"Second sister, I’ve come to talk to you."

Su Yue’s face turned darker when she heard it. What can she say to her? What serious words can she say if she is a fool?
"It’s getting late. I’m going to rest. You’d better go home quickly."
Su Yue tried her best to endure, but she would never give her a good face if it weren’t for the silly reason that King Hui protected her, but she could endure her temporarily because of Jing Wang Shihe and King Hui and others.
However, Su Wan didn’t have any consciousness. Seeing that Su Yue looks pale, she is in a better mood. Looking at Su Yue with a smiling face, she asked, "Second sister, you look so ugly when you are sick. If you are sick, you must remember to ask a doctor to get well."
When she finished, she suddenly opened her eyes wide. "Second sister, you can’t call a doctor because you are ill."
Su Yue’s face is as black as the bottom of a pot. What do you mean, she’s sick? Is this laughing at her?
Did she turn into a smirking handle? Su Yuehuo shouted, "Su Wan, if you dare to talk nonsense again, I won’t have your mouth torn."
Su wan put her face together with a face of provocation. "Come and tear one and see. I always know that my second sister is very courageous. This time I want to see how big it is." So you tear my face first and I’ll let my big brother ruin your face later. "
Su Yue was directly angered by Su Wan, and her whole face was twisted. She bit her teeth. Boom, boom, boom, boom, and her fingers clenched into fists and glared at Su Wan. Seeing that the anger would be uncontrollable, the nurse Nguyen Tan Dung quickly stopped her. "Miss Er, don’t care about cooling down and cooling down."
Eye Su Wan has Hui Wang to protect them, so don’t mess with her, so I can clean her up after Hui Wang doesn’t protect her.
In the room, chess and painting were urged to persuade Su Yue, who was afraid that Su Yue would really get angry and have a conflict with Miss Da. If something really happened, none of them could hide from them.
These people are trying to persuade Su Yue, Xiao Huang in the dark, but when she heard Su Wan talking about big brother, she frowned unconsciously. Her eyes were deep and dark, and her eyes narrowed slightly. A sharp cold mountain refracted from her eyes and fell straight to Su Wan’s body. He knew that Su Wan’s big brother was Hui Wang Xiao Qing. When ladies were so good with Xiao Qing, they were so affectionate. He not only protected her, but also helped her and didn’t see her so affectionate. Instead, he called him.
Xiao Huang was very unhappy, and jade was flowing all over her body, so she secretly ordered Su Wan.
"Ladies, it’s important to get down to business. Now you ask her if she was in the purple bamboo forest that night."
Su Wan was stunned when she heard Xiao Huang’s words, and then looked up and looked around and found that no one else had made any movement. It seemed that she didn’t hear Xiao Huang at all.
It seems that she is the only one who has heard Xiao Huang’s speech. Su Wan wants to look at Su Yue quickly, and she is too lazy to entangle with Su Yue. Because Xiao Huang is staring at her in the dark and can’t go too far, Xiao Huang will definitely find clues, so she’d better end this job quickly.
"Hee hee, I saw you go into the purple bamboo forest on the birthday of my second sister and grandmother. You won’t be one by one."
Su Wan winked and said Xiao Huang was dark and sharp, and the pupil fell on Su Yue.
See Sue month leng one and then angry stare Sue wan screamed "Sue wan what are you talking nonsense? When have I been to the purple bamboo forest? "
That night, Wang Shi in Jing met an assassin in Zizhulin, but if Su Wan spoke to Wang Shi in Jing’s ear, she was afraid that she would have bad luck, so Su Yue looked pale and was very excited.
In addition to Su Yue, even her wet nurse Nguyen thi and two pretty maid were startled. Qi Qi said, "Don’t talk nonsense about our young lady who has never been to Zizhulin. She has been entertaining young ladies in the front hall. We have seen this."
Su Wan looked at Su Yue’s pale face with fear and couldn’t say how to feel avenged. She said with a smile, "But I saw you enter the Zizhulin."
Better scare the green tea bitch to death.
Su Yue couldn’t help it any longer. She pointed angrily at Su Wan. "Su Wan, if you talk nonsense again, I’ll tear your mouth and tell you to plant dirt and set me up. I told you to bite me at random."
Sue wan saw that her whole face had changed, and she couldn’t help mocking the pie mouth, but also how daredevil Miss Su Jiaer was.
"But I saw you enter the Zizhulin. By the way, the assassin who met Wang Shizhu’s Zizhulin that night was not you, was it?"
Su Wan had a good time, but Su Yue’s whole face was distorted across the street, and she couldn’t say how ugly she was. At the same time, she came at Su Wan, the nurse Ruan Shi and the chess player Shi Hua quickly grabbed her room and made a mess.
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Chapter 45 Brother Xiao
Su Yue’s house is in a mess. Su Wan wants to stimulate it. Su Yue doesn’t want to be in the dark, but Xiao Huang has a cold mouth. "Ladies, it’s not her. Let’s go."
Su Wan listened to Xiao Huang’s words. In fact, because of Xiao Huang, she is not good at calculating Su Yue’s position, so she might as well end it early.
In the room behind her, Su Yue saw Su Wan turn around and ignored her. She was even more mad with anger and rushed over to try to catch Su Wan, who was held by Nanny Nguyen thi and two maids.
"Miss Er, forget it. Don’t chase the big lady away."
Su Yue looks pale and opens her mouth to call names, but she hasn’t called names out yet. A cold strong breeze blows over her in the dark, and she suddenly bursts into laughter as if possessed. She not only laughs wildly, but also starts to undress.
"Ha ha ha"
"Miss two, what’s the matter with you? Don’t scare the handmaiden. "
"No, Miss Er is crazy and ill. Go and report to Madam."
"Go and get a doctor."