"Hum!" Phoenix shallow continue to ignore him.

Jun Mo Ying is not annoyed but laughs in a low voice. The slender jade forefinger carries her with a face of nai. "How do you know that you are in a bad temper all day?" You this little thing when I really spoiled "
Feng Shao almost blurted out without thinking, "If you are used to it yourself, you have to suffer!"
Jun Mo Ying paused and then smiled a little deeper. "Yes, I used to suffer by myself." Compared with Feng Shao’s upset mood, he seemed very calm and very happy.
"One day in the future, I will spoil you so much that no one can stand it …"
He said the last sentence very softly, as if it were for himself.
Phoenix shallow indeed didn’t listen to clear.
The man raised his eyebrows. "Nothing." He took her to one side and fixed her legs. He stared at her deeply. "Come and tell me what you really want to learn this?"
Phoenix’s shallow and delicate eyebrows gave a slight Cu and sniffed. "Didn’t I tell you that it was time to pass away?"
The man sneered at her and said, "How dare you say that I lied to you?"
Phoenix patted him on the side, holding his hands away from the line of sight and muttering, "Make underpants for my daughter …"
If someone behaves well, maybe, maybe, maybe give him that one …
But I don’t want to hear your ink shadow smell speech and suddenly laugh for a long time like hearing some jokes.
Phoenix shallow was immediately stimulated by him, and even shyness did not care about pursed mouth to pinch the beautiful face of Zhang Jun.
"You are good or bad and laugh at me!"
He is thin and should be all bones when pinched, but I don’t know what phoenix is shallow, but I think it feels good.
Jun Mo Ying smiled and circulated. She grabbed her strange little hand and kissed it. It seemed that she was not satisfied, and she took a bite with the back of her fist.
It flashed through Feng Shao’s mind that those parents who had just become parents seemed to bite their children in the same way.
Babies …
Think of this chicken shallow can’t help but "sloped" a smile.
"What are you laughing at?" Jun Mo Ying narrowed his eyes.
"Nothing." Feng changed her face and smiled like a blooming flower.
Absolutely weird.
Jun Mo-ying laid his hand leisurely in her waist and eyes, then picked his eyebrows and asked slowly, "Do you want to talk?"
Where can you talk nonsense about such a thing?
Feng Shao has no doubt that if this man knew what she was thinking just now, he could definitely pull her to do it 17 times a night without mercy to prove whether he is old or not!
Think this phoenix shallow face suddenly flashed a bit red.
"It’s really nothing!"
After thinking about it, Feng Shao bowed his head and took his gentle and elegant face in his leg posture and kissed him gently, almost wiping the past.