Two people make a natural silence, and soon the black dress person opposite is somewhat defeated, and he turns around and walks to escape.

If Yu Ge agrees, he is very skilled. If this guy escapes from his hand, will he have the face to see anyone? Seeing that the man in black escaped, his body moved and jumped at him, so that he couldn’t escape. At the same time, his hand was cruel and poisonous, and he quickly killed the man in black.
After killing him, he quickly pulled the black cloth towel on the face of the man in black and looked at Su Wan. "Do you know this man, Lord of Qingling County?"
Su Wan walked over and looked at it carefully, but she didn’t know it.
This man is very skilled, obviously not an ordinary guard. She remembered that someone stopped her when she entered Anguo Houfu that night. This man is probably the one.
Yu Ge cast a glance around and several people in black were killed. What should we do now?
"What do you say?"
Xiao Huang’s eyes are faint and cold, and she is looking at Su Wan with a faint face. At this time, she listened to Yu Ge’s words and said, "What are you going to do with these people, Lord Qingling County?"
Su Wan raised his eyebrows and cast a glance at the last finger of the black dress person in front of him. The most powerful black dress person and Yu Ge said, "This man sent him to Su Xuan’s Meige and pretended that a thief stole something. I want to see that there is a dead man in the Meige. If they solve it."
Su Wan’s face is full of biting eyes, and Yu Ge’s eyes are fierce. This Qingling County Lord is really a malicious role, except for one thing, that is, she can’t fight martial arts, otherwise no one can really control her.
Yu Ge was thinking about Xiao Huang’s order "You go and do it with Nie Li"
Yu ge immediately chuishou should be "yes"
Xiao Huang also ordered the other hand to "clean up these dead people and don’t leave them in peace."
Several people flicker to deal with dead bodies. Xiao Huang and Su Wan are left here. Su Wan is looking at Yu Ge with a cold and calm face, leaving the black dress person and Nie Li all the way quickly.
She was looking at Bob and felt someone close to her ear, but she was floating and exhaling like orchid fragrance. "Su Wan, do you have any poison this time?"
Su Wan looked up quickly and saw Xiao Huang’s delicate face full of cold air and deep air. Kurome’s eyes were full of dangerous breath. At the moment, two people were very close together. His quiet fragrance was sprayed on her ear, which made her very uncomfortable.
But look at him at this time, Su Wan, a mysterious god, was so frightened that he wanted to retreat. Unfortunately, he was always a step slow. Xiao Huang stretched out his hand and ordered her acupuncture points so that she couldn’t move and leaned against him.
He looked at Su Wan with a smile instead of a smile.
"Su Wan, try another poison."
Su Wan’s eyes are full of haze and her teeth are cold. "What do you want?"
She didn’t expect that she was careless. Seeing that this man suddenly appeared to help her, she forgot to defend herself. Instead, this man was recruited by him. This is really after mantis catches silkworms and yellowbirds, but what does he want?
"What do you want?"
Xiao Huang stretched out her hand and left. Su Wan couldn’t help but exclaim, "Let me go, you let me go at once."
"Ha ha, will you let you go?"
Xiao Huang’s quiet and cold sound sounds up, and several hands behind him seem to have not seen what their owners are doing, so they quickly deal with the scene.
And Su Wan couldn’t help but scream "Xiao Huang, what do you want to do? Believe it or not, I will scream and make you ashamed."
Come to Su Wan, this sentence can threaten this guy. Who knows that Xiao Huang’s face is unpreparedness, and he picks out his eyebrows, looks deep and beautiful, and his eyes are cold and cool. He said coolly, "You can ask everyone to try it. Maybe we can co-star in a romantic drama?"
Su Wan choked with anger and couldn’t tell her face. She glared at Xiao Huang angrily and gnashed her teeth. "Come on, what do you want?"