As they fled, they just stood on the ground and suddenly shook and broke, and a monster broke ground and shot into the sky.

Oh, my god Actually, all the pangolins were induced by Tang Jun for more than a hundred years. Every pangolin was covered with dark ants. At this time, they condensed into a big circle, just like a big dark disk floating and spinning in the middle. What the hell?
Seeing so many horrible pangolins floating in the middle school, six girls all changed their faces and gathered around the teenagers. Although they are all saints, they are still as frightened as a horse in the face of so many horrible things!
Tang Jun released the spirit force and sensed that more than 100 pangolins in the middle school were getting heavier. Just now, pangolins scared off by themselves must have held a grudge in their hearts and encouraged their own kind to deal with themselves together.
After some induction, among them, besides the variation pangolin just now, there are three pangolins whose strength is also very strong and has reached the great honour person realm. The variation pangolins are not much different, which seems to be the leader of this group of monsters.
Now, more than 100 monsters get together in half, and what strange magic circle seems to be playing? Together, they release what they have and condense it into a big disk to wrap them inside. If Tang Jun is not particularly powerful in soul force, why can’t he really feel them?
In addition to these haunting things, they also pour all the magic together into the big round plate, and at the same time, their bodies incarnate pieces of black soil and condense into a small clod ball about the size of a bowl. Don’t look at such a small clod ball, Tang Jun clearly feels that the gravity contained in it is absolutely terrible, and there are many black ants in them, but at this time it has turned into a black spike and covered the small clod ball.
And it’s not just that tightly wrapped around them. After adding magic, the big disk gradually shrank to the last half, and a small ball with a gloomy atmosphere emerged, but it was a little bigger than the mouth of the bowl and looked ferocious and terrible?
The powerful coercion released from this small ball has made it difficult for the girls to compete. They are constantly pouring their body force into the amethyst armor. Even so, they still feel unbearable and tremble. Can they look at the teenagers with affection and hope that the teenagers can help them out?
Isn’t that horrible? These magic spirits, which are equivalent to the great honour person level of human beings, are condensed together to display their power. Even a god who touches them will run away. What about Tang Jun and them?
At this time, the faces of the masters outside the competition square were all shocked. I didn’t expect that Tang Jun and them would be attacked by more than 100 terrorist pangolins. The pangolin in Midtown is the most powerful magic spirit. Young players have never touched so many pangolins in Midtown. Now Tang Jun is besieged by so many pangolins in Warcraft. I’m afraid there’s no way to compete except to crush the "Soul Beads" and run for their lives. Unless he has the rank of emperor, a great god can escape this robbery?
Not only those masters, but also the three masters of the Divine King level. At this time, the same is true in the heart. No matter how abnormal their strength is, in the face of so many horrors, pangolin roots are throwing straws against the wind.
Tang Junli’s eyebrows are locked in his heart, and he has already felt uneasy. It’s terrible to suspend the small clay ball above their heads. It has already made it difficult for these beautiful women beside him to compete before they hit it. It is conceivable that once they hit it, will they still have life?
Seeing that the girls are crumbling one by one, they will fall to themselves. Tang Jun immediately cast out the "six-qi reincarnation" and wrapped Fiona Fang’s six-meter department next to him.
Suddenly, the six girls’ faces gave me a little surprise, and they sat down limply and gasped. But Lilly Liang, a girl, was directly hugged by Tang Jun’s hands.
What is urgent now is to settle these little bitches first.
Tang Jun thought of this and immediately hid them one by one in Nazhen, preferring to face the half-scary little earth ball alone.
Now Tang Jun knows very well the terrorist energy contained in the small clay ball in the middle school. Once it falls down, it will be three terror killers. Once it falls down, the outermost layer will be wrapped in a big bang. After the explosion, if you kill each other by hiding several black ants, the powerful explosive blaster will kill them one by one. hidden weapons will shoot each other into a hornet’s nest. If you kill each other by this second hidden weapons method, you will hide the gravity clay ball in the third layer, which will smash each other to pieces.
