Chasing all the way to the exclusive basketball room

Xia Yi sunseeker and Ouyang Ze both basketball outdoor four eyes staring at the inside.
In the basketball room, a girl sat with her right hand holding the bar and looked at the boy playing basketball with a happy expression.
A three-pointer went into the shot and stopped. The basketball fell from the shot.’ Bang … Bang …’ The sound started.
Mu Lijia picked up a towel and smiled and walked over to Huangfuyanhao to gently wipe off the sweat for him while he passed her waist with a big hand.
Two affectionate looking at each other a warm current touched the bottom of my heart.
Xia Yixian looked at the two people inside,’ Impossible, Impossible, How did Hao become like this’
HuangFuZi xin, also don’t believe this is her brother hate mu glass better angry directly through the door and push.
Xia Yi sunseeker looked at him and followed him in, and the other two followed him in.
"Brother, why do you hold her?" Huangfuzixin was angry and took Huangfuyanhao to push Mu Lijia.
Mu Jiali stepped back and fell to Huangfuyanhao. She quickly walked over and hugged her and let her fall into his arms.
"Xin son, how can you push your future sister-in-law?" Huangfuyanhao looked up at his sister and accused him.
Future sister-in-law
A future sister-in-law made Xia Yixi’s heart fall from a high cliff into an abyss.
He said Mu Lijia is Huangfuzixin’s future eldest sister-in-law? What the hell happened last night? Who can tell her? Who can tell her where she went and who was this person before?
"Elder brother, you have never accused me so much, but today you accused her of loving your sister the most." Huangfuzi Xin said sadly.
The most painful thing for my brother since childhood is that she never quarreled with her or scolded her, and she never spoke to her or accused her, but today my brother …
Ouyang Yu’s eyes swept through Mu Jiali only to see that her mouth flashed a cold smile, and then she looked intently at the cold smile that disappeared and returned to a bird’s yiyi sample.
Is it an illusion?
"Xin son …" Ouyang Yu walked beside her and let out a cry of intimacy, then looked up and turned to Huangfuyanhao. "Hao, what’s wrong with you today? You never blame Xin ‘er. "
"That doesn’t mean that Xin Er has grown up now, so she can’t always protect her and spoil her. She will lie to me with the bad guys, and she will have to bear the consequences herself." Huangfuyanhao said with a little anger.
Maybe the former dotes on my sister so much that the bad guys will cheat him together. He won’t love her anymore, so let her know.
Bad guys? Join together to lie to her? What exactly did her brother say? What? She doesn’t understand at all.
"Hao, what did you say? What do you mean, Xin ‘er lied to you by linking up with others? " Ouyang Yu retorted.
Deah81 Hao said that the sunseeker did buy off Zi Xin and them.
What’s the matter with Huangfu Yanhao today? What can be so? Even the tone of speech is not the same as before.
"And you Zeyu, you lied to me together. We have been playing since childhood, and you lied to me together." Huangfuyanhao said angrily, pointing to Ouyang’s two brothers.
"You are the woman who bought them all off. Now you go out to this exclusive basketball room. You can’t step into it without my permission." Huangfuyanhao pointed to Xia Yi Sunseeker and said coldly, there is no feeling at all. It is a cold temperature.
He said I do? Say I bought them off?’ Xia Yixian endured the pain in her heart and looked at Huangfuyanhao with tears.
What happened to Huangfuyanhao overnight? There was nothing left to spoil and be gentle.
Her tender and spoiled love has turned to others.
Her heart is so painful that she can’t breathe. She feels suffocating and dying of pain.
Looking at him, she didn’t say a word, and she didn’t dare to say that she was afraid that she would cry when she said it, so she looked at him.
Xia Yi sunseeker see? You robbed me of my happiness, and now it has come back. Hao, he is no longer you, he is me, and I am still his fiancee. From now on, he is my own. You … don’t want to get him again. Mu Lijia has a proud heart.
"Brother, how can you say that sister-in-law didn’t buy me off? I really like her. She is the girl you love most, and it’s not her but her." Huangfuzi Xin directly accused her brother of being wrong and pointed to Mu Lijia in front of Xia Yixi.
All this must be Mu Lijia’s mischief. She is jealous that her brother and sister-in-law robbed her brother and hurt her brother’s image.
But what makes Mu Lijia so capable of turning her brother into this?
"HuangFuYanHao are you possessed or given a cup by her" said Ouyang Ze, pointing to Mu Lijia and angry.
They all know what Xia Yixi is like.
"You are possessed, Jia Jia. She is my fiancee."
In a word, she is my fiancee, a fiancee and a Huangfu Yanhao.
Xia Yixian ran out without saying anything. At that moment, tears fell unwillingly, and I felt that it had been dripping blood, which was very painful.
"Sister-in-law …"
"Game sunseeker …"
Three sounds cried at the same time and chased out at the same time.
Her brother, his brother, changed overnight, becoming strange, cold and affectionate.
"Hao, look at them. I’m right, right? They were all bought by Xia Yixi’s appearance camouflage. Her root is to want to marry into a rich family." Mu Lijia walked beside Huangfuyanhao naturally and said.
As if to poke out her plan.
He felt a little heartache in his heart, but after hearing Mu Lijia say this, the heartache was gone.