The fifth paragraph of "Flash Step" cools down for 1 second behind the instantaneous moving target within 15 meters;

The fourth paragraph of "Ghost Hunting" can release an illusion that is the same as your real body in the direction of 15 meters. Sending the illusion quickly can cause physical damage in a straight line (strength *5). If you return from the illusion to the original place, it will cause physical damage (strength *7). You can also choose to integrate the illusion and never return to the illusion. When there is no attack power, it will be 35 seconds. If you don’t choose to send the illusion, it will be shortened by 12 seconds.
The only active roar in paragraph 5 of Goddess Rage deals (physical+mental) *5 group magic damage to enemies within 3 meters and causes repelling effect. This skill D consumes 6% of the current physical and mental energy each time it is cast.
"Survival of the Jedi" 3-stage achievement skill before there is no moving state that makes your vision appear in ghost mode, and players, monsters and np all appear in different colors and cast away from your vision visibility.
In the second paragraph of "Night Stealth", you have a stealth state for 3 seconds. In this period, your speed will drop by 35%. When you are attacked or actively attacked, the stealth state will disappear. When you cool down for 1 second, this skill does not have an anti-stealth effect;
5% reduction in body skill cooling;
Finally, I broke through the 35-level big body attribute, and I finally got a handle on it. People have to be careful in the face of such a freak. Now, except for the mad dog dragon, it can be said that it is really true.
But the most important thing is that he can finally learn the seventh skill now-Long Wuqi.
Long Wu Qi will continue to output melee attacks at a certain time, or be attacked by enemy units. You will get a certain degree of anger value. Once you reach Manchu, you can strengthen these anger. One of your skills will have a mutation effect. The mutation effect depends on the anger value limit.
Looking down at the status bar again, there was a new attribute anger /2.
Watch the detailed introduction carefully and make Bilong shocked.
Long Wuqi
In "Fountain of Power", the power will be added in a short time;
When Phantom of the Snitch continues, the cooling time is shortened;
You can flash continuously in "Flash Step";
Multiple visions produced in Ghost Snatch can travel in multiple straight lines;
In "Goddess Wrath", there is a certain chance to stun the target;
When "Stealth in the Night" extended its stealth;
This skill cannot be used in the achievement skill "Survival of the Jedi";
Wow, wow, wow, this skill doesn’t seem to have any practical effect. It’s just a bomb.
"Flash" changes to "Flash" and then flashes in the crowd. You can’t catch me, you can’t catch me;
Then the power is so great that it is not bragging, but killing the cow with one punch;
Being busy and teasing you seems to be everywhere;
Open your mouth and shout. It’s dizzy for your face …
Magic skills. Are there any magic skills?
Mom, who can give me death? Who can?
Until I saw this skill, the mad dog dragon became happy as soon as he saw it. Hum, hum, haha, and walked in the direction of the border. Mm-hmm, first go back to Dynasty Port and have a bumper harvest, and then treat yourself first.
Teasing Bilong as a reward is that Xiaojia bought him a lot of life a few days ago, so Tugoulong cooked a pot of noodles, fried some eggs, fried a sausage and returned a bottle of beer, which was more moist.
After thinking about it, Li Dalong Building ran to the next shop and asked Xiaowen to share it with him.
Hearing that it was lunch, Xiaowen did not say anything about Mamen. They ate a large pot of noodles in less than ten minutes.
"Brother Long, you cook this noodle much better than me!" Xiaowen licked his lips and seemed wanting more.
Li Dalong laughed. "I want to eat a pot of noodles for free. I will definitely praise people better than you!"
Two people are preparing another pot of noodles. Unfortunately, Xiaowen’s phone rang.
He is an old communicator, which can’t output images, but can listen to sounds and send messages, which is a bit like a music box.
"Oh dragon elder brother also GuanFan late? I have a job now! " Xiaowen got up. "I was hired to repair the pipeline."
Li Dalong is a little curious. "You have only been in this shop for a few days and your business is so good?"
Xiaowen laughed. "It’s all slum work. It’s small money to earn."
"Where to fix it?" Li Dalong asked casually.
Xiaowen laughed. "Miss Fang of Dazheng Law Firm said that the water pipe was leaking. Let me go and help!"
Li Dalong moved in his heart, "It’s just that I’m going to the public welfare center!"
Dazheng Law Firm happens to be located at the corner of the fifth district where Li Dalong is located, that is, in the dirtiest, most chaotic and worst slum, which is also the most wonderful law building in the whole Star.
Strictly speaking, it really can’t be called the lawyer’s building, because it is the kind of high-rise wooden bungalow on the second floor, which is magnificent and towering. The lawyer’s building of the Major League is not too much rubbish than here.
The gate on the first floor is open, and there is a sign on the left and right that says
"Haoran is upright and righteous!"
Seeing these two cards, Li Dalong’s eyes were slightly moist, bloody and feverish, because he knew why these two cards would be hung here.
Of course, this does not prevent him from respecting the worker here-Wang Dazhang.
This ugly, short woman has an unusual energy. She is always full of energy, facing the door for help, and she is always patient, dignified and kind.