Wang Haidong walked over and said, "Actually, this investment is also quite necessary on our side. If it is said that the investment falls to the provincial capital city at this time, what kind of things will it mean to the provincial capital city at this time? Such a situation just means adding flowers. The economy of the provincial capital city is already quite developed.

After all, it is said that it is a provincial capital at this time, and their economy will not be said. But if it is said that it falls to our river city at this time, it will be a timely help to our river city economy. No, I said that you can be clear, and it is simply embarrassing.
If we want to turn things around, we must have investment, and it must be a large amount of investment and long-term investment. At this time, the urgency of our need is quite great
At this time, this kind of thing is also a good thing for the leaders in the province. If the economy of our river city has always been unable to develop, then the leaders in such a situation have no glory, and it is said that such a situation is just a bottom city competing for them, and the leaders in these provinces generally will not intervene.
If they want to intervene, it is likely to make Sue half unhappy. What does this swallow mean? I think provincial leaders should know better than people like me. They don’t care about the overall situation, and they don’t care about the gains and losses of one city and one place. What they need is to consider the province. "
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Chapter four hundred and fifteen Jealousy
If I am the leader in the province, it is really time to choose, just like Wang Haidong said that it is the same. At this time, they all want to command the bureau, not to say that the economy in the provincial capital is prosperous, but at this time it is not as good as it is. If it is not good for your provincial capital city to do a good job in local economy, then it is not good at this time no matter what.
It is not a good provincial leader to talk about such a thing at such a time and such a situation.
Therefore, if the river city economy is not so good, then at this time, the real provincial leadership face is also not very glorious
So this situation Wang Haidong assumed that even if such a thing really happened, the leaders in the province would not be angry. On the contrary, the river city’s economy has developed. Isn’t this the result of provincial leadership? It is impossible
If the economy of the river city develops, it will be the achievement of provincial leaders at this time. Therefore, no matter how it is said at this time, even if the leaders of the provincial capital are angry to death, what’s the big deal?
Anyway, the provincial leaders mean to turn a blind eye to such things, so Wang Haidong is absolutely sure at this time. At this time, once Su Bancheng has invested in the river city, it is impossible for the provincial capital to retaliate regardless of their revenge.
And Sue half a guy like this is also intentionally hinted at one thing, that is to say, since there is no such thing as selling tangdao to imps, he should be suspicious and give some compensation, which is naturally no big deal.
At this time, no matter how to talk about such a thing, it’s the same thing. It’s no big deal to lose money in Sang Yu. Anyway, if a guy like Su Bancheng has money and what kind of place to invest, it’s all the same to make money, and the investment environment in the river city is still quite good
Therefore, such a situation, such a thing, this aspect is still quite good, so when and where to invest, that is to say, how does he look at it himself
If Su Bancheng says where to invest, it is what kind of place to invest at this time, and it is said that this is very good in terms of such a time and such a thing, and it is said that Su Bancheng promised to compensate the river city at this time, so it is certain that he will invest in the river city base.
Such a situation, of course, Wang Haidong will not give such a thing to rest assured.
Because such things are under Wang Haidong’s own control in any case, and I don’t know how many people are so busy trying to attract delegation members to visit and invest in their own places.
But all this is under the control of Wang Haidong, and there is nothing like him. If you invest in any place you like in Su Bancheng, forget it. What is Wang Haidong like with me?
But at this time, there is really such a situation with Wang Haidong. He always remembers this city, so things are with him.
Shihan this guy is also very nai to say, "It is true that others can’t learn such things, and it is only in our river city that we can do so. It is indeed possible for people in the province to turn a blind eye to such things, but that is to say, because our river city is really poor, it is a drag on the province, so there is nothing wrong with this time. That is to say, there is a little bit of scruple in your Wang family.
Otherwise, even the main leaders in the province can turn a blind eye to this matter, but some people just don’t feel comfortable. Therefore, such a situation is real. At this time, if I say that it is impossible for us to learn from there, it means that it is also possible for us to find investors of this level in Su Bancheng. The river city has somehow entered their eyes in Su Bancheng.
However, the root of our place is that it can’t attract the attention of Su Bancheng, and it is said that such a situation is actually a good thing to attract Su Bancheng’s attention and let him visit such a place. "
This thing is really the same as a guy like Shihan at this time, and it means that no matter how to speak at this time, Su Bancheng has indeed come to the river city no matter how to speak at this time
Such a situation, such a thing, such a thing and such a thing is a small success for the local government.
