Yang Ye didn’t make much noise. How can I say this? In Yang Ye, it was unexpected, too. Nowadays, private rain also urgently needs someone to help her. Her goal is really too big for a person to support and she wants to find another workshop. There must be some reasons why she can’t sayno. It seems that he and Yang Ye are also the best partners at present.

But a debt of ten million makes Yang Ye a little nervous
It’s not that he can’t afford to be nervous, but he’s afraid that the people who will be hit after failure will be hit not only by Li Yanxin, Wu Di, Si Yutao and others.
But if you don’t …
"Are you sure?" Yang Ye is not sure.
It’s not like a joke to nod privately.
"I’ll think about it …" Yang Ye leaned back and buried himself in the sofa.
At present, the workshop should be short of funds, and the houses and machines are ready. Although there are not enough good people, there will be them eventually, but now the key is that the construction of the law is wasting money every day, and Yang Ye can make less and less money every day. Recently, it has been greatly reduced by the hardships and income, relying on the previous part to live.
This is not the way to go.
"Have you thought about it?" Chen Yujia sat opposite Yang Ye with her legs cocked high. If she was still dressed like that, Yang Ye would have a panoramic view of the spring scenery now. Unfortunately …
Chen Yujia has a lot of ideas of his own. I dare to think that Yang Ye invested a sum of money in the past, and the money is not too much, and the income is likely to be several times higher than the income; It is feasible for businessmen to pursue profits with such high returns despite the risks.
Yang Ye pondered for a long time and felt a little uncertain. Finally, he decided to call several other people for advice.
It’s not that he didn’t make this decision, but that since everyone in the workshop is doing it together, at least they should know and understand the actual situation of the workshop, and Chen Yujia’s proposal is also on the one hand that they should know.
"No problem"
"I’m ok"
"They can do it, so can I."
Four answers are the same, and the situation will be long.
Yang Ye came back from the outside. Chen Yujia was holding a mobile phone to play. When he saw Yang Ye coming back, he got up and stretched out his right hand. He had to sigh that Chen Yujia did have some cleverness.
"Happy" Yang Ye laughed.
"Happy together!" Chen Yujia also smiled and even put on a little nifty.
It’s almost sunset when I get back to my dormitory from the coffee shop. Some nights, I wake up three guys in the dormitory one by one, and four people rarely go out for a rub.
The workshop is settled, but there are some formalities to be done. Chen Yujia said to give it to her for registration, but it doesn’t mean that it can be done. She has to pass a series of complicated audits and inspections, and no two points are easy to get stuck.
Freshman military training will be over. Yang Ye plans to go out and play with Qin Yan who has finished military training. It is not a class to learn to come to Qin Yan …
Qin Yan will have a dance performance at the party after the military training. Yang Ye can predict that those boys Chen Yujia said will even have things to do, and it just happens that the party after the military training is a school type. If the success rate of confession is high at this moment …
After all, these things are behind. Yang Ye still wants to get rid of some things at hand.
One-night affair
The second antenna man was watching Lilina behind the rain, and Lilina seemed to stick to him more than before, while Lilina was watching Ai Ze yesterday. The line was too urgent and nothing came. Let Ai Ze find someone to follow him, but he didn’t run.
After finding a place in the wild, I will call Li Yanxin several people.
"I heard that there is a big event?" Li Yanxin heard him shout at his first mouth when no one went far.
"Call call what call!" Wu Di took the lead in not allowing direct reprimand angrily to Li Yanxin.
Approaching and looking at a few people is full of incomprehension. Yang Ye makes Yang ambitious. Sometimes people are easier to satisfy, but sometimes,
Pressing hands motioned for a few people to be quiet, and then the tone was uplifting. "Hey, hey, thanks to your coming, otherwise you will definitely regret it!"
For Yang Ye secretive and so intriguing, several people have vomited.
"What is it? Say it quickly!" Cheng Jun laughed
"Hey!" Yang Ye motioned with a hand to look behind him. "See!"
A few people follow Yang Ye instructions to see what? There’s nothing wrong with a skeleton. Just tell them to see what this skeleton looks like by a skeleton frame!
Wait … Skeleton frame …
"Wipe … wild … you …" Cheng Jun took the lead to react with a face of excitement.
"Yes, that’s what you want!" Yang Ye Road