Jiang Yuhan was a little depressed. If it wasn’t for the other gunner who had been wearing it, he would be unstable. Just now, he was absolutely able to kill 7kg. Just as he fell to the ground, Yu You and Shining rushed into the main road and squeezed 7kg back.

Jiang Yuhan instructed them not to fight recklessly with each other, but to keep the sniper of the other side from showing up. After his resurrection, he quickly jumped out of the dog hole and then entered the main road. Shining and Yu Youhe executed his order well. The two men joined forces with strong firepower to keep 7kg from showing up, while the whole competitive machine gunner pressed forward at the behest of 7kg. The purpose of this is to force the other machine gunner out of the main road. If he can’t force it out, he will directly kill them to 7kg, and he can’t exert his lethality on the side bridge.
After Jiang Yuhan entered the main road, the other machine gunner immediately shot at him. He had to retreat. They were not dominant on the main road, and there were snipers on the other side bridge. There were four machine gunners shining in the number of people, and Yu Youhe suppressed 7kg, but they were all red with blood. They are now in the most embarrassing situation. They can’t retreat, go back and attack.
"Laoyue K, we can’t hold on any longer. Come and support quickly!" Jiang Yu cold nai let YanYue and K two people withdraw from the auxiliary road to help YanYue couldn’t help laughing. "You also have time to stay up. We are both going to fart in the auxiliary road! It’s a comfortable life, but since you invited us sincerely, let’s be merciful to save you, right? "
K nodded and said, "That’s right. Who told us to be so powerful? We have to be rescuers. Heroes often come out last. It’s our turn to perform in the old month!"
“le‘sgo! My machine gun is already unbearable! "Yan month is very Li head shouted, two people together to kill into the main road posture of a show, they will give each other a chance to rush forward to press back to shine and Yu You and two people also took the opportunity to flash out from behind the box to attack each other.
7kg pressure slightly reduced and quickly flashed out from behind the column. One shot was killed and the residual blood was shining, but he failed to successfully flash back to Jiang Yuhan. At the moment of his gun, he also flashed out and quickly shot down 7kg directly.
Jiang Yuhan expected that 7kg would flash out at that time because of the shining and Yu You and both of them went to deal with the gunner in front. 7kg was not suppressed and would definitely take the opportunity to flash out. 7kg competed in the main road and lost the commanding heights. They were beaten back by K and others.
Jiang Yuhan boarded the side bridge again under the cover of his teammates. 7kg rushed out of the base. He glanced at the side bridge at the main crossing. At this time, Jiang Yuhan had not reached the end of the side bridge. He had not seen Jiang Yuhan’s figure yet, but he knew that Jiang Yuhan would definitely rush here if he crossed the side bridge.
He aimed his mirror at the end of the side bridge. Sure enough, Jiang Yuhan soon appeared in that place. He decisively shot the gun. Because he was well prepared, he hit Jiang Yuhan very accurately with this shot. After Jiang Yuhan killed the side bridge, he was directly killed by 7kg and took the opportunity to rush into the main road. Then he was killed by a shot and rushed forward to K.
The attack of the S team was immediately contained, and the rest of them quickly retreated to the back of the bunker. There were snipers on the other side. They never dared to expose themselves easily again. 7kg did not stay too much, but quickly boarded the side bridge. After he gained a firm foothold on the side bridge, he kept hitting the S team machine gunners and let those guys hide.
Before Jiang Yuhan rushed out of the base after his resurrection, his teammates were sent back by 7kg one by one. The main road once again fell into the hands of the whole city competition. At this time, the gap between the number of people killed by both sides was not big, and the difference was about seven. The whole city competition was about to equalize the score, and the morale was even stronger.
After the resurrection of the S team, Jiang Yuhan made new arrangements. Although they were very strong against their opponents, their speaking atmosphere remained relaxed. This is their consistent style, and no one dared to be careless when playing games.
