Ye Qing saw that she wanted to escape, immediately grabbed her arm and then pulled it back. On the strength of Da Mi, where is his opponent? He was pulled directly into his arms, leaning his hands on her shoulders and then bowed his head and kissed Da Mi’s rosy lips directly.

Big honey’s eyes are round and her expression looks a little frightened, like a frightened rabbit. She clutched Ye with both hands and dumped her clothes, and then her mouth clumsily responded, apparently never taking a kiss.
Ye Qing’s kissing skills are not much better. When I was in college, I kissed his girlfriend just like a dragonfly. I rarely kissed him emotionally like this. At this time, he was also very aggressive. He resisted Da Mi and closed two rows of white teeth. Da Mi closed his eyes shyly and his teeth were weak all over. Ye Qing’s tongue was attacked and Ye Qing broke in.
The big honey sweet tongue is small and flexible, and if the sandalwood leaves break through, it immediately finds the big honey sweet tongue. It suddenly feels smoother than it may be because of the true feelings. It feels that this kiss is a thousand times better than his ex-girlfriend’s kiss. The whole person has fallen into the arms of Ye Qing, and the tongue responds to Ye Qing’s every tease.
"Uh-huh ….." Big honey felt a little difficult to breathe and uttered a few groans, which could not help but stimulate Yuzryha to hug her back tightly and let her stick to her body and feel that the girl’s body trembled slightly in her arms. That kind of shyness naturally emanated.
He sucked the big honey flexibly, covered the small honey mouth with his tongue and lips, felt her shortness of breath, and felt a strong possessiveness in his heart. He wanted to push the big honey to the bed at once, but reason told him not to do so. If he did that, he would definitely get a loud slap in the face from the big honey.
At this time, big honey lost all her white body in her brain, and she felt that Ye Qing’s tongue was moving in her mouth. Because Ye Qing had been blocking her mouth, her face was flushed with shortness of breath, and she could not help but try to push Ye Qing.
Where Ye Qing was willing to let her go, she immediately put her on the bed, and she fell on her back and fell on the bed. Ye Qing’s mouth never left her lips, holding her head in one hand and touching it directly from the big honey coat in the other.
Big honey woke up immediately, and quickly reached out and held down the leaf tilting hand. At this time, the leaf tilting just reached the belly of big honey, and when she pressed the whole palm, it covered her flat belly. It felt warm and jade, and it felt very good. At that time, he no longer moved his finger and rubbed it in the belly of big honey, feeling that the skin of big honey was very delicate.
The two kissed for ten minutes before Songyeqing and Daimi took a deep breath almost at the same time, and then looked at each other and couldn’t help laughing. Daimi’s face was red as if she were drunk. She smiled happily at Yeqing and said, "You almost suffocated me."
"I’m so excited, I’m sure it will be much better." Ye Qing was also very embarrassed. The tunnel honey cocked her mouth and complained, "What did you want with that thief just now?"
"I didn’t want to do it. My hands are too cold outside and I want to reach in to keep warm!" Ye Qing now also cheeky cheekily looked at big honey.
"Bah! Why are you reaching for warmth? "
"Don’t should stretch? You said it earlier! "
"Go to hell! Smelly rascal! Get up and go to the club! Don’t make me late, too. How can I lead you when those guys have something to say? " Big honey is very bitterness tunnel
"Yes, yes, yes, my horse will get up and lead you first!" Ye Qing immediately said honestly that he grabbed the chair coat and put it on, and then he would be paved before he hit the door and went out with Big Honey.
At this time, Dong Laoer and Zhao Junzhu were already waiting for them in the living room. When they came out, Dong Laoer immediately said, "Boss, boss, good morning. Did you sleep well last night?" Ye Qing saw this guy’s eyes and knew that he was asking himself if he got it last night.
Chapter 1 Real Giants Club
Ye Qing looked at Dong Laoer with a crooked eye, while Da Mi smiled and said, "Did you sleep well? Did you have breakfast?" When Dong Laoer saw Ye Qing’s expression, he knew that he definitely didn’t succeed. He could not help sighing, but said, "We haven’t eaten yet. We are going out to eat last night. It rained heavily. Today, we didn’t want to make breakfast or go out to buy anything. We just went out to eat and went directly to the club."
"It’s also time-saving, so let’s go out to eat together. After eating, you go to the club first, and I have to pick up the car. Don’t be lazy if I don’t come. Practice hard!" Big honey smiled and said to Dong Laoer and Ye Qing
Ye Qing made an ok gesture and said, "Don’t worry, they dare not be lazy when I watch those monkeys!" Big honey nodded and then went to the health wash first. Dong Laoer immediately took Ye Qing to the window and mysteriously asked, "Eldest brother, you shouldn’t have slept honestly last night, right? Didn’t you catch anything? "
Ye Qing sighed, "You don’t see that she usually seems to be very fashionable and avant-garde. In fact, her heart is very unified. Last night, I slept with her and squeezed my arm. However, after getting up early, I grabbed her and chewed it, which is a bit of welfare. The progress has been very good."
