Hesitate for a scorching sun, put your feet down, and sneak past the house on one side of the avenue in the direction of stinking.

A slight turn surprised the scene before the scorching sun.
At present, there is a intersection of three avenues, and the intersection of the avenues shows a small piece of land. The surrounding houses and buildings are dilapidated, the doors and windows are broken, and the roof is also broken.
At this intersection, there is a river of blood on the ground, and the broken limbs are littered with corpses or fragments of corpses. Although it is impossible to tell which part of the body it is, it is obviously human remains.
Looking at the scorching sun, I was surprised that almost all the mutilated bodies were eaten, and the bones were still exposed in the bloody place! The trace of the flesh bitten by Kouga’s teeth is very publicity. Pieces of flesh and bones are hung with filar silk, and the ground smells bloody. Everything in the heart, spleen and lungs is thrown away at random, and the adhesion in the broken bones is sticky and thick!
The scorching sun glared at his eyes and leaned forward to see a miserable scene, but there was no living thing in sight.
Just then, the scorching sun suddenly smelled a stronger stench, and suddenly behind him, he heard a low roar all around him. He trembled and jumped up without looking back.
This jump was quite right when his feet just stood, and two shadows "sou" jumped up at the same time, but they collided and jumped together.
The scorching sun jumped to the side of the roof and looked at it with a steady probe, but I didn’t expect the black shadow to jump so high. His probe and the black sutra almost jumped in front of him! The scorching sun did not hesitate to raise my hand this time and smashed it with one punch.
The fist was in the middle of the black shadow. The head shadow screamed and screamed. As soon as it fell to the ground, a cloud of dust gradually rose.
The scorching sun was surprised because his fist hit the shadow head and he was shocked! There were some accidents in the scorching sun. If it was an ordinary person, the blow would have broken the skull. What is it that the head is so hard that it can really numb my fist?
Looking down at the scorching sun, his eyes suddenly widened.
Two behemoths with dark eyes and scarlet light are eyeing up on the roof, with fierce teeth and claws staring at the roof in the scorching sun. Each behemoth is more than two meters long, and its front paws and hind legs are bigger than people’s thighs, and there are still shredded pork and blood left beside it.
It is obvious that the residual limbs of those people on the ground at the intersection are the fierce claws of these behemoths.
But the sun was not surprised by the terrible beast. He looked straight at the behemoths in wait for a while and blurted out a "bloodthirsty black beast"? How is it possible? "
After saying his word, two bloodthirsty black beasts have descended on the roof. Seeing clearly the opponent in the hot sun, they are not nervous. The right hand and five fingers are suddenly stretched hard and stretched out, and then they are clenched into fists. The fists actually glow red from the flesh like a piece of red-hot pig iron.
The bloodthirsty black beast has rushed to the front of the hot sun and shouted a fierce punch to hit its head. This punch is completely different from just attacking a punch. As soon as the bloodthirsty black beast’s head was smashed out of a fist-shaped pit, its fur was burnt and screamed and fell to the ground. "Pa" A heavy blow fell to the ground and then look at the bloodthirsty black beast’s head, which had been burnt to coke.
Another bloodthirsty black beast then jumped in front of the scorching sun, and the scorching sun jumped up and jumped higher than the bloodthirsty black beast, and then quickly landed on its back.
The black beast also roared for a long time and then rode straight to the ground by the scorching sun.
"Ow!" The bloodthirsty black beast fell to the ground in the scorching sun. At that time, he lay motionless on his face, spouting a note of blood from his mouth, bulging his eyes and almost ejecting his eyes-no way. What is the volume of the scorching sun? What weight? Straight from high school, it hit the back of the bloodthirsty black beast and broke it. The whole spine and internal organs were crushed. Although it died before the horse, it was also a "plant beast"
There are a few bloodthirsty black beasts left, and they are angry when they see their companions killed, yelling at their front paws and scratching at the ground. The scarlet in their eyes is deeper, and then they leap together and jump into the hot sun almost at the same time.
The martyr also rode the bloodthirsty black beast, which was almost out of breath. When he saw the black beast pouncing on all sides, his face was not anxious. His hands quickly drew a circle on his chest, and then he suddenly raised his arms and shouted, "The flame is broken!"
Immediately, several pillars of fire were sprayed around, and then they spread after spraying, and each pillar of fire was connected to form a network of fire.
The scorching sun was also reflected by the fire, holding his arms high and his hair floating with the airflow.
The pillar of fire was connected into a network of fire for a long time until the scorching sun released its arms and breathed a sigh of relief, and the flame subsided a little and returned to its original state around it.
The scorching sun got up from the crotch and looked around at the bloodthirsty black beast. Just now, a few of them have jumped at the scorching sun and roared at the bloodthirsty black beast. At this moment, the fur has been burned clean and the smoke has become a "roasted beast".
The scorching sun took a walk and looked around, then squatted for a while next to the bloodthirsty black beast that had been roasted, stretched out his hand and pulled it back, raised his hand, wiped off the fur and ashes, dialed the roasted meat, sniffed it before putting it on his nose, nodded and opened his mouth and stuffed it into his mouth.
"Well, good! A little salt would be perfect. "Talking in the hot sun, I just sat in Lai ‘an City for so long, but he was really hungry and really ate the" roasted beast "in front of him.
While tearing at the meat and eating the hot sun, I wondered how this bloodthirsty black beast could appear in the city. Is he coming? Is it really his orc madness?
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Chapter two hundred and thirty-three "Xiao Lan fucking flying needle"
Li Ze commanded the 200,000 Tang Junzheng marshalling team to prepare for the search for Yang Ye in the city.
Li Ze knows all about the things like the Yang Night Ninja fighting in the east of Anshi City, the South Glory Fantasy Japanese samurai fighting in the west, and the homemade barbecue in the hot sun in the south of the city.
An City has a large area, and some of the sides will not know what happened in its direction at a distance, such as Yang Night, Nan Rong Magic and the scorching sun. Three people on the north avenue slaughtered more than 10,000 Japanese dog thieves, but the Japanese martial artists who guarded the Tang Min Promethean in the west square did not know anything.
This is also what Li Ze is worried about. He knows that the area of Ancheng is too large, and it will weaken the strength of each unit to spread out more than 200,000 people to find it. He doesn’t know if there are more hidden hostile forces in Ancheng, but there is no way to find it without spreading out. I’m afraid it won’t have much result before dark, and once it gets dark, it will increase the danger for searchers.
And this war is strange. What about those Prometheans? Could it be that someone in AnShi City can do witchcraft?
However, when Li Ze had just reorganized several teams belonging to 200,000 troops, a figure appeared on the avenue where they were in the same position.
A soldier came to report to Li Ze that "a man appeared not far from the general but did not move"
When Li Ze heard urging the horse to bypass the troops and came to the front, he looked at the distant avenue and people felt puzzled. There were more than 70,000 dogs and thieves stationed in Japan in Anshi City, and the residents of Anshi City were not slaughtered. So this …
Li Ze saw clearly that it was a woman.
About 200 meters away from these Tang Jun soldiers, a grass-green tight dress is full of gossiping patterns, and there is an "S"-shaped face with no expression on her waist. Her eyes have been looking at this side, and a long hair is swaying gently with the breeze. She is not a Japanese, and she is definitely not a resident of Anshi City. She is not excited and surprised. So who is she?
Looked at each other for a while, and the woman in the distance didn’t move at all, even the "S" shape didn’t change, and she still failed, held out her chest and pursed her ass.