Scales like a sword Fei Biao came at the shadow on both sides of the front, left and right three directions at the same time to attack Yang Yelan demon chop behind nervous low call a while Long Xiao threw Long Lin chop when the face smile became more satisfied.

But then Long Xiaoxiao froze his face and froze his eyes. Staring eyes became full of surprise.
Rushed to Yang night unexpectedly can live at an amazing speed and then leap into the face of flying three pieces of Long Lin chop kicked three feet in a row!
These three feet are in the middle of three pieces of flying Long Lin’s chop. Two pieces were kicked and changed direction. They flew directly to the left and right two shadows. The last piece of Long Lin’s chop was kicked back by Yang night like an upside-down golden hook, spinning and flying to Long Xiao himself!
That’s impossible! !
Long Xiao secretly shouted in his heart, but that piece of Long Lin chop had come to his eyes. He was surprised and bent over to dodge that Long Lin chop flew over his cheek and drew a wound. Blood flowed out instantly.
The shadows on both sides of the hall were hit by Long Lin’s chop, and they all wailed a whole shadow and fell to the ground by Long Lin’s chop.
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I can’t blame the scorching sun for being angry. I have already sent a signal, but Yang Ye and Nan Rong Huan didn’t come, otherwise Furong Gen couldn’t run away!
Can’t blame Yang Ye, who is working with Lan Yao to cut the capital hall of an city. Where can Long Xiao, the family of scales, get away?
I can’t blame Nan Rong for illusion. He is in the west square of the city, fighting with more than a thousand Prometheans, and a red-haired woman who just hugged him and stabbed him with a black thorn …
Let’s talk about Nanrong Magic first.
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Facing the siege of more than 1000 Prometheans, Nan Ronghuan had to stretch out the knife bone, and for a long time before that, he tried his best to dodge and dodge the wave after wave of attacks by Prometheans, and also dodged the woman who kept stabbing his two black spiral thorns.
Shi Nanrong fantasized about running away, because it was the simplest and most direct solution for him, but he didn’t want to leave and told himself that he couldn’t leave. He had an intuition that the woman must have something with herself, but he couldn’t leave until he figured it out.
Nan Rong Huan watched this woman from different angles while hiding from the left and flashing from the right. The more she looked, the more she felt that she must be familiar with this woman, and she was very close and familiar.
But everything is vague in my mind, but I can’t remember it at last
The red-haired girl’s eyes are really fierce at the moment, and her hands are holding the spiral black thorn, and she is also stabbing at Nan Rong’s magic mouth quickly. She keeps cursing and her eyes are red, so she tries her best to control her back to normal, hold back her tears and then attack Nan Rong’s magic exhibition fiercely, but she is red again without stabbing a few eyes.
But Nan Rong Phantom is not stupid. Few of them feel that the red-haired girl doesn’t really want to hurt him at all. Every stab is to avoid Nan Rong Phantom. The speed is fast and the momentum is fierce. However, it’s thunder and rain, and no stab is really going to the south Rong Phantom. It seems that the woman knows that she must be hiding in these moves. It’s just to vent her anger.
This makes Nan Ronghuan even more strange. What’s the matter with this redhead? Isn’t she a major in Black Field? What are she and me? She said I was the enemy, but she didn’t want to hurt me. Who is she?
Doubt the south glory illusion while dodging constantly.
Those Prometheans are very quick to pounce on Nan Rong Illusion one by one like a wolf, but this speed is not difficult for Nan Rong Illusion to cope with. It is the constant attack on him. This redhead always distracts him, and he will be jumped by those Prometheans again and again, or he will be pushed away again and again.
This girl is not the enemy. This is what Nan Rong-huan thinks, and those Prometheans in Tang Dynasty don’t know how to deal with it.
You can’t fight or escape, which makes Nan Rong’s illusion really uncomfortable.
At this time, Nan Rong Magic suddenly saw that he felt the red print behind him. Of course, he knew that it was a signal from the red print of the scorching sun. This kind of red print and red print induction can understand the law, just like a heart, and you can know who the other person is as soon as you have induction.