This place has attracted the attention of billionaires like Su Bancheng, which proves that this is more than what kind of achievements you can make, but it can attract Su Bancheng’s attention and prove that you are quite good at local governance, otherwise it is impossible to attract Su Bancheng’s attention.
What will the average person do to attract the attention of Su Bancheng? It is not a good investment environment, but at this time, in addition to a good investment environment, there is another thing about the river city, that is to say, there are antiques and ghost jade. With these things, it is of course more attractive to these rich people in Su Bancheng.
And this time, Su Bancheng and Shan can come to the river city in person. Will Su Bancheng come in person for such a small plan at this time? That’s impossible, but they did come at this time.
It’s not that they have mental problems, but what kind of people choose to come here at this time, that is, they have their own ghost-faced jadeite, whether it’s Su Bancheng or Shan.
A piece of jade is definitely a rare treasure. If it is in the store for a short time, then there will definitely be no third piece of jade with ghost face at this time.
If it is such a thing, then at this time, no matter how it is said, it is very attractive to those rich people and billionaires. Are they more valuable than each other?
The ghost face jade is such a thing, and no one knows where the first ghost face jade went. It seems that its owner is determined not to expose the ghost face jade, and it is not that all people can have such an ability at this time.
Only when they have money can they reflect the value of ghost face jade. There are few treasures in the world, and that’s why things can reflect the value of billionaires. Otherwise, anyone can buy things at this time. Can you still reflect the value of rough billionaires at this time? It is impossible
Moreover, there is absolutely no important question about money in such a matter. Whether they are themselves or not is glorious. If it is glorious, then at this time, no matter how I am, no matter how much I spend, these people will not rest assured. Moreover, this is a matter of showing their strength. If it is said that they can get the ghost face jade, it will also show how much their financial resources have reached.
This is also a considerable boost to their future business, because they have such a treasure to show that they are not short of money, so it is absolutely reassuring to do business with such a rich man, let alone a billionaire like Su Bancheng. At this time, even if it is said that those millionaires are talking about it, it is the same at this time. Do those millionaires really want to buy millions of famous cars?
This is not necessarily the case, but if you have a Ferrari, it will definitely be a status symbol when you go out at this time, so even if you are talking about business, it will increase your chances.
Therefore, in such a situation, sometimes the rich spend money, which is not necessarily to say that it is really showing off, which is a status symbol.
Everyone is in the circle, everyone is a billionaire, everyone is a multimillionaire, so it’s not so bad at this time. Others have Ferraris. If you get a field, are you in the same class or in the same circle?
One is that ordinary people can afford Volkswagen models, and the other is a nobleman in a car, which is the identity difference; If someone else wants a Ferrari, you want a BMW Bentley anyway. This is a circle. It is impossible for Tian Tian and Ferrari to get into a circle.
Of course, this is the level of millions of ordinary rich people, so that rich people can show off such a top rich person as Su Bancheng. At this time, no matter what, people in such a circle will no longer be able to show off their identity by car.
Do billionaires like Su Bancheng need expensive cars to show off their identity? Don’t say anything about expensive cars. Even if it’s a private jet, it’s not that there is no such thing as Su Bancheng.
This time, Su Bancheng came to visit the land by private jet. This is the level of people fighting in their circle. If Su Bancheng rides a bicycle, it will be a billionaire. No one dares to look down on Su Bancheng.
This is the strong place in Su Bancheng. He simply doesn’t need to prove that he is strong. Such a person can come to a place like River City at this time, of course, because there is something in it that can impress him.
One is to say that in such a situation, these things are for investment at this time, that is to say, to make money. If they can come to the river city, that is to say, what can impress them in such a place?
Although it is said that such a situation is such a thing that the river city is still quite poor, it does not mean that the river city is in one place, so such a situation is that if they come here, it is to make money.
In order to make money, they can really be interested in coming here, and the ghost face jade is of course one of the conditions. Such a rare treasure is also a good thing in Su Bancheng, and the rich like to pay attention to the object. That is, the world is scarce or only treasures can really attract the attention of the rich in Su Bancheng, and it is said that such a situation is actually such a thing to talk about, which is absolutely incomparable to other cities.
Don’t talk about such things in person. It is impossible for a guy like Shihan and a city like them to make such a move no matter what.