For Ye Hanyan’s cold face, an embarrassing color suddenly flashed, and he immediately said, "Brother Han, don’t blame me either. I ignored your problems because you planned for the future!"

After listening to Lengling’s remark, Ye Han sighed lightly, "Well, Sister Ling, I don’t blame you, which means I really want to know what I have to do so that I can have enough practice in the ice forest!" ~
[114] [Forest War]
"Ha ha, this is easy. Although this ice forest is dangerous, it is also deep. If you cultivate the Yuan Dan realm, you can enter the periphery of the ice forest for experience!"
Listen to Ye Han such a wake-up LengLing this just remembered that I really heard this question just now, but I haven’t paid much attention to it. She can laugh embarrassedly and say with smile.
"oh? What is this again? Since there is no danger in the periphery, can’t we enter now? Why wait until the realm of Yuan Dan? " Listen to cold LingYan Ye Han first one leng immediately puzzled asked.
The pie mouth LengLing smiled and replied, "This nature is because of the cultivation of Yuan Dan’s condition that we can stand the cold air in this ice forest."
After Lengling’s elaboration, Ye Han finally understood that there was such a strong cold in this forest that he had to wait until he had completed Yuan Dan’s condition to stand it.
It is this foundation. Wouldn’t it be that even in the realm of Yuan Dan, it is barely possible for the party to stay in the ice forest, but it is not possible to face the Yuan beast again on this basis.
This Ye Han can’t help worrying but listening to LengLing smiled. "Cold brother, you don’t have to worry that you can come and go freely in the ice forest when you reach the realm of Yuan Dan."
After listening to Lengling’s words, the worry in Ye Han’s heart disappeared and nodded at her. "In that case, let’s go now!"
Lengling nodded his head and said nothing. He continued to March north with Ye Han and soon came to another village.
"Brother Han, it’s getting late now. Let’s spend the night here. We can reach a place early!" Looking up at the sky, there have been some faint stars in the sky, and this just took Ye Han’s arm towards the Bank of China in the village
Ye Han can also follow and wonder where this city is.
When they entered the village, they stopped in front of a farmhouse. They just wanted to ask if they could spend the night, but they listened to each other with a smile and said, "You two must have gone to Bingling City to attend the annual cold competition meeting, right?"
"Ice city? Cold test conference? " Hear each other ye Han heart suddenly one leng immediately muttered to himself
As soon as Ye Han muttered something, he heard a look of surprise next to him and said, "Brother Han, it seems that it’s just the right time for us to come. This annual cold competition conference in Bingling City is what we cold practitioners dream of attending!"
Listen to the cold LingYan Ye Han is puzzled asked "ling elder sister what do you mean? Is this cold test meeting as important as the10,000 yuan meeting? "
Leng Lingwen immediately shook his head and said with a wry smile, "Brother Han, you don’t know that this cold competition meeting is not as important as 10,000 yuan, but it is an extraordinary competition in the eyes of our cold practitioners!"
"So, isn’t this cold competition meeting in the eyes of our cold practitioners a million yuan meeting in the eyes of the whole mainland people?"
Listen to LengLing so elaborate Ye Han suddenly white come over relative to ten thousand yuan, although this cold reference conference is great, it is also a very important reference conference in the eyes of cold practitioners.
For Ye Han, understanding that Lengling can make a silent smile, but listening to the man added, "If you are going to the cold competition conference, you should stay here for one night and leave early in the morning. You should still be able to make it!"
After listening to the man’s words, Leng Ling Ye Han both nodded, and then followed him into the courtyard. The man arranged and soon came to his rest place.
That night, they went to bed early and didn’t leave the house until the next morning. Then they said goodbye to the owner and left the village.
All the way north along the mountain stream, soon they came to a forest outside, and when they saw that noon was near, they had a short rest at the edge of the forest.
"Brother Han, please bear with us until we get there, then we will have a rest sometimes!" After a short rest, Lengling got up first and looked at it. Obviously, she didn’t have enough rest. Ye Han smiled and laughed.
Ye Han smell speech didn’t mean to continue to rest, so he got up and followed the footsteps of Lengling. They went into the Woods together to save time by going through the Woods.
Lengling although some don’t want to, after all, this forest is rare. It is the Yuan beast that is entrenched. If the forest meets the Yuan beast, even if there is no danger, it is bound to delay for some time.
However, Ye Han repeatedly begged her to promise, but she still told Ye Han that she must not take it lightly and give it to her to deal with the Yuan beast.
Ye Han didn’t have the experience mood to hurry, so he agreed to come all the way to protect Lengling and soon came to the depths of the forest.
I didn’t meet the Yuan beast Ye Han all the way, but I didn’t want to come to a skyshatter roar not far away at this time.
"Brother Han, you see, I told you that going through this forest will not only save us some time, but also delay us for some time. You don’t believe me!" Glancing at the distant Yuan beast’s cold eyes and dew, she obviously didn’t worry too much about this Yuan beast, but she also had to hit Ye Han a little.