Dong Laoer heard the words and smiled. "Haha … that’s faster than your progress with Su Yanbing. Surely you haven’t had a chance to kiss Fang Ze?"
"Ah, you don’t want me to be sad. The past is over. Now I’m with Honey and I’ve really found that feeling of falling in love. I found that I have loved her hopelessly." Ye Qing said with a face showing tenderness. Dong Laoer couldn’t help but laugh. "It seems that the hard work and persistence of the big boss have finally paid off. This is called keeping the clouds and seeing the moon! I think even if Su Yanbing is willing to change everything about yourself, you won’t look back, will you? "
"It also says that I won’t fail Honey. She is very affectionate to me and I will love her well." Ye Qing solemnly nodded his head and asked again, "Boss, you really didn’t do anything last night?"
"Really!" Leaf tilt very sure tunnel
"Shit, don’t lie to me. I’m your brother. You have to tell me the truth!"
"Your sister, I came to tell the truth!"
"Then you have no touch here and there? It’ s good to have a hand addiction! " Dong Laoer very obscene tunnel Ye Qing immediately white his one eye, "I’m not as obscene as you! Brother is an upright man, understand? " Then he added in his mind, "Don’t you and I really want to touch around? She held my hand … "
Ye Qing also ran into the sanitary bathroom after Da Mi finished washing. After finishing washing, the four of them went out together. Because of the heavy rain all night, the air outside was fresh and the ground was still a little wet. Dong Laoer came over and Ye Qing stopped a taxi for Da Mi and asked her to go to the Italian restaurant parking lot to pick up the car.
Ye Qing, Dong Laoer and Zhao Junzhu went to the club for their daily work. Today, Ye Qing is in a very good mood because he got a little benefit early. He can’t help laughing when he plays the game, which makes meteor and others feel puzzled. I don’t know what Ye Qing is laughing at.
Big honey came back from the car and went to the training room specially to have a look at everyone’s training. Ye Qing made eye contact many times during this period. The relationship between the two was growing day by day. To see each other feel very good, Ye Qing felt from the bottom of his heart that being with big honey was much more relaxed and happy than being with Su Yanbing.
After the completion of the training in these two days, the China-Korea Masters Invitational Tournament was finally held in Chengdu. Almost all the professional teams in Chengdu went to watch the game that day. So most of the large-scale events will be chosen in Chengdu because of Jiang Yuhan, or rather, because of the S team. This team array is luxurious and has a large number of fans in Chengdu, and Jiang Yuhan once defeated South Korea’s sniper Wang Li Qianxiu in the China-Korea Masters Invitational Tournament. It is more conducive for Jiang Yuhan to play and let him occupy the home advantage.
Club I people arrived at the competition site early, and they saw that there was already a sea of people outside the competition site and a long queue at the entrance. This competition has become the largest event in Chengdu except wg, and it is a visual feast for fer. Many star players will compete here for the final championship.
There are also five invited teams in China, namely, S Team, Tiger Brothers League, Liaoning Qingcheng Competition, ig Athletic Club and agpepsi Time Line. These five top professional teams in China are worth it. First, the flag of ig Athletic Club includes doa, F, The lol team has taken the initiative very quickly recently, especially after the reorganization of the S team, which wantonly poached people from the major teams, resulting in a great change in the pattern of the F world, and the front line was also reorganized during the ag parade. It can be seen from the name of the team that when the team is called agpepsi, the front line is supposed to be sponsored by Pepsi, and they have obtained the title. This team array has also changed recently, and even and kwo have become the pillars of the team, lsn, Dono can also support the team with strong firepower, and the strength of the team has been greatly enhanced. From the ranking of the team, they also surpassed the Qingcheng in Liaoning and the Han Palace lan and ranked third in prehistoric cases.
Ig Athletic Club became the biggest dark horse and quickly rose to the second place. If the S team had not been reorganized, there is no doubt that they would be the first. This club can be said to be the first truly rich club in China, because they are the richest man in the world, and Grandpa Wanda Group is definitely a truly rich club.
Ig Athletic Club has recently carried out a series of corner-digging operations involving doa, StarCraft II, F, lol and other projects. ig is probably the only one that can dig people in such a big way. Now the members of the F team of ig Club include 7kg, the top sniper Ma Zhe, who is equally famous as White Shark, and four top gunners, n1e, 4me, 1 and bes. Except for the S team, they are in the limelight for a while.
It is said that ig Athletic Club once offered 1 million yuan to Jiang Yuhan, a sniper, hoping that he could transfer to the past, but Jiang Yuhan refused. He really said that his comeback was not to make money, but to attack wg champion again. Although ig Club also had the strength to attack the champion, Jiang Yuhan would not leave those friends who followed him.
Not to mention that there are 7kg in Liaoning Qingcheng, and they are strong enough to win everyone’s recognition, and they also have the strength of the impact champion with the assistance of Lincoln and others. It can be said that the three teams ig, ag and Qingcheng are strong because of the former Dongjia ab member base, except for the gold medal commander sir who chose to retire, the other four people were divided up by these three teams.