How did the European hegemon get to this point?

It really makes people shake their heads and sigh.
Perhaps this is the law of time?
Even a strong man like Chang Sheng, a prosperous empire like Lazio, could not resist the erosion of time and was defeated in the face of time …
Chapter seventy-three Sorry, I don’t understand.
There are many opinions about Lazio’s entry into the Italian Cup final. Some people praise it, while others question it.
There are all kinds of opinions.
Changsheng did not respond to these remarks.
On the one hand, he has no time; on the other hand, he doesn’t think it is necessary.
Everyone has the right to express their opinions, they can fully express their opinions, and it is impossible to silence them if they win.
Then, after they have expressed their opinions, Changsheng naturally has the right to swing his arms and slap them in the face.
This is the "natural right to hit the face."
They won’t listen to anything you say to them now. It takes a lot of saliva.
It’s really unnecessary to waste saliva with them, because they are always in such a position.
Anyway, after the final result comes out, just ignore their faces and beat them to death.
Easy and convenient.
Some people say that Lazio can only send him off with an Italian Cup champion?
They can say so, but they will never be satisfied with an Italian cup.
The Italian Cup champion, many people look down on it, and some people look down on it.
Take an Italian cup to see yourself off?
These people really want to come out, and they don’t want this kind of champion!
His eyes are still on the league and the Champions League, two more important champions.
Lazio are only one point behind Juventus in the league. There is still hope for the league title. Of course, after the start of the Champions League, fighting on two fronts will definitely affect Lazio’s performance in the league. At that time, it will depend on whether Lazio pursues the League title or the Champions League.
In the Champions League, Lazio’s top 16 opponents are Scottish Celts.
This is not a strong team, and Lazio should not be a problem in reaching the quarter-finals.
Such a lottery result surprised many people.
UEFA’s match against Lazio is nothing new in this group match. Why did UEFA suddenly turn around after the elimination stage?
This is definitely a problem, right?
But they scratched their heads and didn’t find anything wrong with it.
I can’t analyze the motivation of UEFA to do this.
Is it because the death group can’t get stuck in Lazio, so just give up?
How could UEFA be so timid?
This makes the media feel very boring. If UEFA keeps fighting Lazio to the end, it will be a good topic.
As a result, uefa was so timid …
The great stunt is gone.
In fact, they think of UEFA too simply.
UEFA did this just because it didn’t want to make things too obvious, even though the whole world knew about their relationship with Lazio. But as long as the enough paper doesn’t burst, they can still pretend to be that gentleman.
People are alive and trees are alive, and being a bitch needs to set up a chastity memorial arch.
UEFA wants to be bitches, and everyone says they are chaste and heroic women.
So we should talk about rhythm and methods.
It’s not dark now, it doesn’t mean later.
Maybe I want Lazio to let their guard down?