Li Shu held a purple jade hairpin and frowned, thinking that it was too luxurious.

Li Lingyu didn’t care about these Ah Fu discussing the renovation of the new house layout with her. She opened two doors in the whole front yard and backyard. She lived alone in the backyard and left and right side doors were opened to facilitate the women to go out.
These days, craftsmen are installing floor heating according to her design.
If you can’t burn glass, you can’t install glass windows. She changed a row of rooms into French windows to make Japanese sliding wooden windows. At least in summer, you can completely open bamboo curtains.
Fu is busy alone, but she gave him money to make arrangements at his own discretion.
Ah Fu is methodical, and all the servants at home are ready.
Chen Hou was born. She wouldn’t have invited her if she didn’t pay Chen Hou, but she was also invited because she wanted to paint Chen Hou’s birthday banquet. But because she was going to Bei Gong on duty and in her spare time, she asked Jong Li to send the painting.
When he entered the North Palace, Cai Zhen asked, "Didn’t Lang Jun go to Chen Houfu to celebrate his birthday?"
Li Lingyu "will be on duty in the temple today to find something he hasn’t gone to"
Cai Zhen followed her into the Tibetan temple to see her climb the ladder fluently. She looked up at her and hugged her for a few times before going on to say, "Today, both Cai Dushi and Su Dushi went to Chen Houfu to send a birthday present. The saint loves this brother very much. Every year, the saint will let the two Dushi give gifts together."
Li Lingyu said that this is called extreme love?
What about a female compatriot, King Luyang? Has he ever felt guilty? Will you think of your brother and your son if you are so kind to Chen Hou now?
So he comforted Cai Zhen, "Don’t worry, it’s your turn to go out for your birthday in a few years."
She carried it into her office and began to copy it, but she didn’t know that her realistic portrait oil painting became the focus of the birthday party. Chen Shizao received a gift from Li Zhong and immediately let people open it. At that time, a group of people had gathered in the room. Chen Hou sat in the first place and walked over and said, "Such an adult has been fooling around all day and asked for a painting as a birthday present."
Several old princes who were familiar with the imperial clan complimented Daoshi on his pure filial piety.
When Chen Runfu dismantled the outer linen, a typical Western-style figure suddenly emerged.
Chen Hou sits in the middle with his hands on his knees at will. From talking to a pint, Chen Liuwang leans sideways and Peiyu is very harmonious.
It’s hard for everyone here to be so explicit, realistic and realistic. The gardener who watered the flowers in the cloister is not far away, although a few strokes are vivid, they are also very vivid
The painting was immediately hung in the main hall of the room, and anyone who came in could see it at a glance.
No one expected that the most famous birthday party was Li Lingyu, who was not present.
Li Lingyu copied the gift until noon. When Cai Quan came back to see her sitting in the temple, she was surprised and asked, "Why didn’t Lord Xiao Li go to Chen Houfu today?"
Li Lingyu "remembered in the morning that writing green poems for saints has not been completed yet, so I dare not delay."
Cai Quan had to say, "Don’t hurry, don’t worry. Adults are too cautious."
Li Lingyu smiled and didn’t answer the words.
Cai Quan also said, "Today, Lord Xiao Li is in the limelight. Chen Hou likes the painting of Lord Xiao Li very much."
Li Lingyu "did not dare Chen Shichun’s filial piety to ask Pei’s adult to ask for a painting."
Cai Quan "No wonder"
Pei Yu did not appear in the painting, but people present today guessed many possibilities.
Cai Quan is also unheard of and loves that painting very much.
"Today, the old slave has seen the adult Danqing Miao."
Li Lingyu doesn’t want to talk about those who should be "only a few people can paint like this, but they can’t afford to be praised like adults."
Cai Quan saw that he was not in high spirits and asked, "But the front office is in trouble?"
Li Lingyu also said, "It’s not as good as the official of Cao’s adult’s leave office recently to come to Bei Gong to be on duty."
Cai Quan always knew that she was a safe character. Although she was still young, she was very pleased and went to Zichen Temple to report to me.
Li Lingyu was looking for clan records. King Luyang was the youngest brother of a saint. When the saint ascended the throne, he gave him a king’s fief. His fief was in the south of the Yangtze River, which can be said to be the richest king in the year. He visited the south of the Yangtze River and lived in his home.
She is seeing the key and hearing the sound "Mr. Lang …" behind her.
Her heart is about to jump out.
Cai Zhen didn’t expect why she was so surprised and busy that she knelt down and said, "Damn slaves!"
Li Lingyu closed his eyes. "I deserve to die. I’ll have to let you scare me to death sooner or later."
Cai Zhen didn’t really get angry when he saw her. He bowed his head and said, "The sage announced that he was here."
Li Lingyu slowed down for a while before asking, "Did you say anything?"
After all, which ancestor never wanted to see her?
Cai Zhen shook his head. "This is not said."
She sighed softly and said, "Let’s go."
Xiao Yong is sitting in Xuanwu, wearing a cassock, watching Dan medicine. Taoist priest is making an alchemy. Li Lingyu has a good look. Try to be immortal as soon as possible. The immortal loves you who are not afraid of death.
Sitting at the head of the temple, Xiao Yong is reading a flower album. Almost 70 people are full of energy. After a pair of eyes have been in the country for decades, you can’t see the old age. When she comes in, she says, "Forget those gifts."
Li Lingyu was obedient and sat in the first place, wondering that he was so accommodating and kind to her today.
Listen to him ask, "I heard that you painted a brilliant portrait for Chen Hou?"
"I dare not boast that I am trying my best to paint."
Xiao Yong "I’d like to have a look"
Li Lingyu blurted out, "Let Chen Hou take it another day …"
She didn’t react until she was halfway through. This ancestor wanted a picture that was the same or better. Look, these mouthy slaves are really annoying people.
Xiao Yong’s meaning is obvious. She didn’t give her a heavy look when she understood what you were thinking.
She was so upset that she finally had to say, "May the saints serve."
Then Su Yi came in from the outside to see her after giving Xiao Yong a ceremony and congratulated her with a smile. "Lord Xiao Li is even the most famous person in the city today."
"dare not"
Su Yi didn’t hear Li Lingyu’s annoyance and continued, "I didn’t see the sage’s eye until I saw it today. That painting by Lord Xiao Li is really not praised."
Don’t say a word. Nobody treats you like a mute.
Xiao Yong also gave Su Yi a smile and said, "Really? You come in one by one and praise her. Then let careless bring me the painting another day and have a look. "
It’s hard for Li Lingyu to imagine that he is now sitting in the first speaking out of turn, treating Chen Dao as a brother, and playing a brotherly role. And more than a decade ago, was he so understated that he killed his son and his brother?
The master and servant are still complimenting each other, and Li Lingyu is sitting there alone.