What’s really scariest is to hide the gravity soil ball in the third floor. Even a mountain will be smashed and collapsed. Is it a person?
In the face of such horrible things, Tang Jun will be scared away even if he has more power than confidence. At this time, his body is under pressure to the extreme. Even if he displays the "five magic fairy balls" and "six qi big reincarnation", he can also counter the threat before, which can condense monsters into small clay balls. It is his limit to counter the first two layers of power, but the last layer of power is the most horrible?
What should we do? What should we do? What should we do? Does he have to be a deserter every time he faces a crisis and run away with the great magical power owned by Ruyi Button?
Tang Jun’s heart is so anxious that these monsters are best at digging into the ground. I’m afraid he can’t escape even if he hides underground. Chapter four hundred and forty-nine Young Heroes (14)
Suddenly, Tang Jun had an idea in his mind. Since he touched it, he would play a game regardless of success or failure. After all, it’s hard for a person to touch such an opportunity, okay?
Thought of here, Tang Jun took out the "five magic fairy balls" from Nazhen to shake hands, and at the same time he took out his Excalibur to shake hands just in case.
At this time, the suspended semi-small earth ball has been successfully integrated, and more than 100 pangolin monsters have condensed out. The coercion is that all creatures 500 meters away can sense that both the ground creatures and the underground creatures immediately flee to the distance.
Half a small clay ball finally smashed into the young man outside the competition square in full view.
Tang Jun didn’t panic. He immediately put his hand on the "Five Magic Fairy Ball" and slammed it into the small clay ball.
Both of them are horrible, and now the big bang is a nightmare, which shocked everyone outside the competition square.
Almost all the "magic city" felt the vibration, that is, the crowd outside the competition square felt a strong earthquake.
Where Tang Jun stood, mushroom clouds rose one after another, and the number of fan-shaped clouds was powerful, which impacted all around. There were bursts and explosions everywhere, and the whole midtown sky was dim, where Tang Jun was drowned by billowing smoke in an instant and lost sight.
At this time, Tang Junzheng is undergoing the biggest test. Those powerful shock waves are rolling in and destroying everything around him, but they can’t shake the six-meter aperture beside him.
"Six Qi’s Great Samsara" is the most horrible achievement method in the world. Unfortunately, Tang Jun’s training is too low after all. Although he already has the strength of "demigod", the real power of this horrible achievement method is still too far away. After the impact of strength, the big aperture is also crumbling and can’t support for long.
Then, after the big bang, the second layer of spikes were hidden, and more than 100 monster control departments shot at Tang Junshen.
Come on, I’m in a stormy big aperture, and finally I count the terrible spikes. hidden weapons’s attack completely collapsed, but Tang Jun didn’t escape, but held high the Excalibur and split out hundreds of thousands of pounds of power before me, just throwing those spikes back.
Seeing this scene, more than 100 magical objects can be said to be full of admiration for the young man in front of him. Such a huge explosion is enough to blow up a mountain, but it can’t kill him. So many horrible spikes and powerful impact forces drive him to kill him? Is it a miracle?
Since they can’t be blown to death, it’s good to display the last step of terror, great pressure, millions of pounds of gravity, small earth balls, and the variation pangolin control of this small earth ball can locate and track the enemy, and no matter where Tang Jun escapes, he will pursue it.
Tang Jun used his "God’s Escape Tactics" to escape desperately, but this small clay ball is so horrible that it is like installing an automatic tracking system to bite him tightly and the tracking speed is getting faster and faster. It won’t be long before he will be chased. Once he is hit, he will probably die immediately.
Has reached a very dangerous life and death. Tang Jun bit his teeth and didn’t hide in the wishful button. Instead, he cast out the escape technique. The whole person went underground and the small soil ball was also chasing after him and hitting the ground.