This is the arrogant ratio of Hades sitting first and domineering and light.

"Good me!"
Ye Lingfeng said Xiao Long one leng Ye Lingfeng is even more so than caring about his own flesh. You know, at this moment, the strength of the seven wars is in Ye Lingfeng. If Ling Ye Fengli suppresses it, it’s okay. If you take the initiative to let the seven wars enter his body, you don’t even think about it. Except for those two poor spirits, the remaining five can seize Ye Lingfeng’s resurrection.
"So confident!"
Ling Ye Feng shook his head. "It’s impossible for me to buy and sell now. It’s impossible to give up. Even if it’s not possible to escape now, it’s better to let go. It’s not that I’m confident but that I believe you!"
"Well, you are much better than the narrow-minded guy of death!"
Long Xiao smiled heartily and his soul jumped out of the passage. It turned out to be a rare handsome man. Compared with Ye Lingfeng’s feminine appearance, Long Xiao was a handsome guy.
"Haha, I didn’t expect that this god of death turned out to be a rare beauty, but it was a man!"
Long Xiao played a joke on Ye Lingfeng more like an old friend than he thought.
"But it’s a pity that if I were a woman, I would definitely marry a handsome guy like me!"
Ye Lingfeng replied that Long Xiao was completely defeated by Ye Lingfeng’s shame and shame.
Long Xiao fierce eyes a stare body virtual attachment in Ling Ye maple body.
With the disappearance of Long Xiao’s figure, Ling Ye’s maple body appears to be attached to purple Long Lin armor, but it is a vain spirit.
"This is my unique dragon symbiosis. In the past, there were Terran masters and my dragon lady who fell in love. Two people developed this set of integrated twin moves. The dragon possessed the Terran body, and their strength merged. But it’s a pity that I don’t have a body at the moment, or the power of Long Lin armor will be one hundred times."
Ye Lingfeng ha ha a smile "nothing, nothing, you have a body!" "
Speak ye Lingfeng feet breath fierce tough ye Lingfeng know that dragon soul broken must have absorbed the strength to prepare for the attack.
However, as the purple eyes look at the burning sea of fire, there seems to be something fuelling the purple eyes, which is clearly displayed in front of us. It turned out to be a form, and its ancient sword was inserted in the hard rock wall near the crater, revealing half of the sword god flashing like a red light, which is particularly dazzling.
Ye Lingfeng’s heart was shocked. Was this sword the original three masters who wanted to seal the dragon soul into a sword spirit sword? Before Ye Lingfeng continued to observe the face, the dragon’s soul was broken and dancing in the flames, and its strength was growing, and it quickly rose to a violent atmosphere. Ling Ye Feng suddenly felt that the surrounding gas was condensed as if the whole person was going to evaporate.
This is the body dragon owl’s Long Lin armor. A purple light flashed and a cool breath wrapped Ye Lingfeng.
"Be careful!"
Wait until Long Xiao finished a fiery red figure and soon shattered Ye Lingfeng. Set a thirty percent psychic force around him to defend against violent forces and directly press Ye Lingfeng’s momentum.
The dragon soul has been laughing wildly for a long time. Ye Lingfeng is simply insignificant compared with him. The dozens of thick and thin bodies are like the sacred objects in the sky, which makes people horrified. When the dragon soul looks down, Ye Lingfeng roars a huge dragon claw waving a hundred feet of high flame and leaps straight for Ye Lingfeng’s flame. The whole world seems to be covered up by this red color, trapping Ye Lingfeng in flames. Ye Lingfeng’s eyes are shining with pride, and he jumps up and sweeps his huge tail. Obviously, he wants to kill Ye Lingfeng with one move and doesn’t give him room to fight back.
Ye Lingfeng’s eyes are not weaker than the surrounding flames. On the one hand, Long Xiao uses Ye Lingfeng’s body to exert his own strength. This practice skill that Long Xiao practiced before his death is all about giving up his body and spirit and entering my place to look at all the attacks and all the defenses. It is rare for the dragon to be enlightened.
The so-called Buddhism is another saying of Buddhism. In ancient times, the Buddha sat on the golden wing Peng Wang, which is the first magical power of the demon race. The number of dragons was just like that of human eating noodles. The number of dragons was greatly reduced by the golden wing Peng Wang. One of the young dragons in Nailong came to the Buddha with great difficulty to tell his sufferings. The Buddha was moved by his sincerity to tear up half of the cassock and cover it on the dragon body. Because of fear of the Buddha’s cassock, the golden wing Peng Wang stopped devouring dragons. King Peng with Golden Wings is a sworn enemy, even if he belongs to the same demon race, he is particularly hostile. However, the young dragon who came to the Buddha to sit on the young dragon got great luck. It was also that the young dragon was gifted by the Buddha, and he had an epiphany that he became a dragon sitting on the Buddha’s back. This is a great fear from the young dragon.