"Now that they occupy the main road, we will attack the main road and go to the death camp. I think it’s time for us to visit the middle building!" Jiang Yuhan said to his teammates
"Are we going to attack from the middle building warehouse?" Yanyue asked
Shining immediately denied, "I don’t think the captain intends to do this!" "
"That is how to plan? As if you know him well, you’re not a worm in his stomach! " He month looking at shining way
Shining at Jiang Yuhan, Jiang Yuhan nodded with a smile and said, "Go ahead!"
"I think the captain wants to occupy the middle building and then launch a joint attack from the warehouse and their rear so as to destroy the other side to the maximum extent. Is that right?" After shining, I looked at Jiang Yuhan Yanyue and turned my eyes to Jiang Yuhan. Jiang Yuhan gently nodded and said, "Yes, I really know how to shine. Don’t hesitate to execute it immediately!"
S team members soon left the base, and then rushed to the middle building together. Everyone else was defending the middle building in the main road. S team members occupied the whole middle building without hindrance. Yan Yue and K entered the warehouse and shined and Yu You and Jiang Yuhan rushed to the outside of the enemy base together, and then suddenly appeared at the main crossing.
This big out of the city’s unexpected sparkle and Yu You and two people burst each other with two machine guns at hand and rushed out of the warehouse. Yan Yue and K also teamed up to give 7kg to die, which was a blink of an eye. The city’s competition fell apart in the main line of defense.
It is extremely difficult for them to take the main road every time, but it seems easy for their opponents to take the main road, which makes the whole competitors feel deeply frustrated. Although the strength of the two teams is very strong, there is still a small gap, which is very fatal.
The command of the whole city is very guilty. He feels that the strength of the team is not much different from that of the S team, but the poor command of himself is far inferior to that of the other party. He is always calculated by the other party. If he can compete with the other party’s command in tactics, the team will never be so passive.
7kg knew his mood very well, so he comforted him, "Without him, he was the first gold medal conductor in the F world. It is a banner. It is very difficult for us to beat them by tactics. But now the gap between the number of people we killed is not very big. There is still a chance not to be discouraged. I will be more careful and give you better cover. Let’s go and impact again!"
"good!" The commander of the whole city rallied, and they rushed out of the base and then lost two smoke bombs and two flash bombs to the main road. Four gunners quickly rushed in and covered them with smoke and successfully reached the back of the bunker.
7kg, a man flashed out of the corridor on the right side of the middle building, and a machine gunner was beautifully intercepted by his close-range instantaneous mirror. At this time, his hand feeling in his mental height gradually became hot, and his heart was full of winning beliefs.
He took a few steps to the left corridor and found that there was another machine gunner at the door of the warehouse. He immediately turned it into an instantaneous mirror and did not give the other party a chance to return it. After the two high-ranking machine gunners were killed, his teammates were relatively much safer in the main road.
Fighting broke out on the main road soon, because the other two machine gunners of the S team were lying in ambush at the main crossing. Because of the smoke, they didn’t see the other side rushing in, but the other side didn’t find them. They waited until the smoke gradually faded, and both sides found that the enemy was close at hand and fired in a panic.
Jiang Yuhan condescendingly killed one of the other machine gunners. He was about to shoot the second time when he suddenly saw the death message on the right side of the screen. He deduced that the other sniper had arrived in the middle building. He turned his head and saw the other sniper in the corridor. It was obvious that the other side had prepared the sniper rifle. The dark muzzle was aimed at him. He knew that he had lost the opportunity.
"bang!" Before Jiang Yuhan can react, 7kg has been shot, and Jiang Yuhan has been killed! The morale of the whole competitive machine gunners was greatly boosted, and they rushed out directly from the back of the box to sweep the hands of enemy machine guns at the front end to death.
Chapter 447 Free activities
The whole city competed to occupy the main road S team again. In this battle, the annihilation directly led to the advantage of killing people. The horse will be equalized by the whole city, and now the main road is in the hands of opponents. The situation is slightly unfavorable for them, but Jiang Yuhan can always think of ways to solve the immediate difficulties.
"Old moon, k, you two lost smoke bombs and rushed into the main road. I went to the middle building to kill them. Snipers sparkled and Yu You and the deputy road were faster and directly outflanked them! ok?” Jiang Yuhan quickly confessed the tactics, and everyone immediately took their positions.
