Thoughts fly Ye Han heart suddenly thought that now that you have made a breakthrough in practicing dharma and can’t move it at will, you can change people to do it, and this Xiaoli is obviously the best choice.

Thinking of this, he smiled wryly. "Xiaoli, now I’m afraid I can arrange a four-star array. Why don’t you help them build the palace instead of me?"
"ah? Brother Han, what’s wrong with you? " Xiaoli smell speech immediately frightened how did this happen? What on earth made Ye Han make such a choice to give up personally arranging the four-star array?
Ye Hanwen heard another wry smile and hesitated for a moment, then sighed and said, "It’s really no big deal. It’s just that my body can increase yuan fruit energy and refine it at one time … I’m afraid it’s up to you to arrange the law!"
"oh? It’s that simple? It’s easy for me to help you! " After listening to Ye Han’s explanation, Xiaoli’s heart was relieved. What great difficulties did he encounter? So much for the original. Isn’t it refining by increasing yuan fruit energy method? This is easy!
When it comes to doing it, Xiaoli said that he came to Ye Han’s right palm and slowly stretched out a faint vitality. Soon he floated out of her palm and slowly got into Ye Han’s body. Then he looked for the energy that had not been refined and increased.
Soon she found the residual Ye Han body to increase the yuan fruit energy. She felt that energy was not majestic, and her heart suddenly became more soothing, but she didn’t dare to be careless and help Ye Han refine that energy.
Increasing yuan fruit energy is not much to say, not much to say, and not little to say. For Xiaoli, this energy is not huge, but it is obviously the opposite for Ye Han.
Ye Han feels extremely difficult to practice, but it is very easy to put it in Xiaoli’s hands. After a while, Ye Han feels that his body’s extra energy has become empty.
"Hoo!" Xiaoli breathed a sigh of relief and slowly recovered his vitality, so that the energy of refined and refined fruit was integrated into Ye Han’s body.
Sometimes there are not many things, but they are huge.
After the energy of increasing yuan fruit was released by Xiaoli, Ye Han obviously felt that he had revised and suddenly increased. He was about to break through a little bit. Now, with this energy, he joined him and naturally broke through soon.
I feel that the nine Yuan babies have slowly merged and finally dissolved into one body to form a phantom body. Ye Han breathed a sigh of relief and murmured, "Finally broke through!"
Breakthrough, but Ye Han still didn’t dare to relax. Although the problem of increasing the fruit has been solved, he has not yet stabilized. He still can’t stop, but he can silently run the star cold tactic and slowly stabilize himself.
Xiaoli quietly watching Ye Han uniting her eyes revealed joy. This cold brother finally broke through the original realm and entered the realm of Yuan Ying.
It may be a breakthrough for others to enter the realm of Yuanying, but Ye Han seems that entering this level is not so simple as a breakthrough, it is a transcendence.
Once upon a time, he had reached the realm of Yuanying, but he could not break through this level. Later, he went backwards, and then he finally recovered.
And all this can’t achieve his goal. If he surpasses it, it is only a step for him to surpass recovery.
Now he has finally surpassed Yuan Ying’s Nine Realms and entered the realm he had always wanted to enter. This doubt is the most gratifying thing he has encountered in his life practice, so Xiaoli is equally happy.
Looking at her eyes, I was suddenly deeply attracted. At present, this person is finally one step closer to his goal.
This goal is obviously what Qingyun had a hundred years ago. Although there is still a long way to go, he has taken another step forward. This step represents too much bad, but it can represent his persistence and has been affirmed.
See Xiaoli unblinkingly looking at Ye Han aside LengLing can’t help wondering what happened to this Xiaoli? So gawk at cold son? Is there something wrong with the brain? Or are you homesick?
Xiaoli didn’t explain it to her, but she seemed to find the answer by herself. Her eyes inadvertently fell on Ye Hanshen.
Suddenly, her eyes were deeply attracted to the past. This cold child repair … actually broke through the bondage of Yuan Ying realm and entered the realm of Yuan Ying.
Surprise is not Lengling’s surprise. Even his daughters are surprised. At this moment, they naturally see Ye Hanxiu’s breakthrough, so they can’t help but feel happy with him … Women, they have reason to be happy about this matter.
My man has finally improved again!
"Hey, I finally broke through!" Ye Han seems to react slowly. After he stopped practicing, he still froze for a long time before he woke up from his self-cultivation and enhancement.
Seeing this, the daughters couldn’t help looking at each other for a long time before they came to their senses. One by one, they couldn’t help laughing.
After listening to all the Nv Jiao Ye Han laughed, I just came to my absolute being and turned my attention to all the women. Seeing their charming smiles, my chest trembled and my eyes seemed to have been fixed.
Consciousness swallowed Ye Han finally hardened his mind to turn his eyes to the female face and glanced at it, then his face could not help but show a little embarrassment.
The moment before that, the women’s faces turned red with shame. Obviously, they found something. It’s nothing, but when he saw Blue, he felt a little guilty. It seems that Lan Er and himself haven’t cultivated that kind of feelings that can be seen casually, right?
Laner blushed. She didn’t expect that this was her master. Men actually looked at themselves and looked at them like that. The most important thing about places like that was that their eyes made people have the idea of getting into the cracks and avoiding them.
"Laner, come here!" I feel that there are some things that should be explained well. Ye Han didn’t dare to neglect and busy Laner shouted to him because he felt that some things had to be solved in close quarters.
Be Ye Han a shout blue charming body couldn’t help shivering a stare at Ye Han eyes also can’t help but see a confused color this cold brother call yourself?