Such a high injury is really shocking. Two people are in a cold sweat. Is this still Xia Ge? Eddie, this attack will add double damage for the second time. If you hit it, it will be more than 35 damage!

How many more Yang Ye have to kneel in Xia Ge? In front of Eddie
Two people glances from each other’s eyes to see the deep concern-this boss is not good to play!
But if it’s not easy to fight, you must fight!
"Blue-and-white back some blood and come back when it is full. You must listen carefully to my command boss to skills. I will wake you up. You remember to leave a displacement skill for the fastest escape! Be sure to leave when I wake you up! " Yang Ye couldn’t help it. How much can he wake up so that blue and white can bury snow or avoid Xia Ge? Aidi skill
Yang Ye doesn’t care so much.
But the blue and white snow didn’t seem to want to look at Yang Ye and then at the boss-Xia Ge? Eddie nodded heavily. "Got it!" to be continued
Chapter 177 Wind incarnation
It was an attack that crippled the blue and white buried snow. Not only did Yang Yeqing bury the snow, but he also realized Xia Ge? Eddie’s abnormal. Does he know about Xia Ge? Eddie, there are five skills in this fairy boss. If you know that you are afraid of it, it is another idea.
A blow will repel a hateful little Xia Ge? Eddie looked a little smug, and his eyes swept around him, and his mouth pulled up a faint smile, showing his sarcasm.
Hatred must be stabilized as soon as possible, otherwise it will be as dangerous as before. Is it very dangerous for Yang Ye to this summer pavilion? Eddie’s heart is also a straight crime. If he is not careful, he will die. Except for the displacement and hiding skills, all the other skills will be thrown out to increase the output-
"Cut the emperor type? Break! "
"general attack!"
"evil eye!"
Throw a bunch of skills to Xiage? Eddie eyes to lock Yang Ye mouth way "when it’s not afraid of dead worms so give me-die! !”
[attention! Sa Feng Feng Xia Ge? Eddie unleashed his skills [choke the throat! Please be careful]
Xiage? Eddie’s left hand stretched out to Yang Ye, and a small whirlwind quickly formed in his palm. The whirlwind turned clockwise and quickly formed a small tornado. Soon the blink of an eye reached Yang Ye and rolled toward Yang Ye’s neck.
Despite the miner’s hat, this skill is really unavoidable. Yang Ye still won-
The tornado circled around Yang Ye’s neck and then slammed into the Xia Ge? Eddie dragged it to …
The promise is to bury the snow in blue and white and shout that he doesn’t understand Xia Ge? Eddie’s skills, but after playing too many games, you can guess a little, which can pull people over. Is skills pulling people? Then it must be like a storm, and with Yang Ye dead, the boss can’t fight! Dagger turned an angle, blue and white buried snow, eyes narrowed towards Xia Ge? Eddie rushed over-people want to save!
Two "brothers" are Lilina and Lina calling Lilina. Looking at his brother being caught, the little dreams are fluttering and jumping, without saying that the metal wings are rapidly moving towards Yang Ye …
Lena can be anxious, but she can’t fight. Seeing her big brother caught by the bad guys makes her feel uncomfortable, but she can help her …
People in the middle school, Yang Ye can still see that he has the skills to avoid the next attack for several people, but if they come over, it may be combined with suffering and saving lives, but instead of sending himself-
"Don’t come and wait! I’m fine "Yang Ye shouted.
Yang Ye dialect or some Lilina and blue-and-white buried snow are stopped and retreated to Xia Ge? Eddie didn’t let Yang Ye down, so he picked up other skills behind the choke throat-
"Uh ha ha ha since I’m here, then don’t go! Wind trace! " Xiage? Eddie’s right-hand sword pointed to the air and the whole body wind stirred up quickly and buzzed, followed by several cyan wind blades forming in an area and trembling slightly-
"Go!" Xiage? Eddie shouted and pointed a sword at Yang Ye, who was still in the middle school.
All the wind blades are like soldiers who have been ordered. When the blade front turns, the sharpest part of the arc is toward Yang Ye, and then-