Team S is a team with strong execution. Once the tactics are laid out, they can execute them quickly and well. Jiang Yuhan never worries that his teammates will be like pigs. His teammates are not in their team. He will arrange the tactics and his teammates will do well.
Yanyue and K threw smoke bombs into the main road and rushed in. At this time, 7kg had jumped from the middle floor corridor and crossed the side bridge, but he failed to kill the other machine gunner at the first time because of the smoke cover.
Jiang Yuhan went to the middle building alone. He didn’t flash in at the door of the warehouse, but lost a smoke bomb at the door. He was very cautious. At this time, 7kg of the side bridge was aimed at the warehouse gate, and he waited until the smoke dispersed before flashing in.
He can’t make a move now. He must wait until Shine and Yu You and two people outflank him, and then when Yan Yue and K attack, he will flash out again, because at that time, the other party’s attention is at both ends, and no one will notice that he suddenly fights out of the warehouse door.
7kg may keep an eye on him all the time, but he will never think that he will come out from the warehouse door and Shine and Yu Youhe will soon be in place. They informed Yanyue and K, and both sides launched an attack together.
The whole competitor immediately fell into the position of being caught between Scylla and Charybdis, and immediately got into a panic. 7kg quickly glanced at both ends and found no sign of the other sniper. When he consciously looked at the door of the warehouse in the middle building, he just saw a figure flash out. He was surprised at once. It was a shot of cutting, but it was very hasty, but it was better than the gun was fast enough to let him hit the target. Unfortunately, Jiang Yuhan failed to hit the target, but it was better than preparing for a full shot to kill 7kg.
The main road seems to be taken back by the S team again. It has changed hands several times, and the two sides have fought fiercely. However, the machine guns of the whole city have actually stabilized their position and faced the attack before and after. They chose to rely on the bunker to attack the enemy behind them first. This is a bold decision, but it is the best choice.
The firepower in the hands of four machine guns is naturally quite fierce. Poor Shining and Yu Youhe, they were swept into a hornet’s nest by the other four machine gunners without a few shots. I don’t know how many bullet holes there are. 7kg saw the death message on the right side of the screen and couldn’t help laughing. Very excited, he praised, "Good brothers!"
Jiang Yuhan saw that the situation was not good. He immediately rushed to the corridor and killed one of the machine gunners with a commanding shot. Yan Yue and K also immediately pressed to 7kg. After the resurrection, they arrived at him as quickly as possible. He rushed directly to the middle building and killed Jiang Yuhan with a shot very decisively, regaining the commanding heights. At the same time, he even killed Yan Yue and K with two shots.
The gap between the number of people killed in the main road of the whole city is narrowed again, and then the other side can be wiped out once, which can equalize the score. All the competitors in the whole city are a little excited. Until now, they have only slightly occupied a little bit of the wind, and they have been beaten by the other side by the nose to the extreme. They don’t like this feeling. After all, they were all played by bring up the rear opponents before.
The resurrection of the S team’s personnel department was somewhat depressed in the base. "How did this attack fail inexplicably?"
"That’s my carelessness. I didn’t expect them to kill Shining and Yu You and them in such a unified way. After I killed their snipers, I was bent on continuing to expand the results, but I ignored their snipers’ revenge after they were resurrected. As a result, the boat capsized in the gutter. In the end, the failure of this attack was all due to me!" Jiang Yuhan immediately self-review tunnel
Shining smell speech is a relief. "You can’t blame your opponent. After all, it’s a super strong team. Anything can happen during the game. If the opponent doesn’t take the tactics of medium fire against us, then our tactics will be completely effective."
"Forget it now, there is no need to take back the main road as soon as possible. Fortunately, we still have an advantage in killing people now. Although we can make trivial tactics hide directly in the middle building and wait for them to come to us, it is too rough. Let’s do it with them!" Jiang Yu Han Dao
"Then do it! Who’s afraid of who! But how? " Yanyue asked
"Of course, I rushed in and did it!"