"The muzzle to 45 degrees-"

Seeing that the time has come, Yu Han has a high drink. "Let go!"
Boom …
Hundreds of purple spar shells blasted out of the city wall blastholes and hit those magic crystal shells rapidly. The red and purple energy cannons collided in the middle and roared.
In the morning, a large area of red and purple gas flew around to cover up the sky blue.
Lin’s brother breathed a long sigh of relief. It was the first time they had done such a thrilling thing.
If Yu Han’s command was wrong just now, the wall would be finished if their shells were fired and those magic crystals bounced off.
The three-headed hounds howled again, and tens of thousands of magic people immediately rushed towards Qinghai City in desperation.
To culvert immediately white this monster is to want to impact the gate through the shell flameout.
Their magic crystal gun root is not to attack the city, but to contain their spar fire power.
"Gunners keep moving. Rockets get ready!"
Yu Han is another order of thousands of Lins’ brothers, with black metal in the shape of a long tube in their hands, aiming at the inferno troops.
These long tubular ferrous metals are a new type of weapon developed by the Luo family called "rocket"
The barrel is mixed with an explosive bomb spar, and the main energy pushes the explosive bomb out.
It’s powerful enough to kill a Yuan Ling Jing Yuan Qi Shi, and there is an explosion to attack the secret group, which has excellent effect.
Lin Yu spent a lot of spar to buy thousands of "rockets" from Luo’s home and distributed them evenly to each city team.
The thousand rockets were aimed at the magic people on the ground until they entered the range of Yuhan, and then an order was issued, "Fire!"
"totally totally totally totally totally …"
A row of red explosive bombs flew out of the city wall neatly and pulled out lux tracks like rockets.
These explosive bombs fell into the inferno crowd and immediately bombed.
Clouds of small flames rose from the inferno crowd, and three or four thousand magic people were blown to pieces and blackened, and they lost their fighting capacity.
These magic people don’t seem to be afraid of casualties at all. The magic people in front are blown to blood, and the magic people behind them are still wave upon wave.
Near the city wall, the magic people quickly lined up in neat rows. A column of magic people behind the team quickly jumped up and jumped to the column of magic people in front.
The magic hand in front of a team pushed forward with a jerk, and the magic hand in the back immediately bounced and flew!
Thousands of magic people bounced and flew together, and such a spectacular scene made it clear that the Lin brothers in Haicheng were dumbfounded.
"The vitality will kill them!" Yu Han immediately called the Lins’ brothers to slow down and release their vitality towards these magic people who are about to jump off the wall.
But this time Yu Han miscalculated.
These magic people don’t want to forcibly land on the wall. Each of them holds a weapon similar to the explosive bomb inferno. When the blood crystal bomb bounces about, it throws it towards the wall.
The Lins’ brothers’ vitality blew out and blew the thousands of magic people out, but the other blood crystal bombs have also been thrown away from the wall.
Autumn moon’s load with a wave of his hand swept past hundreds of blood crystal bombs in front of her to fly back.
The hundreds of blood crystal bombs hit by the Lins’ brothers, but they didn’t explode to death.
Poof, poof, poof …
These demonized pools of dark red filth are scattered all over the floor.
However, Qiu Wan Moon alone could not control the whole city wall, and most of the blood crystal bombs still smashed the Lins’ younger brother.
Poop, poop, poop …
Thousands of city walls Fang Lin’s brother was bombarded by blood crystal bombs, and even the screams didn’t come. The body immediately burst into flesh and blood and splashed the whole city wall!
"Damn it!" Yu Han’s anger and anger are even more resentful of his command mistakes.
This can’t blame her because she doesn’t know that the inferno has never used such means before.
In these rounds of confrontation, the number of casualties on both sides is almost even.
"The rear team will make up the rockets and continue to prepare!" After hearing the command of Yu Han, the brother behind the Lins immediately picked up the rocket left on the ground and reloaded it with spar and explosive bombs, aiming at the magic man who was ready to attack again.
Seeing these guys want to do that again, I was so angry that I gritted my teeth. "Blast them to death!"
This time, those guys just took off head-on and were bombarded by explosive bombs.
The unlucky magic man was shot in the head by an explosive bomb from the "rocket" on the spot.
Boom boom …
Thousands of explosive inflammatory bombs roared and the inferno lost three or four thousand soldiers again.