As soon as Chiyin had an induction, Nan Rong Phantom was a little anxious. He knew that it was the scorching sun that found something, probably Long Xiao, the scaly family. But at this moment, he didn’t want to get away from it. This redhead made him have a strong curiosity. Strangely, he felt a sense of inexplicable guilt and self-blame in the face of this female Nan Rong Phantom. Although he didn’t know the reason, he seemed destined to have a sense of guilt about this redhead in front of him.
There’s nothing we can do! Nan Rong’s magic heart stretched out his right hand horizontally, and the knife bone stretched to more than a foot long. He hesitated and waved his hand and chopped at the Promethean who jumped on him.
They are not Datang people, but some unconscious bodies!
Nan Rong fantasized clearly about this, so he completely relieved himself. Now he is anxious and must solve things here as soon as possible, even if he means this woman before him! Then take her to the hot sun! If a person can’t cope with Long Xiao, the scaly clan in the scorching sun, he will be in danger. I wonder if Yang Yexian will make it there!
In the mind such a nasty manual also quickly up moment kung fu promethean has poured a large side.
Come to these Prometheans, they are not afraid of being hacked and their heads will not fall off. No matter what, they can still move forward or attack, but they are not facing ordinary swords at the moment, but Nanrong Magic Bone Knife.
The osteotome saw a gelatinous crystal around the wound of the living corpse, and the Promethean who was cut down immediately fell to the ground with his body twisted and growled, but if he couldn’t get up again, he wouldn’t move as if he were frozen until the gelatinous crystal spread to his body.
The osteotome Nanrong Phantom is roaring around with Prometheans one after another. In addition to those Japanese samurai who died before, they are now full of frozen Prometheans with different shapes. From a distance, this square in the west of the city seems to be a waste puppet model dump.
Although Nanrong Phantom danced anxiously with his right arm and stretched out his osteotome, he kept chopping at those Prometheans of Tang Dynasty, but he always avoided flashing that redhead didn’t want to hurt her at all.
The redhead is a little dull. I don’t know what caused Nan Rong’s illusion. She suddenly got excited and stretched out her osteotome, but when she fell into pieces before her eyes, she was a little anxious.
Carrying two spiral black thorns, he went straight to Nan Rong’s mouth and screamed "Yaya" and stabbed it constantly.
South glory magic while dodging twist a head to look at this red-haired female hand also chopping constantly rushed to many Prometheans.
Behind him came a Promethean, Nan Rong, who suddenly turned to jilt, and then his osteotome was chopped and kicked by another Promethean.
At this time, the red-haired girl screamed at Nan Rong’s back and stabbed her. The sound was so loud that it seemed to wake Nan Rong’s illusion.
There were three or five Prometheans in front of her, and she heard the woman shouting behind her, but she didn’t look back, and she didn’t go to avoid him. She expected that the redhead wouldn’t really stab herself, because she was hiding from stabbing before, but she stopped, and Nan Rong knew that this woman didn’t want to hurt him. This was also his most curious place.
The redhead didn’t stop, but kept coming, because when she went to stab Nan Rong Magic, although the speed was not very fast, Nan Rong Magic was dodging. This time, she shouted again, so she expected Nan Rong Magic would avoid it, but when she found that Nan Rong Magic Root didn’t avoid meaning and didn’t look back, it was too late …
So in this way, two spiral black thorns blink and have been inserted into the south magic back.
Generally, the sword can’t penetrate into Nan Rong’s phantom body, but this pair of spiral black thorns is also a weapon to cultivate officials. As soon as the blood seeps out from the wound behind, it instantly turns red.
Although the red-haired girl knew that she couldn’t avoid it and forced her to take some strength, she still couldn’t stop two spiral black thorns from sinking into Nan Rong’s magic body. The black thorns were inserted into the body sound so light, so short and so insignificant, but it was enough to make Nan Rong’s magic surprised and make the red-haired girl’s heart suddenly tremble!
Nan Rong’s illusion is that she feels a chill behind her, and then she turns white. She has a black thorn in her heart. I didn’t expect this jurchen to kill me! ?
Shout a south glory illusion fiercely turned around and the right hand osteotome split sideways to the red-haired girl behind him, and a white light flashed but suddenly stopped.
The osteotome stopped at the side of the red-haired girl’s neck, and the blade was almost posted on the neck.