to do. Now that you are the new emperor, my shadow will naturally come out to see you." Shadow said lightly.
"oh? Is there such a thing? " Kuching became interested.
"In fact, when the Stone Family returned to the scene, I always played. Although he is the pinnacle of Tianshi, he also found that I was like Qingyang who never knew me." The shadow said lightly, but I still heard a trace of pride in his tone.
"Oh?" Kuching is happy. If so, this picture is really great. He can help himself with too many things.
In fact, there are countless tactics of latent assassination in Dongyue mainland. A person gets a special collar just like Lu Ganhao’s latent collar is also very secret.
"Good, then you go first. If I need you?" Kuching asked
"Call me and I will always be around the emperor," the shadow said.
Kuching zheng has been by his side? Don’t you know everything you do? I feel uncomfortable when I think of myself and my beloved princess, when someone peeks at Kuching’s heart.
"You shouldn’t look at the emperor, but you can rest assured." Shadow immediately said when he saw Kuching’s face.
Kuching nodded his head and the shadow disappeared. Kuching couldn’t help but marvel. "I didn’t expect the emperor to have such a secret weapon. It’s really good." Of course, Kuching will also press the bottom of my heart.
Zhang Tao! A group of people rush to the imperial city and travel long distances from the imperial city in less than ten miles, but Zhang Tao’s every move is almost always monitored by Kuching, and Zhang Tao will fall into a trap if he steps into a certain range.
"Stop!" Walking at the front, Mo Ying suddenly said that the people behind him stopped driving. At this time, the forest path was quiet, and only the wind blew the leaves. Because of the late autumn, many leaves were flying, and the ground was full of fallen leaves. It was a beautiful scenery that the wind fluttered with the fallen leaves.
"Mr. Mo?" Zhang Tao didn’t feel anything, but he knew Mo Ying wouldn’t shoot at you. He must have sensed something was wrong to stop everyone.
"What people come out!" Moment MoYing folded a roar, although the wind slowly but MoYing sound like a thunderbolt.
Zhang Tao and others are all nervous. They all know that the imperial city crisis should be ambushed at any time, but coming out of this person makes Zhang Tao and others face a change.
"Qingyang predecessors?" Zhang Tao lost his words.
At this time, Qingyang was pale with blood, and he was so weak that his pupils were lax, but he had a clear "Zhang Zhang Tao"
Zhang Tao dare not hesitate to turn over to Qingyang’s side. "Qingyang predecessors, who are you?" Zhang Tao is more powerful than Qingyang in horror. Zhang Tao knows who can hurt him like this.
But soon Qingyang fainted. "What should I do?" Qin Huanran asked.