Xiao Cheling finally relented. "Well, well, since you want to go, let’s go with you!" When she finished this sentence, Yin Yuhao and Leng Ruixi’s brow met tightly …

"Really? !” Han Yiqing can’t believe that they were so firm just now and they let go! To go to that place, the danger is really coming …
"I really promise you," Xiao Cheling said firmly. When she received their eyes, Xiao Cheling asked Han Yiqing to prepare "Yi Qing, you have been well injured these days, and we will take you there when you are well injured."
"good!" The cold housekeeper helped her downstairs, and three men discussed it face to face.
"Are you too impulsive to do so? !” Yin Yuhao said calmly, as if the root of the quarrel just now was not him.
Leng Ruixi also lost in thought and finally said, "That place is too dangerous after all."
They don’t know if Han Yiqing has ever heard of that place, but many people have never come back after all. It is because of its mystery that many people are desperate to go, but they still get something.
"Don’t you think she is very strange? ! What, she suddenly asked to go to that place? !” Xiao Cheling analyzed that he was not really impulsive just now, but that she was so persistent that she could promise. If she didn’t promise, maybe she would really go alone.
In this case, it is better to accompany her with them.
Chapter 3 deserved it!
How could they not know! There must be some purpose in this, but they really don’t know what she is thinking …
"That’s it. We can’t let anything happen to her."
This is their only consensus.
Cold housekeeper takes good care of Han Yiqing, and she can walk easily in a few days. She is sprained and really needs to rest.
Han Yiqing went straight to them and asked, "When did we agree to go? !”
She should go directly before they go back on their word! Otherwise, they won’t admit it when they die!
Xiao Cheling raised his eyebrows. "I’m ready to leave tomorrow."
"How nice!" She can go there to have a good look, but … She suddenly remembered something and asked, "Xiao Cheling, what means of transportation do we have this time? !”
She was afraid of the plane, but the result was not unexpected. Xiao Cheling said "plane" calmly.
"no!" Without thinking, she consciously refused. How can she fly at this time? She wanted to catch that person in the past. Since Yin Mengguo hasn’t caught anyone for more than ten years, it must be not easy! It would be more noticeable if the plane had passed so long.
If she keeps a low profile, it is because of her reaction that she makes them wonder what she is really planning this time.
Leng Ruixi squinted and pressed "What are you planning?" They have no idea what medicine she is selling in the gourd.
But they also forgot that Han Yiqing would never say anything.
"ah? !” Han Yiqing continued to play dumb. "I really didn’t plan anything!"
"Really? !”
"I swear! I swear by my personality! I really didn’t! " Han Yiqing regretted it as soon as she finished. She seems to have put her personality on the line …
Whatever! Anyway, what she says can never be taken seriously!
The three men didn’t say anything, and then Yin Yu talked about "since Yi Qing said she didn’t want a plane, she could take a boat."
I don’t know how long it will take by boat.
"How long will that take?"
"It’s only three days from Las Vegas."
Three days … That means she has to spend three days by boat! Han Yiqing was angry and thought how abnormal that person was! I cann’t believe I chose such a remote place!
It was nice to see her, and Xiao Cheling was full of excitement and said, "If you don’t want to go, don’t go!"
She immediately took a white look. "Who told you you didn’t want to go? ! I’m going! "
With everything ready, they flew to Las Vegas. From the sea, Han Yiqing seldom took a boat. As a result, it was an honor to get seasick!
She felt a tumult in her stomach and immediately climbed to the railing to vomit sour water …
Xiao Cheling is full of sighs patting her back "will! If you want to go to Provence, Maldives, Hawaii, we can all go with you, but you have to go to that island to make yourself like this! "
She really deserves it! How can this man not be considerate at all? She has become this virtue. She doesn’t know how to comfort her, but she keeps satirizing her.
It’s not that she wants to! She really paid a lot to find Wang! I almost lost my life!
Chapter 4 Throw her into the sea 【 Red envelope plus more ~ 】
Just when she was pale, a handkerchief suddenly appeared in front of her. When she looked up, she was looking at those dark eyes. His face was calm and he handed her a box of hawthorn.
"I knew you would get seasick. Eating this will make you feel better." Yin Yuhao seems to have made all the preparations, including water.
At first glance, I know that I have a lot of field experience.