Just now, when 2 was carried here, Lin Feng knew that if he didn’t well-documented himself, he would have to play himself.

But this hard-won opportunity was not won by myself.
But teammates and EH Naiju.
Thought of here, the original career debut should be happy, Lin Feng.
But a little heavy and not happy.
Lin Feng found her own competition suit in the travel bag beside the substitute seat.
The pig’s head dish also applied for a substitute substitution with the referee
At one time, players from both sides of the competition area in the Olympic Sports Center quickly replenished water on the sidelines and released water on the other side of the venue during this rare break.
Personal problems from two fierce games are still serious problems.
In a seemingly war-torn field, Lin Feng shook the dark blue viper mouse in his hand.
And not long ago, Lao Pei changed his black widow keyboard.
Step into the competition area
"I am coming in the G League!" Come in my heart said to myself
No excitement, of course, still more or less excited.
Lin Feng’s debut for the first time drew a curtain with scattered applause.
This is still the home of EH in the Olympic Sports Center.
If some teams don’t deal with EH at home, it is estimated that there will be no abuse like a tsunami.
Geographical discrimination and team feud are always the factors of discord or lack of G League besides honor and strange birth.
Just like injuries in the career of competitive professionals are unavoidable experiences.
Today is 2.
God, maybe even today, I’m still alive and kicking.
The day after tomorrow … Who knows?
Come to do is to collect your mind in a short communication with pig’s head dishes.
Find what you should be there to do.
Counseling and help
2 assists in EH precise tacit cooperation can be said to be perfect, which is also an indispensable auxiliary position assist tactic in professional team competition.
At this point, Lin Feng showed a sense of smell in the battlefield during the semi-professional period, which made Lin Feng do well
However, in this period of training at EH headquarters, being guided by Dugu Jiujian and his teammates and cultivating a better sense of smell in the battlefield made Lin Feng not worry about assists at all.
Even if the cooperation is not skilled, but several heroes in the auxiliary position, Lin Feng, have research competitions, and they still play well with pig’s head vegetables and others.
In the middle of the road, one bloody road, two killing roads, stabilizing the later stage, confronting the opponent’s inferior road counterattack.
Come on, it’s watertight.
But coaching tactics, tactical reconnaissance and position attack …
If it weren’t for EH’s quick victory in the crazy impact of pig’s head dish and DCGQA, he would get CH in one fell swoop
Lin Feng will definitely become a target after the game.
Even though EH won hard, Lin Feng was still surrounded by a large number of reporters after the game.
It’s not that Lin Feng played too well in the first game, but that Lin Feng, the first rookie of the top professional league, G League, did well and did badly compared with most of the dazzling substitutes.
Super ghost!
Kill ten dead assists
In this game, except for the first assist, Lin Feng is like a passer-by.
Come by Zhai Hao from a group of reporters with long guns and short guns.
Come to look at the front of a face of concern Zhaihao.
Sitting in the back of EH headquarters, Dabalinfeng took a sniffle at her mouth.
"Thank you. I shouldn’t have said that."
A belated apology
"Fortunately, the ending is not bad." Sitting in the front not far away, Zhai Hao was silent and immediately returned
Zhaihao didn’t pursue what it was to disappear in the night with EH.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-six EH selection
EH defeated CH team 2-1 in the third round.
After three rounds of war, EH won two games and lost one, and won six games and scored six points, ranking the middle level of the ten teams in G League.
That is, the fourth place
If you don’t rise or fall, the ranking is a failure in the EH team’s performance.
The strength of Zhutoucai and DCG can’t be said to be enemies in the G League, but they definitely have the strength to hit the top of the list. However, in the first three rounds, EH played a leading role in the Olympic Sports Center except the first round.
Played a dripping wet victory.
The remaining two games are depressed.
For example, a young man who walks too fast and pulls eggs in the first round shows his strength in a hurry, but his stamina is weak. EH is not as good as last year at this time.
At that time, EH also tied for the top spot with three victories.
Back to EH headquarters, team members