There was a burst of laughter in the village, which was also mixed with sudden deafness, and I laughed after I didn’t hear the question and got the answer.

In the imperial court power, it often happens that "returning home with clothes on", while in the benevolent king power, it happens again and again that "coming back from the dead"
Walking in the street, walking by the door, accidentally passing by a place, passers-by can always hear crying inside, then laughing and then enjoying the scene.
Lao Zheng carefully pumped water out of the well because he was too old to carry a full bucket and dare to carry half a bucket back and forth several times to pour it into the big wooden bucket beside the well.
Just as he poured the last small bucket of water and was going to walk into the house with the big bucket, the outside suddenly knocked on the door.
"LaoZheng, LaoZheng are you at home? Open the door! ! ! Lao Zheng! ! !”
"What’s the hurry?" Lao Zheng slowly walked to the door, pulled open the door bolt and frowned when he saw the people outside. "Khufu, you usually have nothing to find me. Why are you in such a hurry this time?"
"Oh LaoZheng why don’t you try so hard? Did you go to the army before your son? " Khufu hurriedly said
LaoZheng leng is a moment in tears, burying his face in a low hand, "how do you which pot doesn’t open which pot? It’s not that you don’t know he’s gone? "
"It’s not that your son didn’t die." Khufu grabbed Laozheng’s hand and released it
"What to say? My son’s comrades saw him die with their own eyes. What are you talking about? I don’t talk to you, you go and you go. "There are tears in Lao Zheng’s eyes and he will go to the door."
"Don’t wait for me to tell you the truth," Khufu immediately said. "Now the gods are coming, saying that others are dead and soldiers are not dead. Now they are waiting in front of the county government to say that they can’t come back for the time being, but this year they earned some money from their work and asked them to send money. Come with me quickly. If they don’t leave, they won’t hear from you."
"really?" Lao Zheng still can’t believe it.
"True, of course, is true. Are you going or not? I’m leaving without you? " Khufu saw that he wavered and stopped persuading him to start playing as before.
LaoZheng stare big eyes suddenly smiled "go I’ll go"
LaoZheng back when you want to go "you wait … wife …"
Soon after, Lao Zheng and his wife looked at the county government and suddenly became lively. The county government clasped hands with each other.
After they arrived here, they learned more about the truth of "soldier’s death", and every one of them seemed true, but even so, the parties and the two of them still couldn’t believe it so quickly.
After all, it has been a long time since the news of son’s death, and they have gradually adapted to life now after suffering. Now I hear that son may still be alive, and there are doubts mixed with joy, fearing that all this is false.
After another, people came over and looked almost exactly like them. They were happy, suspicious, surprised, worried and nervous about wanting to know the truth.
After a while, a few people came out of the county government and pushed a cart behind them.
When these people entered the crowd, the original bustling crowd suddenly became quiet.
"You believe that you have all heard what we asked people to bring you, and now I can tell you that those words are true. Maybe some of you will ask what they can’t come back. You should know that this is a sacred city and they were originally soldiers of Renwangdi. They need to be punished until they are sure that they will not pose threats and harm to ordinary people."
"But they have been working in prison now, and their salary is lower than that of ordinary people. They know that we are coming, and they hope that when we come, they will bring the saved salary home for them. I will report the names and addresses of the soldiers one by one, so that they can collect money from their families themselves."
"Zheng Feng lives in the county lane …"
"I, I, I, my family Zheng Feng, my family name is Zheng Feng." Old Zheng Yi heard the name and quickly raised his hand and carefully took the purse from the other hand. He asked, "Is my family Zheng Feng really alive?"
"Alive" The other party nodded. "Your Zheng Feng has done a good job and people have done well. If he can do well later, I believe he will come back soon."
Old Zheng Yi held the purse in his heart and bowed down to thank him. "Thank you, my Lord, thank you, my Lord!"
After walking out of the crowd, Lao Zheng and his wife hugged each other tightly
Behind him, one name and address were reported, and the actual situation was that laughter and crying overlapped from the crowd.
Living is the most important thing.
Chapter four hundred and forty-three Save money to build roads
After Renwang’s forces and the imperial court’s forces were transferred to the spirit city, the people’s hearts were very uneasy and almost overflowed their chests.
It used to be three minutes for the people or in the original dynasty. They had to wait for who won and who lost in clash royale in the end. Although there may still be war casualties in the end, no matter who won, they ordinary people can settle down somewhat.
But now the situation is that the power of the prince of Zhao was completely pushed to the south of Changhe River, and the power of the benevolent king and the imperial court was completely dissipated. All the officials in the DPRK were arrested, and the person who won this power was once the imperial court.
Such a change, even if the city of gods has not officially announced it, is actually equivalent to a regime change.
Every time the regime changes in history, even if the people live in peace, it will inevitably usher in some gods that are more serious and may bring about slaughter. After the forces of Renwang and the imperial court are completely gathered, the people will be afraid of whether there will be some problems in the future.
It was also at this time that the people who had been rejected came back, and the soldiers who had died in the battlefield also brought back the news. The former did not have a hard life as everyone imagined, and the news of the latter made the relatives of these soldiers feel new and hopeful.
It seems that everything is moving in the right direction since the appearance of the God City in front of them. One good news comes one after another, which makes the nervous people finally feel what is real stability.
Stability is not something others talk about, but a little infiltration in real life.