The bodies of ten people who fell to the ground expanded rapidly. Their skin festered, their muscles swelled up, and their flesh and blood served as skin covering their body surfaces. In all kinds of howls, they changed in different directions. Some of them became longer, and their limbs landed on the ground, and they continued to grow like giants. Some of them merged their knuckles into horns, and their claws became elephant-shaped. Some of them evolved, and even the caves were shaken, and finally they were able to rush out of the caves to complete the evolution.

"Biochemical colossus, talos, Goddess of the Night, Morpheus, Javier, Estella, Wesker, Alexia, Tracker, Cameron …" The little girl read out the names of the monsters one by one, while her body was still shaking. Even though the war ghost hugged her with Leona, she still seemed to be enveloped by extreme shadow of fear. "How could these things appear? This is the enemy. "
"If these things appear on the battlefield, they can end the battle instantly without infecting other zombies into hands."
Jeremy frowned and said that it is obvious that she is also a fan of Resident Evil games.
Even if the two of them don’t say anything, zhaojie can see the opportunity to end the battle from this grotesque and all kinds of horrible creatures.
At the moment, six monsters have completed the evolution outside the cave, leaving a seemingly intact man in the room, a perfect silver arm burning with flames, and a woman with a huge alloy cannon on her right arm. The fingers of humanoid monsters have become claws and tall monsters. They seem to have retained their thoughts and stood quietly controlling their killing intentions, waiting for Fu madame roland’s order.
Fu madame roland glanced at zhaojie’s side and saw several people nervous. He looked at himself and said flatly, "We are going to the battlefield. I hope you can help me do one last thing."
Zhaojie’s face remained the same in the beauty squad. He leaned slightly and said, "I am willing to listen to your wishes."
"No matter how you can help me stall those damn walkers."
"You got the last tackle of the main line."
"It is required to kill five passers-by before the end of the battle after the guardian intervened in the battlefield, and reward three points for evaluation and failure to punish Fu madame roland’s anger."
"I’m white," zhaojie replied with a bow.
"That is to say, if we want to complete the last stage, our goal is to kill 25 crossovers and punish Fu madame roland for failure. No, I said that everyone should be able to guess what it is, right?"
Outside the battlefield in the pine forest zhaojie heart some anxious said to a few people.
Since seeing this monster created by the secret treasure, zhaojie has found that the war situation has been out of his control and is developing in the direction of law suppression.
It turned out that his mastery of power through the secret treasure would be better than that of one of them at best, but he would not slaughter both sides of the camp in such an overwhelming manner as he is now.
And the most important thing is that even if we have guessed that the ultimate goal of this main line is to let the passers-by upgrade their strength through killing each other, after seeing such an ugly battlefield, zhaojie can’t admit that this battle can’t be ended by creating an avalanche by himself.
His eyes looked at the battlefield, and now the battlefield days have been red with blood.
When Fu madame roland’s ten hands rushed into the battlefield, the two brothers, Bill and Kyle, attacked the ten monsters at the same time like crazy, and both sides reserved the final power to send to the battlefield.
These include Kyle Fang, a Qing Dynasty zombie and Bill Fang, a ghostly zombie with a semi-transparent body.
The former is so powerful that the ghost’s eyes almost pop out. This zombie in Qing Dynasty is not as rigid and rigid as the shadow, but like a normal person … It is not more flexible and rapid than the normal person, and even faster than the speed when the black dress person was killed by the US * female squad before. The whole body turned into a ghosting image and quickly attacked the enemy. Every time he punched the ground, he waved a hole nearly five meters wide and two meters deep, and the zombie department was torn in two by the boxing wind.
Although the latter is not as fast as the zombies in Qing Dynasty, the ghostly body changes into several doppelgangers during the attack. Every doppelganger can have physical strength, and when the enemy body causes an explosion, the physical attack will have a root effect on him. Even if he is passed by several tentacles, he can float to the side unscathed.
In these two zombie attack biochemical colossus and another camp with several tentacle guardians, the root of zombies is good to fight back, but even so, both of them continue to attack the surrounding zombies as if nothing had happened.
However, the biochemical elephant and the zombie who is the goddess of the night by the little girl don’t care too much about the opponent’s attack, but it doesn’t mean that Fu madame roland will be hurt by the enemy. The hand waving is rushed by the little girl into Westcott and Alexia, the two closest human zombies, to lead the Qing Dynasty zombies and ghost zombies respectively.