At this moment, Long Xiao displays the dragon’s great magical power, and a dragon rises in the flames. Although Long Xiao has no body, the dragon’s majesty lies in the dragon’s soul. Although he almost cultivated Jackie Chan, this step is a world of difference. The dragon is tough in the face of the real dragon, and even the dragon without body is afraid.
"This is a real dragon. It’s impossible for you to be a Terran. How can there be dragon coercion!"
Although the dragon’s soul is broken, it occupies a lot of advantages, but at the moment it still stutters and talks nonsense. How can he not panic in the face of the demon race?
"You don’t need to know this. Go to hell!"
Ye Lingfeng sneer at one with the help of Long Xiao’s power to display the magical power handprint flying method, while the purple eyes flashed off and the fire appeared.
If we used to do our best to deal with everything, we couldn’t see the power, but at the moment, in the face of strength, a dragon’s soul is broken, and in such a disadvantageous environment, the power of industry fire shows its legacy
Although Ye Lingfeng is in a harsh flame, the dragon soul is hidden in the fire and can’t see the position, but he is like hiding and hiding. He laughs at all things in the world with purple eyes and dances with one hand. Thousands of knives and mans are mixed with mental cage, mental attack and purple eyes, and the fire breaks out to meet the dragon soul.
Although the dragon soul is broken, it is afraid of the majesty of the dragon owl, but it is also known that life and death can’t wait and die, and its body moves rapidly to shrink and hide from this attack.
Quietly in the virtual moment, wearing a dragon armor and carrying a knife in his left hand, Ye Lingfeng is like a god flashing purple light. Looking at the dragon soul in front of him coldly, Ye Lingfeng said, "It’s unexpected that this lake bottom turned out to be a volcano, but even so, you can’t escape my palm!"
The dragon experienced a blow just now, and it seems to be white. Ling Ye’s maple body Rowen came from that armor. It’s not a real dragon. When he came to his heart, he also got emboldened and roared, "Man is so cunning that you almost cheated him. You still want to get out alive here. If there is a dragon to help you, you can still walk. But at the moment, it’s my day here. I’m the master here. You can’t live without me. No one can kill me!" Said the dragon soul body exhibition and returned to the baizhang form. Several flames rose from the ground to form a strange array, and Ye Lingfeng was surrounded by the dragon soul. A flame rushed to Ye Lingfeng with great momentum, which made people shudder!
Ye Lingfeng’s eyes are dignified. Although Long Xiao told him that he could take the attack, Ye Lingfeng still dare not care about his body. He knows that he can attack Long Xiao’s strength is not much. After resolving this attack, he doesn’t know how long he can persist. The temperature around him is almost high, which can melt everything. His clothes are soaked with sweat. If Long Xiao’s strength runs out, he will instantly become a mummy. Thought of this, Ye Lingfeng will be surrounded by layers of defense with purple eyes and ice cloth. At this moment, the dragon soul strength will increase by five or six times less than before. This is really difficult It’s not bad that the top five Terran masters dare to plunder their edge easily. But in the face of the shocking power of the dragon soul, Ye Lingfeng is still more cautious than ever. At this moment, Ye Lingfeng has thought about the future and will see if he can hook this dragon soul.
Feel the dragon soul breaking attack Ye Lingfeng has the advantage of purple eyes, and you can see the dragon soul breaking. The beauty dance is frequently waved, and every time you attack, you can defuse the attack in the most vulnerable place of the dragon soul breaking, and try your best to protect the dragon owl’s strength. Once, you have to create your own opportunities.
Layers of strange purple ice cubes are mixed with fire ice force, and the fusion power of purple eyes shows that the original ice force was restrained by the fire, and the fire force can actually defend the dragon soul from breaking the attack. I have to say that Ye Lingfeng is whimsical or whimsical, standing in a large array of flames, Ling Ye Maple tightens her hands and stands flat, and a layer of light black light appears, burning like a flame, and her right hand condenses a purple ball with beautiful light. Looking at the dragon soul, Ye Lingfeng suddenly smiles coldly. Together, one side is the unique purple eye attack of death, and the other side is the dragon owl’s physical and mental destruction. Hades is sitting in two great war forces. At this moment, don’t Ye Lingfeng’s weird way is combined with all the two properties. The collision of forces suddenly produces a violent explosion. Ye Lingfeng’s hands push the ten-square extinction sabreplay with conan the destroyer’s strength aimed at the dragon soul, breaking a red, purple and black inclusion. The knife mans instantly hit the dragon soul with devastating strength and momentum, and the dragon soul broke the body, and the dragon soul broke the laughter and the body was instantly broken.
Ye Lingfeng laughs and moves with her body.
If Ye Lingfeng talks about it, it’s not a big joke, and the realm of not laughing is not high, but he can’t hold back what he has learned.