"We are women and you are men. We can’t drink beer. You can drink beer with us!" This kind of requirement is that the big steamed dumplings will come out.

It’s always been very fierce, and the second win suddenly went dumb, but Hua Laosan slammed the table with great pride and shouted out, "I’ll give a bottle of Fenjiu 52 degrees."
The eagle chopsticks fell off the table as soon as they snapped. "Fuck my brother, you want to tell me."
Hua Laosan is really heroic. "One bottle is not enough for 15 bottles!"
The eagle’s eyes turned and it seemed dizzy.
Of course, China’s third child will be dressed in a white suit and it will be fine. Not only are there today, but a large group of beautiful women are really beautiful. The hangover enzyme is absolutely much more secreted than hormones at the moment.
"Still the third brother has boldness of vision!" The steamed dumplings in the big cage immediately greeted a large group of Yingying Yanyan to sit. "Let’s fight for a table and drink!"
When Jingwa saw it, she was also full of pride. "Give me five bottles of mineral water!"
Drag a little "I don’t know this man, don’t look at me!" "
A group of men and women are very excited. There are big cages of steamed dumplings and old three gas fields. Everyone is still wrong. Sitting is that men and women can’t hold groups of the same sex and don’t engage in camp opposition.
On the left and right sides of Mad Dog Dragon were sitting Qiushui Iraqis and Emma. When they saw the big steamed dumplings, they clamored to make wine with this group of two stare blankly. Qiushui Iraqis turned a little pale. She belongs to the kind of person who rarely touches alcohol. She just drank less than half a glass of red wine at her table and now she blushed like a flaming cloud.
"Can I drink less?" Colchicine Iraqis small asked
Emma said with a smile, "I’m not afraid of having your husband here!" "
Her husband looks very uneasy at the moment, because there are mountains of plates in front of the local dog dragon, and he has been burying his head in boring food, even if the table is full of wine, he cares about his stomach.
"Hey, brother cucumber, don’t you help your companions at this table? They can’t hold on!" Emma woke him up.
"Uh-huh!" Mad dog faucet also don’t lift concentrate on dealing with braise in soy sauce lion head in the plate.
Qiushui Yiren’s strength is "it’s strange to eat so much and drink!"
It’s true that he couldn’t bear the roar of Hua Laosan. He drank a bottle of beer after drinking one or two white wine steamed dumplings in a big cage. As a result, who would have thought that the steamed dumplings in a big cage drank a bottle of beer continuously without changing color, but Hua Laosan was directly drunk and went to health.
Then Jingwa Jingwa’s request not to drink liquor was strongly despised by all the girls, but Rao only drank four bottles of beer and surrendered.
Ye Shao was a little better than him. He was very straightforward and dried half a catty of white wine, and then he knelt down.
Steamed dumplings in a big cage knocked down three macho men by one person. She couldn’t help laughing. "? You don’t? "
1v3 looked at Jingwa, who collapsed in the chair, with a sad face. "You three big rookies have lost all our men’s faces. Watch it. How did Brother 1 educate this girl?"
Steamed dumplings in a big cage sneered, "Another food delivery."
The atmosphere of this table was lively, and many celebrities and beautiful women caused strong onlookers at other tables.
1v3 really tough picked up a bottle of white wine and did it directly to be continued.
Chapter four hundred and sixty-nine Happy hour
1v3′ s face was very reluctant when he dried the second bottle of wine, but he did it anyway.
The big steamed dumplings finally covered their bellies and said, "I want to have a rest!" "
1v3 laughed "Old natural enemy!"
One is about to fly an eagle. As soon as he was saved, he immediately raised his arms and shouted, "Brother 1 is mighty and worthy of being our brother at this table!"
I haven’t finished yet. 1v3 has bounced up from the chair and ran in the direction of hygiene with his belly in his hand, running faster than dogs.
Daughters burst into laughter on the spot, and the eagle immediately became unintelligent.
The quick chicken chef sneered, "Don’t be afraid that they will have a big cage of steamed dumplings. One can drink everyone else’s food!"
"Who said!" The chivalrous man stood in front of himself with a bottle of white wine. "I’m not used to drinking beer, so can I call it wine?"
A look at her this momentum is a bit fierce toilet fast chicken teacher immediately guilty turned trail "brothers help? After eating in Yiding Chicken Food City, you will enjoy a 50% discount. This is a diamond VIP card. Come and take it! "
At this moment, the steamed dumplings in the big cage have gone to the sanitary second victory, which has been silent for a long time, and finally broke out. After drinking two bottles of white wine, they immediately shocked the field.