After being led away from the battlefield, the Qing zombies and ghost zombies were immediately suppressed by their opponents, as if they were normal men. Wesker’s theory was better than that of Qing zombies in speed and strength. They were like two staggered meteors, drawing shadows and attacking each other’s fists quickly in the middle. The collision resounded through the whole battlefield, and when it hit the white heat, both their clothes were ignited by the fierce friction of gas. As a result, the two men were more like two meteors dragging a long tail fire and bombarding each other. Soon, the two figures at war made a huge explosion, and then a circle of gas was squeezed by a powerful force, causing the gas explosion. The snow around the pit was raised high around ten meters. Almost at the same time, a body was smashed into the ground, and the whole snow-capped mountain seemed to tremble. Several snow fell from the pine forest where zhaojie and his party were located.
When the snow and fog dissipated, a red luo figure floated as if beriberi were real. His face still maintained a facial expression, but the scarlet colleagues exuded irresistible majesty and dignity.
Wesker wins
On the other hand, the ghost zombie Alexia’s fighting is also a fast technology. Although the ghost zombie can conjure up several avatars, Alexia is more powerful. Her whole body is shrouded in a raging flame, and the snow on the ground is quickly evaporated into fog. Although the fighting between them is not as fierce as that of Wesker’s zombies in the Qing Dynasty, the scope of engagement is even wider, covering almost the whole battlefield. Although the ghost zombie is not afraid of physical attacks, Alexia’s flame can instantly ignite it and burn it out. The ghost zombies in Iraq were chased by Alexia and fled everywhere. The whole battlefield was shrouded in Alexia’s flame, and soon the battlefield was filled with snow and melting fog.
After fighting for about five minutes, the ghost zombie finally couldn’t bear the fact that Alexia’s flame power turned to ashes in a sad cry, but even if she died, her cry turned into coils of sound waves and expanded the whole battlefield. Almost all creatures were stimulated and their brains seemed to burst.
Alexia was directly hit by this attack, and she bled directly from it, but soon she returned to the battlefield, and her resilience was evident.
After the strongest zombies on both sides were terminated, Kyle’s brothers seemed to know that their field was almost crazy, and the number of zombies rushing from the mountain to the battlefield was 300 thousand, while all kinds of super zombies on the other side were sent out of the castle by Kyle and thrown into the battlefield like abandoned ones.
The two brothers are desperate.
The third volume Chapter 20 Conspiracy!
Chapter 20 Conspiracy!
Hundreds of thousands of zombies seem to be the most horrible cannibal ants in the desert flocking to several huge guardians. Even though those guardians have a huge body like a hill, they are also screamed by this secret attack.
Night Goddess, Estella, Cameron, these ferocious monsters with huge tentacles, waved their bodies with countless thick and long tentacles, and constantly pulled the body zombies away from them, which directly made the tentacles penetrate and devour them, but there was a limit to their strong absorption ability. When these zombies grew to twenty or thirty meters high, they would never be seen to absorb their own body zombies again.
Ten "Resident Evil" strongest B weak ring biochemical colossus has been this crazy zombie gnawing at the skeleton, but this monster has shown an abnormal ability of terror. It waves its trunk and constantly blows away the zombies and then quickly swallows one zombie after another so that its body energy can be replenished.
More than 20 meters high and 40 meters long, Javier’s whole body looks like a dinosaur skeleton with thick joints and sharp bone spurs. He quickly waved the zombies close to him and rolled them into piles of perfect minced meat. However, when it was in full swing, a monster with the same height of more than 20 meters appeared in Kyle camp. He fell to the ground from high school and threw himself forward like a Titan. Javier was thrown to the ground abruptly, and the two monsters quickly wrestled together. They rolled across the whole battlefield, leaving large pieces of minced meat and plasma.
This monster is the most horrible wave SS in "Anti-terrorism Elite-Cataclysm". It is a special-shaped auburn covered with skin like an alloy plate.
Alexia’s body shuttles through the air like a small cruise plane. The flame of her right hand sweeps the ground crazily, sweeping vast tracts of zombies, which are ignited and burned by this flame. This super group injury attack temporarily allows Fafeifei zombies to watch themselves being burned in the crowded corpse tide, but Alexia has not been arrogant for long. A thick, tentacle-like tongue shoots out of the corpse group and quickly entangles Alexia’s body. This female monster suddenly feels that her body is completely suppressed and is quickly pulled to the ground by this tongue.
The hand is a Smoker.
On the other side of the corpse tide, talos, the most * * king, suddenly jumped out of the zombie pile with a huge body and several zombies flying up. This limb is huge than humanoid monster raising his right hand and looking at it, there is at least one ton of heavy artillery crashing. Two huge missiles shot around Aleksiya beyond the speed of sound, and the explosive force of the missiles instantly destroyed all creatures in the range of 30 meters around Aleksiya, and the incidental flame extended more than 50 meters.
Alexia just got up, one red and one black, and two thin figures flew past her. Alexia had already drawn more than a dozen wounds before she realized what her body was. Her red eyes turned to look in the fire not far behind her, and Barbie, a shadow of two different colors, was bloodthirsty and looking at herself.