War ghost hurriedly to a face of cool Theseus haze motioning with his hand, I didn’t say that, but I … "

Yuan Yifan laughed. Okay, okay, uncle, everyone is joking with you. Is the attack powerful? However, you’d better practice like controlling this steel giant, or it won’t be good to drop the seconds before reaching others. "
"war ghost"
Zhao Jieyin came far away to fight the ghost and immediately turned back and asked? "
Zhao Jieli in nuclear explosion up to chest armor against ghost recruit waved you a "
“?” The war ghost flew strangely.
Zhaojie knocked the nuclear explosion as high as the crystal on his chest. You can control your mind and see if you can get in. "
War ghost nodded and immediately condensed energy in his mind. Sure enough, as soon as he closed his eyes, the diamond crystal reached his chest and suddenly revealed a cockpit. There was no remote control lever in this posture cabin, but there was a soft wall similar to that of cicada pupa.
War ghost curious flying lying in the cockpit and then crystal closed nuclear explosion as high as to move again.
"Hey? Boss, this ….. this nuclear explosion is as high as * * and I have no difference. Every move is like an arm. "After a few moves, the nuclear explosion is as high as the head to fight the ghost sound.
"War ghost, you punch the mountain, the phantom of the universe, I see" zhaojie pointed to a mountain not far away.
"It’s not good for the boss to destroy the environment?" War ghost said while posing as a cosmic phantom.
Zhaojie corners of the mouth with a wise smile that you have to type. "
Sure enough, after a short time of Xu Li, the war ghost strange Dodge strange my skills are now in a cooling state. "
"It’s very simple." zhaojie smiled indifferently because you just punched the phantom of the universe. "
"Because the materialization of your field is not forward, you directly appear in the Nuclear Explosion Gundam Institute. Your ability to control the type of nuclear explosion Gundam is also reflected in the mode that you hit a punch when you hit it, without thinking about going back to the other body to manipulate it first, so that when you are outside, the nuclear explosion Gundam Intelligence can make corresponding skills according to your attack. Just now, your boxing posture is very similar to that of the cosmic phantom, and the nuclear explosion is so misunderstood that he will slow down to hit that punch when you want to hit the cosmic phantom with delay and in vitro control." zhaojie laughed. It is really fortunate that you were not killed. "
Nuclear explosion gundam control mode
Nuclear explosion gundam control mode
The third volume I have sold my soul to ghosts and gods by hook or by crook
"Is that so?" The nuclear explosion was as high as putting on an embarrassed look, scratching his head, steel fingers, hard head and rubbing against Mars.
"I can’t believe it!" Zhaojie’s eyes swept into the cosmic phantom and blasted out of the pit with a deeply touched expression.
The war ghost squatted down and asked strangely, "What’s the matter?"
Zhaojie pointed to a broken and burnt arm in the pit and said, "Once upon a time, we were just small people. The powerful force that we just punched was our limited desire, but now the life and death of hundreds of top walkers are just corpses with fleeting fly ash in our eyes … When did we become really cold?"
Terhi walked beside zhaojie comfort way "will blame yourself? We are strong, not only because we want to pursue ourselves, but also because we are forced out by reality step by step. Now you will feel indifferent to human nature because of the death of these people, saying that you still have human nature, but have you ever thought that if we didn’t have this power, maybe we would be ourselves if we were killed by a punch today? "
There was a trace of sadness in zhaojie’s eyes, and then the horse dissipated. He slowly clenched his fists and his body trembled gently.
(If you want to have the power to protect everything, the first thing to do is to incarnate Shura. If you want to overlook the sky at the apex, you will have to step on many bones and step on the sea of blood. zhaojie … Hugh Bit, this time, if you go back, you will also have your hands covered with blood, won’t you? Then it’s better to think about the one you love if you feel guilty about killing yourself! )
"Gaia …"
Zhaojie murmured the name and then shouted, "Ah Hong! ! !”
"I am!"
Acer one leng body instantly appeared in front of Zhao Jie.
"Go get your lover back and let’s … turn this Varolan upside down!"
Several figures rose into the sky and flew towards Mommy’s power.
"You go back to the defense. After today, we may have to face Varolan. All the strong people told us that if we want to follow the peak of repairing bits, we should keep our lives well. Repairing bits will bring you a good dream!" Finally, from Terhi, he said to a dozen constant-collar peak crossers.
Terhi nodded and turned to fly away. Suddenly, a girl with a baby face crossed the road and said, "Terhi’s adult!"