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"You are a trap!"

"At that moment, I will make you regret saying what you just said-no, I will make you a pig! Adults suck’ blood bottles’! " Donald Dot’s heart is full of filial piety. But when the anger was over, the young rose family quickly calmed down He took out that crystal that was use as a […]

Seeing all the different artists rushing here in a hurry, Li Chang couldn’t help but feel relieved. It’s good not to make trouble.

But … What always feels something is wrong? Are they too keen on "Limit" OL…… …? As everyone knows, Su Wei is also somewhat confused at this time. What? Have I been promoted too fast these days? How come you’re 51 again after you’ve just been promoted to level 5? Chapter 196 Public execution "Oh, […]

Shi Lei didn’t force Ye Qing to send them back to the hotel at this time. He is in a hurry to go back to a game called F and then practice it well before he can really make friends with Jiang Yuhan. His brain is much more active than Chen Han.

Chen Han and others didn’t talk to Jiang Yuhan today, but at least they got around to sending their business cards out with Ye Qing, which is also a big gain. They said goodbye to Shi Lei and drove away from Gu. The main reason for coming to the sea this time is to protect […]

Five hundred meters away from the office building, I just saw a short message, Wen Shao, jumping out of the window directly, jumping up and down in a virtual step, and then crossing a distance of tens of meters.

500 meters away from Wenshao, hurry quickly! Chapter one hundred and sixty Let’s go on Wen Shao, at the window of the office building 500 meters away, leaps like a big bird. After flying for 50 or 60 meters, he leaps again at a very fast speed. The distance of 500 meters was less than […]

It can even be said that Real Madrid has played the best five minutes so far.

The only regret may be that they didn’t score in these five minutes and equalized the score. Because they won’t have another five-minute chance like this. Five minutes later, Ba Laha appeared on the sidelines, and Ferreira made an awkward tackle, shoveling Roberto Carlos’ football out of the sideline. Foul ball! "Valencia during this time […]

So I got ready early.

Except for them, this event is almost a powerful one from the Lich War. After hundreds of years of fighting and witchcraft, the body is good at fighting. When several wizards appeared, they were almost rivals. But those saints who have already repaired the Great God of the Great State of Luo came to the […]